US Top Hearthstone Players - May 2017 [Official]

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Blizzard have compiled the top US Ranked players in Hearthstone for Standard, Wild and Arena in May. We rounded out the tables to the top 64 in each discipline, but the full article goes to 200, so if you want the full info, check it out. As a reminder, these do not take into account outside tournaments and events, just the ladder in the game itself. You can also check out the EU list here.

Blizzard LogoMay, US (source)

The final results for Hearthstone Ranked Standard, Wild, and Arena play in May are in!

These players have employed top notch deck building skills, in-the-moment decision making, and unyielding dedication to achieve a most noteworthy feat! 

Pour a toast, pull up a chair, and join us in recognizing Hearthstone’s top Ranked Standard*, Wild**, and Arena*** players in the Americas region!



Rank Battletag
1 Laughing
2 ntR
3 Jimmy
4 Cerwindhunt
5 muzzy
6 Sintolol
7 JáraVyskočil
8 Tarei
10 vadernader
11 Rase
12 Twink
13 toriton
14 gété
15 ninelie
16 Cydonia
17 Gallon
18 J4YOU
19 Kenji
20 Tincho
21 Monsanto
22 Virtual
23 Nagato
24 Silvors
25 Astrogation
26 Joaquin
27 Tyler
28 Linken
29 ZagLoyyy
30 saba
31 Korextron
32 aqua
33 Hearthstoner
34 Wickie
35 zridex
36 Tobytaxi
37 Odemian
38 GingaNinja
39 itsProtoHype
41 Hearthstoner
42 Truth
43 TypoVampire
44 patoyao
45 Impact
46 Powder
47 MrMime
48 eko
49 Freohr
50 Monster
51 LoveLess
52 CenariusYZH
53 Luker
54 Bezikki
55 NaviOOT
56 Creapz
57 Resonans
58 Innate
59 Orange
60 lnguagehackr
61 zlsjs
62 Ranpo
63 SwaggyG
64 SilentStorm


Rank Battletag
1 sipiwi94
2 BadLuck
4 Bobby
5 muffins
7 Pal
8 Hazer
9 Setharien
10 Fr0zen
11 Game
12 CairnJewel
13 SargentoSC
14 Madhatted
15 tomflr
16 Rosty
17 Leon
18 Activelee
19 Cydonia
20 Control
21 LevarBurton
22 Elsa
23 MeknugetZz
24 Roush
25 Demigod
26 daninja
27 Divin
28 ETC
29 Bananaramic
30 Roffle
31 Guga
32 thron
33 swagarella
34 dreamify
35 Weatherlight
36 Bnetplayer
37 ShiangChen
38 ftdrain
39 StrifeCro
40 TitanX
41 Selesnian
42 GingaNinja
43 katsucurry
44 Nawor
45 Talion
46 Itsuki
47 Rpbalance
48 awedragon
49 Ant
50 Triton
51 GoldenPants
52 FroStee
53 Kaelius
54 holyji
56 Firenova
57 CoolCalmDev
58 Ender
59 Foose
60 Zev
61 Jalexander
62 QonQ
63 Levi
64 SilentStorm


Rank Battletag Average Wins
1 Zyst 8.63
2 TheCatelier 8.47
3 Rpbalance 8.27
4 Hlebopek 8.17
5 Midget 8.10
6 Amdir 8.03
7 MeowBoZi 8.03
8 Hizashi 8.03
9 Phleetwood 8.03
10 TheodoreB 7.93
11 Sirslim 7.93
12 jaelove 7.90
13 Rakk 7.87
14 itsumasa 7.80
15 sundrew 7.77
16 saxon 7.77
17 Meow501 7.73
18 twlevewins 7.73
19 Shodyra 7.73
20 GodlyWeasle 7.73
21 BlackJik 7.67
22 Tinghu 7.63
23 Quickies 7.63
24 kilrfsih 7.57
25 tmaholch 7.57
26 Bnetplayer 7.53
27 MeowVanish 7.53
28 stygian 7.53
29 Nightfox 7.50
30 StevieXD 7.50
31 DRAKE 7.50
32 KellenAbel 7.47
33 MeowOOXX 7.47
34 Happy313 7.43
35 jakesdabest 7.40
36 Kajiura 7.40
37 Avista 7.37
38 b33f 7.37
39 Mvb 7.33
40 paperroller 7.33
41 Radspinach 7.33
42 starworld111 7.33
43 Zartres10 7.33
44 Malice 7.30
45 Hobietrice 7.30
46 Eve 7.30
47 duane 7.30
48 bnjy99 7.27
49 Victarion 7.27
50 Rakisuta 7.27
51 TheOmzLaw 7.23
52 Eevuh 7.23
53 Sushiehoang 7.23
54 MaueR 7.23
55 Tachii 7.23
56 m0rph1ing 7.23
57 Yackeydoodle 7.23
58 Ari 7.23
59 BlackMage 7.23
60 Justin 7.20
61 Lucky 7.20
62 H1tscanHer0 7.20
63 Shako 7.20
64 Arngeir 7.20

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    • By Zadina
      This Mage Legendary card was revealed in collaboration with Wronchi!
      If you remember from the expansion announcement video, Hearthstone's developers were sucked into Netherstorm and it's up to Levi the intern to rescue them! As he ventures into Boom Labs, he encounters Stargazer Luna.
      The video was made by Wronchi Animations, who have created many beloved and hilarious Hearthstone cartoons. There's probably going to be a second part, so expect more card reveals!
      Now, let's talk about the card itself.

