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Hi im Lock 882 4 pieces of tier +2 Legendaris  this is my armory

and this is a log by thrilliax encounter

thx for the help :3


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14 hours ago, krisdamx said:

Hi im Lock 882 4 pieces of tier +2 Legendaris  this is my armory

and this is a log by thrilliax encounter

thx for the help :3


Hey Krisdamx,

Such a long fight time will punish a Demo lock but let's see where else you can improve. Item level wise you're actually doing ok.

Do you have a job to do on Trillax (like eat cakes, get feasts etc)? As you have quite a few major casting gaps. You did Demonwrath most of the time which is good but do try to minimise your movement if possible (though yes tactics take priority) as you are not casting enough overall.

So gear and enchants. Get Claw on your next neck and higher level enchants if you can afford them. Demo loves the haste. Your haste is 26%? On the low side so just to be aware of that and you will probably drop further with your 4 set. At the moment only one decent relic.

Opener is a bit weak. Check out the guide over on MMO-Champion if you haven't yet

Demonic Empowerment uptime 59%. This is really low. You need to summon-DE or summon-summon-DE with no other casts in between. There are too many pets unbuffed.

1 missed Doomguard.

3 missed GoServs.

At least 6 missed TKCs.

At least 7 missed Felstorms. Doesn't matter on single target but it does when you get to multi-target fights.

At least 6 missed Dogs.

10 wasted Soul Shards. You cap a little too much on shards which again is going to hurt you a lot more on other fights with more targets. 

You oomed a lot which tends to mess up peoples' rotations so Life Tap earlier on movement.

Didn't use a second potion. Do you find Deadly Grace better? Most sims I have seen put both pots really close together and as the other one lasts longer (so it's less affected by movement usually) and it's much cheaper I tend to use them.

Not too bad but it needs a lot of tightening up. Is your UI fit for purpose? Seems like you are not aware of your cooldowns being ready.

Good luck

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