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Divine Storm Broken?

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So 7.2 hit today for EU.  I have noticed that when using Divine Storm no damage numbers are shown nor do enemies take any damage from it.

Does anyone have this issue also?  

Has anyone any info RE a fix and how long until the fix hits?

I have reported this bug in game. 

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Playing on NA, I've noticed this issue as well. Was wondering why my DPS was so low while using Divine Storm. I've tested it quite a bit, sometimes it works fine but sometimes it doesn't.

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Ive played with this for awhile and noticed that if you try to hit something that falls in distance of 10-20 yards away (could possibly be 15-20 yards, too) it actually works, well for me it does. Both the initial hit and the Echo of the Highlord proc. It might be possible its lag related since it works normally on mobs outside the Light's Chapel and outside Draenor garrison.

It's hardly the info that makes it work as intended but hopefully will help in fixing it.

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