      With a Netherstorm expansion, one would expect that the magnificent Kael'thas would have been the Mage Legendary. Instead, we get Stargazer Luna which is a very interesting card with a decent statline. She can complement perfectly Aggro/Burn Mage, but you could perhaps find her in Minion-based Mage decks: mostly Murloc Mage, but maybe Elemental Mage as well. She has potentially better tempo than Aluneth, but is more risky. You obviously don't want to play her on turn 3. Let the topdeck wars begin!
      The reveal schedule is unclear at the moment, but it should go as with previous expansions: an initial reveal livestream on July 23, followed by roughly two weeks of card reveals by community sites and personalities, then a final stream before The Boomsday Project releases on August 7.
    • By Zadina
      New features include Legendary spells, the Magnetic keyword, Omega cards and Project spells.
      The second expansion of the Year of the Raven was indeed related to Netherstorm, home of the unforgettable Dr. Boom, and it's called the Boomsday Project. Apart from the new features, five cards were also revealed.
      The announcement video has an appropriate 80s science fiction movie vibe, featuring notable faces from the Hearthstone team.
      It's Goblins vs Gnomes 2.0 as the Mech tribe is definitely going to return with a vengeance! There's a new keyword called Magnetic: Magnetic minions can either be played on their own or they can be fused with a Mech minion that's on the board to add to their health, attack and ability.

      Omega cards can also be played regularly. However, if you play them at 10 Mana Crystals, you will get a powerful boost. The Battlecry assures that the OP version cannot be cheated out. Druid, the only class that can ramp its Mana up, will surely find a use for this type of minion. Curiously enough, the Omega Defender isn't a Mech, even though it definitely looks like one.

      Projects are powerful spells, that will benefit both players. Assumedly, all classes will have a Project spell. "Research" and "Weapons" Projects were teased, with the latter probably belonging to Warrior.

      We've seen all kinds of Legendary cards: minions, Quests, Weapons, Hero cards. Now it's time for Legendary Spells to make their appearance. I wonder if there are any special rules when it comes to Discovering or playing discounted versions of Legendary Spells, because they can potentially be powerful. Here's the Rogue one:

      That's all with the new features, but don't forget: The Boomsday Project isn't all about mechs and projects. It's also about science, crazy discoveries and the manipulation of elements. Under this thematic, we can find the Shaman Legendary minion:

      It's almost certain that Dr. Boom will be making a grand return for this Hearthstone Expansion; after all, he's the big boss on The Boomsday Project. He was shortly teased in the announcement video: unfortunately, this time around not all classes will be able to enjoy the Dr. Boom goodness as he looks like a Warrior card. Lord Jaraxxus will also reinvent himself as a new Warlock Hero skin: Mecha-Jaraxxus!

      According to the official announcement post, the new expansion will go live on August 7, 2018 - a week earlier than August expansions from previous years. The official site of The Boomsday Project is also up!
      The Boomsday Project will also bring along new PvE Adventure content: The Puzzle Lab! It will go live on August 21 and from the description on the official site, it looks slightly different from the Dungeon Run and the Missions. Players will have to participate in successful experiments against nine bosses. These include goals like "Lethal", which is kill the enemy in one turn; Mirror, which requires you to create a perfect copy of your opponent's board; Board Clear; and Survival, which requires you stay alive from the opponent's attacks! You will earn the following card back for completing The Puzzle Lab:

      Here is the new Boomsday board:

