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July 2017 Ranked Play Season - HearthS'mores

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Blizzard have announced that the July 2017 Ranked Play Season will be called HearthS'mores, and have revealed the associated card back.

The card back, pictured below, is called the HearthS'mores card back. There have occasionally been clues as to the next expansion in card backs leading up to the reveal, but they are usually very vague. There was a Hogger card back prior to Hogger, Doom of Elwynn being released in Whispers of the Old Gods, for instance. 

Blizzard LogoJuly 2017 Season

There’s nothing quite like a campfire cookout! Enjoying the warmth of glimmering coals and sharing stories with friends, while the mingled scents of woodsmoke and the great outdoors fill the air. And what campfire would be complete without the melty, sticky, gooey goodness of s’mores? Now you can add the graham-crackery, chocolately, marshmallowy flavor of a cozy camping trip to your Hearthstone collection: introducing the HearthS’mores card back!


Remember that the card back is earned for reaching Rank 20 in either Standard or Wild Ranked Play, and that you will receive the card back at the end of the season in your Ranked Play reward chest. Other rewards in the chest are earned for achieving higher ranks.

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18 hours ago, HenrySteinway said:

this card back is pretty lovely!


16 hours ago, KingMe said:

I actually really like this one. 

Based because marshmallows!

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