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Hello all, I've been in-between two gear sets the last couple days and it's become a headache of sorts to figure out the best combo to use for single-target.

Here is my armory:

Issue 1) Breaking 4 piece T19 for two pieces of gear that are drastically better; the T19 chest - normal, and legs - 880 w/ mastery socket. I have T20 gloves, helm, and legs if that helps. I have full T19.

Issue 2) Using Convergence > Tome of Unraveling Sanity; Tome sims better but 4 piece T19 boosts Convergence's usefulness.

Issue 3) KJ's Burning Wish - Are the stats good enough for single-target? I have no other DPS legendary besides the boots and KJ's that doesn't break a tier bonus, T19 or T20. I have the helm, the cape, the neck, wrists, the two crappy rings, etc. I have heroic Convergence, KJ, 910 Tome, and a mythic Bloodthirsty Instinct

Issue 4) **Simulations do not match in-game dummy testing**

The gearset on armory is what out-performs 4 piece T19 in single-target dummy tests.

TLDR; I need help. Any info/advice would be much appreciated.

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MM does rely quite heavily on 4pc T20 and either ring/boots or ring/gloves, so hopefully you get both soon!

Tome isn't the best dps trink, you'll probably find convergence combined with your boots still works better, your uptime will be a lot higher than that crit will make it worth.

Realistically, even Prydaz would probably be better than KJ in terms of ST if you can find a better trinket to replace it.

In-game testing and sims being so vastly different usually comes down to the playstyle, as well as any uptimes you may have to consider. Might be worth trying to check out your logs and finding issues within that that's leaving you with results not matching up to sims (although perfection to sims won't always be possible).

MM T19 got nerfed a fair bit though, so it probably won't sim anywhere near as well as you'd hope, but just try using the gear compare function on to try and find the best setup you can. Do you have any recent logs or would you be willing to try and get some that might compare the biggest sets of gear you're thinking about?

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I got T20 4 piece last night, and that resolved most of my issues. I have logs from last night and will comb through them. I have all the leggos except for the ring, belt, and gloves - so that will be resolved in time.

So Prydaz and a combo of Convergence, Tome, or Cradle > Locket of Splintered Souls w/ socket + KJ and Tome, Convergence, or Cradle for ST?

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