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Phase 2 of Hearthstone Global Games Has Started

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The second phase of Hearthstone Global Games begins with a new round robin group stage.

The 24 countries, that successfully made it into this stage, were reassigned in six different groups. Each group contains four teams that will battle against each other in a round robin.

The groups are:


The format remains the same as stage 1:

Blizzard LogoBlizzard Entertainment

Each team is comprised of four members. Teams will need to bring one deck for each of the nine Hearthstone classes, with two assigned to each member and one reserved as an "Ace Deck".

Matches will be played in a best-of-five format, with the first team to win three games taking victory. Competitors can only play one game per match, and the order in which they battle must be decided before the match begins. However, players will be allowed to choose between either of the two decks assigned to them when it’s time for their game.

Should a match reach game five, the designated "Ace Players" from each team will face off using either their unused deck or the unassigned "Ace Deck". (source)

The top two teams from each group, and the four highest 3rd place teams based on tie-breakers points will advance to Phase 3.

Tuesday games have concluded. You can find the results in the spoiler tag:


Hungary 0 - 3 New Zealand

Singapore 2 - 3  Malaysia

Ukraine 3 - 2 Austria

Italy 3 - 1 Bulgaria

Tomorrow's schedule is:

16:00 CEST / 10:00 EDT

  • Netherlands v Philippines
  • Czech Republic v Israel
  • Greece v Peru
  • USA v Belgium
  • Canada v Mexico

You can find more info on the event, the casters and a recap of phase 1 here. Don't forget that you can watch all the games on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel.

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