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Hey all,


Forgive me if this seems an uneducated question, but in learning about Caldesann's augmentation I have had the thought that as the basic Crusader requires Strength one would use Rubies in the Caldesann's augmentation. However, since the Thornsader utilises and thrives on a high thorns dps/output, would it make sense to Caldesann's augment the weapon with a Topaz instead? Apologies if this has been asked before: I'm a noob in forums. Thank you in advance :)

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Augment only works for the main stats of the gem so the topaz would give you intelligence on the weapon.

I've done the mistake myself in my earlier seasons and was not happy :) So augments are always just towards the primary stat you want and in this case it's all STR from the rubies!

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