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Crusader Roland's Set Dungeon

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Some of the choices outlined in this Set Dungeon guide are not making sense to me.

A) Why use Unity ring if the recommendation is to not use a follower?

B) Why use the Unstoppable Force rune for Laws of Valor if it reduces the amount of wrath you spend? Wouldn't we want to use more wrath in order to help hit the second objective?

C) Why not use the Embodiment of Power rune for Akarat's Champion in order to gain bonus wrath regeneration when obtaining the second objective?


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It seems the guide is cut off? No gem for weapon (not using emerald means empty socket?) and no legendary gems as well. I'm thinking some gems can be used without adding dmg, gogok for example. And if overdmg is avoided so much, why use denial at all?

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added using denial to questions

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