      The login launch reward for The Boomsday Project will be three packs and a random Class Legendary card. A card reveal livestream will be held on July 23 at 10:00 am PST on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel.
      Pre-ordering The Boomsday Project has some additional perks compared to other expansions and two different options. You can preorder the normal Bundle which will contain 50 The Boomsday Project packs, a random Golden Legendary card from the expansion and the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back. Or you can get the Mega Bundle, which contains 80 packs, a random Golden Legendary, the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back and the Mecha-Jaraxxus Warlock Hero skin.
    • By Zadina
      There are two pre-order options included in this patch update, each with some extra goodies compared to previous expansions, but with an elevated price.
      Following the announcement of The Boomsday Project with all of its exciting new features, you can now pre-purchase Hearthstone's latest expansion. There's the simple bundle which contains 50 Boomsday Project packs, a random Golden Legendary card and the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back. Its cost is at 49.99 EUR/USD.
      Then, we have the Mega Bundle at 79.99 EUR/USD: 80 packs, a random Golden Legendary card, the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back and the Mecha-Jaraxxus alternate Warlock hero. You can purchase either one or both of these bundles once.
      This update also contains the previously announced minion type adjustments. Molten Giant and Mountain Giant are now Elementals, Witchwood Piper is a Demon, North Sea Kraken is a Beast, Jungle Moonkin is no longer a Beast and Witchwood Grizzly has new artwork.
      Lastly, the Midsummer Fire Festival will return in Hearthstone this year too. You can earn double Gold from quests!
      Here are the patch notes for update 11.4.0:
      Blizzard Entertainment
      Behold, our latest invention: The Boomsday Project! Update 11.4 introduces two different bundles to prepare you for Hearthstone’s next expansion, a spicy-new Fire Festival event, and more improvements to card consistency. YOU ALSO FACE MECHA-JARAXXUS, EREDAR LORD AND NEW WARLOCK HERO.
      Ahem. Read on for details!

      Two new bundles are now available for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, The Boomsday Project that arrives August 7! Pre-purchase contains 50 The Boomsday Project card packs at a discounted price, the “Mecha-Jaraxxus” card back, and a random Golden Legendary card from The Boomsday Project!
      Introducing The Mega-Bundle, which includes 80 The Boomsday Project card packs at a discounted price, the “Mecha-Jaraxxus” card back, a random Golden Legendary card from The Boomsday Project, and the Mecha-Jaraxxus Warlock Hero! Players can purchase one bundle, or both! Purchased card packs and accompanying Legendary card can be opened when The Boomsday Project launches. The Mecha-Jaraxxus Warlock Hero and card back can be used right away.  

      The Midsummer Fire Festival returns soon for another scorching hot season of fun! Ragnaros' Fire Festival Tavern Brawl is back! Destroy minions to upgrade your "Wow" emote with fabulous fireworks! Following it up is an all-new challenging PvE Tavern Brawl with a few surprises! Basic daily Quests completed during the Fire Festival event reward double gold! Enjoy the Fire Festival-themed "Greetings" emote and sizzling box dressing! The initial download size of the Hearthstone client for mobile is now smaller. Performance of the Collection manager has been improved. Support for modern phones, such as the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S9, has been added to utilize more available screen space. The following minions have had their minion types adjusted: Mountain Giant is now an Elemental Molten Giant is now an Elemental Witchwood Piper is now a Demon North Sea Kraken is now a Beast Jungle Moonkin is no longer a Beast Art for Witchwood Grizzly has been adjusted. New card backs have been added: Lemonade – August 2018 Ranked Play Reward
      Mecha-Jaraxxus – Available in The Boomsday Project pre-purchase and The Boomsday Project Mega Bundle for a limited time
      Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements
      Resolved an issue where Echoed spells converted by Liliana Voss would remain “ghostly” and were discarded at the end of turn. Resolved an issue where Choose One choices would persist on the board if a player used King Togwaggle to swap decks with the opponent. Resolved an issue where Genn Greymane would not trigger in an even deck if Clockwork Giant was in the opening hand. Resolved an issue where freezing a Rush minion the turn it was played would cause it to skip two attacks. Resolved an issue where the UI would become unresponsive in certain cases when the Windows Game Bar was enabled. Resolved an issue where games that ended in a Draw while Rewind is active would create strange behavior.  Resolved an issue where Skelemancers killed by an end of turn effect would crash iOS devices. Resolved an issue with the display of Primordial Glyph and cards that are Discovered. [Monster Hunt] Resolved an issue where Vampiric Fangs would heal Heroes based on the printed health of minions instead of remaining health. Resolved an issue with Lorewalker Cho’s interaction with Unstable Evolution and cards with Echo. Resolved an issue where Weasel Tunneller would cause a deck display issue while in Fatigue. (source)
    • By positiv2
      This thread is for comments about our Miracle Rogue.
    • By Stan
      It appears the teaser was not meant to be an expansion announcement. It's just Blizzard supporting a community event in Brazil.
      Hearthstone's second Year of the Raven expansion will be unveiled on July 12, 2018. We still don't know anything about its theme, but we have a teaser of an Orc, holding an apple.
      Update: Initially, we thought Blizzard might announce an expansion, turns out it was just a community event they're supporting. Thanks to @NATHAN9124for the intel. (Source)

      (Image courtesy of Hearthpwn)
      Players on the official forums have started speculating that it may be the hand of Cro Threadstrong, an Orc threatening the fruit vendor in Shattrath City, who has abandoned her cart of apples in front of Cro's leatherworking tent. (Source)
      Based on the Year of the Raven expansion teaser, it appears that the next expansion will have something to do with Shattrath City, Netherstorm, the Ethereals or Outland in general. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more information!