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[Ragnaros][H] <Project Failure> (9/9H 9/10M) Looking for a tank and multiple DPS!

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Project Failure

Project Failure is a 3 day raiding guild focussed on progressing through mythic content. Our ultimate goal is to be able to clear mythic every tier, and are doing our best at working towards that. To achieve this goal, we’re looking to recruit more players to be a part of our core raiding team.

Our Raid Times:

  • Tuesdays, 19.45-23.30
  • Thursdays, 19.45-23.30
  • Sundays, 19.45-23.30

All times are provided in GMT +1 (EU server time).

What We Need:

  • Havoc and Vengeance demon hunters
  • A Guardian druid
  • Brewmaster and Windwalker monks
  • Retribution and Protection paladins
  • Shadow priests
  • Any type of rogue
  • Any type of warlock
  • Arms and Protection warriors

All exceptional applications will be considered, even if it’s a role/spec we don’t list.

Our Expectations:

  • Mature attitude
  • On time for raids
  • Come prepared, know tactics and your class
  • Having a working microphone

What we provide:

  • A stable raiding environment where everyone strives for progress
  • Closely knit easily accessible community of friends to enjoy other aspects of the game with
  • Codexes, feasts and flasks during raids

Contact Us:

If you’d like to know more or talk to one of us, feel free to contact us on Ragnaros, or add one of the following people on Battle.net; Ursac (Ogunarek#2206), Gazooks (Gazooks#2962), Bradikur (Eboleon#2809) or Pertpertpert (ARandomMop#2170). You can also apply directly on our website at projectfailure.org

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