Affliction: Tolerance at undercapping Hitrating

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Hi guys,


latley i started to use calculations via "Ask Mr. Robot" and currently im sitting on the following statistics with some weird combinations of reforge and gemming (check signature for armory-link):

  • Haste 32,34% (13744)
  • Mastery 88,27% (12285)
  • Hit 14,71% (3562)
I think my dps is pretty good . I just wan't to be sure that i'm not missing anything and this place was always the best to get other opinions.
What do you think is the last acceptable rating for hit in terms of undercapping? Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions! smile.png
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Hit rating is a personal preference on how much you allow yourself to be under.  For Affliction, once a DoT sticks, it's there.  Same with Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul, so missing is a bit diminished for Affliction.  I, personally, loathe missing.  I hate it beyond hating it and so I protect myself from missing.  I'm at 15.07% Hit right now and that's within my +0.10% threshold.  I played at 14.98% until I got my gloves and it drove me insane even though mathematically, the chances of a miss were nowhere close to expected.


For you, at 14.71% hit, if you were to toss out 10,000 spells, you'd miss 290.  Considering most fights you might toss out 500-600 spells, you're looking at 13-16 misses.  You have an opportunity gain, however, in that the extra Haste and Mastery you have in place of the Hit will make up for some misses.  This is where you have to decide your comfort level.  Nothing would irritate me more than having my first Haunt miss...


For me, my acceptable range is 14.95%-15.10%.  15.00% always feels awesome, but it's unreasonable to get within that.  14.95% is 25 rating under and 15.10% is 50 rating over.  I give myself a 75 rating cushion.

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Another factor to consider is how much missing a soul swap effects your dps. If you're like me, you soul swap assuming all your dots hit the target, but when under hit cap it effects all your dots individually. For example, target A has all your dots on it, when you soul swap to target B the corruption and UA may make it on to your target, but your Agony might miss. For this reason, I will never be under hit cap because I probably wouldn't notice the misses.

Also missing Haunt just sucks all kinds of things.

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It was a general idea to not hit cap back in 5.0 because the stats you gave up were too great.  Great players just reacted better and could compensate for missing.  Now, the secondary stat budget is high enough that hit capping removes that concern and is a quality of life and performance boost all around.  You just have to decide if you're ok being slightly under or slightly above.  Some people like to play slightly below because they feel the overload is 'wasted.'  My argument is how much is my .07% over REALLY affecting my DPS?  I'm a more safe than sorry kinda guy...some play a little more dangerously.  No right or wrong's just how you adapt to it.

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Thanks guys. I guess i let go of around 200 mastery and reforge to 15.01% hit or something. It's not that im gaining a insane dps boots from it anyways. biggrin.png I hated the idea of beign undercapped too but i wanted to give try it. There are so many things to focus on with the new content, so it is better to get rid of watching missed spells no matter how low the chance might be.

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