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Patch 7.3 - Argus Gameplay Part 2

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More 7.3 content was enabled in yesterday's build and in our second Argus video, we played through the first chapter of the Argus story and unlocked World Quests.

Spoiler Alert

This article contains spoilers. You can either continue reading or return to the index.

In our first preview of Argus gameplay, we reached Argus, met Alleria & Turalyon and played the chapter up to Krokuun, where we received critical errors. This was fixed in Build 24500 and the second preview of Argus continues up to the end of its first chapter, where we help Turalyon defeat Lord Nath'raxas with the Lightforged Warframe mech that shares the same model as the Lightforged Golem mount we previewed earlier. At the end of the video, we unlock Argus World Quests for the first zone (Petrified Forest World QuestsPetrified Forest World Quests).

The Vindicaar has two spells to aid you during your adventures on Argus. They are unlocked from quests and you can swap them, similar to how Garrison abilities worked in specific zones back in Warlords.

We don't know yet if Mc'Aree and Stygian Wake will have different combat-enhancing abilities. Only one ability can be active at a time.

Please note that In-game cinematics haven't been implemented yet. Mc'Aree will open for testing next week, so stay tuned for more of our gameplay as we unravel the story of Argus.

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Looks pretty fun! I remember how the Garrison abilities worked in the "ye olde" WoD zones, with each zone having a different ability; in the last patch that opened up Tanaan Jungle you could choose between a few of the ones that were previously limited to that zone only.


I still think there's a lot of potential with Garrisons and their zone abilities and I hope to see it being expanded. Order Halls definitely had that same Garrison vibe at the start with some pros and cons:



No longer "I got this giant town that only I can visit".

Order halls have very unique looks that really fits well with the classes (At least the ones I've been in, I liked mage the best, personally)

Missions do not feel as mandatory as they did with the Garrisons, but they still have value (Such as for unlocking mounts or pets)




Upgrades don't actually show a difference as they did with Garrisons (Buildings and their tiers)

No real feeling of "I own this piece of territory/ground, and I am building up an army"*



I'd like to see some sort of in-between kind of thing. Imagine (All the peoopleeee) a Larger-Than-WoD Garrison. There are no profession buildings anywhere on the continent, there's no "Dalaran" it's just the one large Garrison. You will have to build those profession buildings just like in WoD, but instead you can build all of them instead of only two or three, depending on the Garrison tier. 


12 of those buildings (After enough tiers) in that garrison are Order halls respective of their class, although it would be fun to start with just your own at Tier 1 (So the first 2-3-4 tiers are phased) while the further tiers branch out towards the other order halls, where direct opposites unlock last (If you're playing Paladin, Warlocks and Deathknights would be the last that would be unlocked, and you could share Phase 2,3,4 with the tier halls you unlocked)


In the end:

It feels like you're building up your army, because you "attract" the other classes to your cause.

You build a fortress in a desolate place, a save haven from "Whatever that antagonist is in that xpac", reinforcing the feeling of "I made this!"

A giant town that you built, but actually full of people.

Still keep the "This is my class' order hall!" feeling with all the flavor they have now.

Upgrading it actually has a very large impact on how the town looks.



You're basically combining the Garrison and Order Hall this way, taking the best from both worlds. You remember those Garrison invasions at some point? Then think of current Legion invasions, where parts of it is shared between everyone, and parts of it is phased in a scenario. Now combine the Legion invasions with Garrison invasions.



I should ask for a job at Blizzard as a Creative Director.




Edit: Fuuuuuudge that's a wall of text. Don't mind me, I'm drunk!


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On 10/07/2017 at 3:48 PM, Sharknad0 said:

Every time I read the word garrison, I cringed harder!

Not a fan, then? :p

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