Caldera drake and Raza the chained combo

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I just pulled this combo off!! It was sooo awesome I had to sign up to tell everyone that its sooo awesome!!

I got the drake from that Kabal Courier, I already had Raza since i was running priest. The hard part was keeping the poor sap I was playing alive long enough to pull out the combo, because my deck is super awesome. The lucky part was that he somehow didn't just quite when he realized I was keeping him alive. The combo was soo worth it though I healed my self fully and my opponent as well I probably used the hero power 12 times that turn and I still had plenty of time. I pulled off some crazy combos before like a bunch of Thaddius, or a million jade golemns, but this took so much luck and patience, and a minimal amount of skill cause my deck is super awesome. The combo is everything you could dream of and more. That is all...

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I thought I would share this here since you were talking about unlikely but awesome Priest combos. I was messing around in wild and pulled this off. 40 heath Lord Jaraxxus with a free Hero Power just feels dirty. 

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