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Noob-friendly battle pets

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I bought WoW recently, and I have fallen in love with collecting pets and battling with them. However, I feel like my set up is fairly weak, as I have no idea which pets to use (currently using GravesAdder and Darkmoon Glowfly). As a new WoW player, I do not know how outdated Zagam's thread is - it could be perfectly fine, but also could be virtually useless.

Sadly, as a new player, I do not have much gold nor levels to be able to buy expensive pets from AH or to try to get one from a high-levelled dungeon or raid. I can grind it over time, but I would like to have a temporary team that would be acceptable.

So, which pets should I get now, having level 42, and which pets should I aim for?
Also, is the aforementioned thread still relevant?


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    • By knight85
      My wow subscription is ending today (i'm taking a break from wow for a bit)
      but my main is a level 36 hunter and has about 300 gold.
      I know that when you dont have a subscription there's a limit on how much gold you can have (10 i think. same a the starter edition) so my question is. what would happen if i were to go into my level 36 hunter (if i could) what would happen to the gold i already have?
    • By knight85
      evening ladies and gents.
      i've got a question about the blizzard store's race change.
      at the minute i have a pandaren horde hunter. but i'm giving some thought to doing a race change to an orc.
      i just want to check before i do anything. that if i do my race change. will i still keep all the pets i had before the change?
    • By shayed
      New to survival hunter and wondering what the best spec (ie. Ferocity, Tenacity, or Cunning) is best for a pet in raid situations?
    • By Souldout
      Hey all,
      I've been lurking for a while here and have been playing lock since BWL first came out. Admittedly, I've taken many breaks and my longest was probably before WoD launched, missing almost all of MoP (only did the first week of LFR and it was on a rogue).
      Anyway, I've been having an issue as of late, and I don't remember having them in the past - that is, managing my pet's attack up time during trash and bosses like Imperator where he goes into intermission phases. I usually keep him on passive, but with trash I always have to send him back in on another mob, as once the mob he was first attacking dies, he comes back to me.
      Forgive me if I'm wrong, but there is no aggressive button anymore, right? And I'd rather not use "assist me" because I switch targets too much, whether it be to dot or what have you. I tell my pet to attack so often (via alt+s), that now I subconsciously hit it even when there is only one mob!
      IIRC while raiding back in the day, I used to just use one button for aggressive, and another for passive and just kept an eye on him (though in vanilla I believe I was running MD/Ruin, with a sacc'd pet).
      Anyway, I'd appreciate any feedback you guys may have, even if there is nothing I can change aside from simply "get better."
    • By Brya
      Evening folks, been going through the patch data on wowhead and found some of the new pet ability changes with the removal of pet cc abilities. I'll be going through other forums to fill in the blanks tomorrow. For now, here is a compiled list of new pet abilties and the changes to current ones. Oh and a bonus of 3 new pet types!
      Please remember these may change as the expansion develops, but nonetheless interesting things to take note of.
      First off the new pets
      Our new Exotic pets are Dragonflies with Flourish. I really like these combination buffs, haven't found its other ability(ies) yet.
      The second pet on the list are Riverbeasts with Gruesome Bite. I'm assuming these are going to be jurrasic Crocolisks that will look awesome.
      And Finally for the third Hydras!!! They will be coming with Keen Senses. Right now hydras give 5% crit so it's an interesting change but who cares Hydras!
      As to current pet changes:
      - Cranes are now able to battle rez with Gift of Chi-ji. Blizzard decided to listen to some hunters complaints of being forced into Beast Mastery for a Quilen, finally another option.
      - Crabs are Joining Turtles and Beetles as a Tank pet option with Harden Shell.
      - Corehounds are receiving an interesting ability with Molten Hide. I can see this ability maybe being changed depending how it interacts in raid situations. Corehounds still have Ancient Hysteria.
      - The now raid infamous Tallstrider now brings Mastery with Plainswalking. No more needing to bring a turkey for AoE sunder yay!
      - Monkeys gain an interesting and odd ability in Primal Agility.
      - Shale spiders are now a tank option with Solid Shell.
      - Wasps may be seeing more raid time because of Speed of the Swarm.
      - Quilen are gaining a cool ability with Stone Armor. Not sure if they still have a battle rez.
      - Raptors are a new mage replacement with Strength of the Pack.
      - Birds of Prey (Owls/Eagles) will see more raid time with Talon Strike.
      - Silithids now like to use Tendon Rip instead of web shooting.
      - Rhinos won't be able to knock people around anymore but gain Thick Hide
      - Spiders will still use their webbing to some degree with Web Spray.
      - The Fox pets are gaining Agile Reflexes.
      - Porcupines may also see raid time with Barbed Quills.
       - Rhinos won't be able to knockback anymore but get Thick Hide
      - Crocolisks finally get an ability that suits them with Deadly Bite
      - Scorpions gain Deadly Sting.
      - Moths are receiving a battle rez with Dust of Life.
      - Devilsaurs are also getting a new ability called Feast.
      I don't have working links yet for these but here are further changes:
      - Dogs now provide 5% stats
      - Gorillas now provide 5% stats
      - Worms now provide 5% stats
      - Bears now provide stamina
      - Goats now provide stamina
      - Silithids now provide spellpower
      - Serpents/Arcane Wyrms now provide spellpower
      - Shale spiders now also provide 5% crit
      - Bats now provide 5% magic vulnerability
      - Basilisks now provide 5% magic vulnerability
      - Carrion birds now Provide Mortal Wounds
      - Nether Rays now Provide Heroism
      - Dragonflies provide Slowfall for itself and its master.
      Oh also found the buffs we can bring with the lone wolf buff, they're basically our new aspects and I assume they replace the aspect bar (or I hope so at least).
      - Lone Wolf: Ferocity of the Raptor
      - Lone Wolf: Fortitude of the Bear
      - Lone Wolf: Grace of the Cat
      - Lone Wolf: Haste of the Hyena
      - Lone Wolf: Power of the Primates
      - Lone Wolf: Wisdom of the Serpent
      What do you guys think?
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