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[Twilight's Hammer etc.] [H] <Mayhem> (9/9 HC) Now recruiting DPS and Heal for Mythic

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      Mayhem is a guild consisting mostly of ex hardcore and top 100 raiders who are pretending to be grownups now. We don't raid a lot, but we still play seriously for the limited time we play.    

      The guild is active during downtime and we run a lot of Mythic+, some timewalking, WQs, pvp, old raids and even LFR (these leggos wont drop by themselves).  

      Our goal is to achieve cutting edge on every tier and we are not trying to compete with other guilds so we play at our own speed. Maturity is important but its a personality trait and not related to age.    

     The most important trait for us in new recruits is a good fit with our culture. We are a stable team from all around the world, who get along very well and enjoy laughing and having fun while cracking jokes. We also know where the line is.      We welcome friends of raiders and failed trials as social members and they often stay.    

Roles & Specs:  

     Preferring Ranged right now, but not turning good melee. Also 2 main healers. You have to min/max your spec at a decent level, meaning at least 60% at HC.  

*4 DPSes*  

Ranged: Mage, S priest, Hunter  

Melee: Sub rogue, UH Dk, Ret Pally

 *2 Main Heals*

 Resto Shammy, Resto Druid, Holy and/or Good Disc Priest    

     Raid times:    

    Wednesday: 19:45 - 22:00  

    Thursday: 19:45 - 22:00  

     Sunday: 18:45 - 22:00    


We start invites earlier and pull the first boss at the start time to optimize our raid time.    Unlike other mythic guilds we don't require 100% attendance, but we expect you to be free on most raid nights. We are a small group and we don't recruit for the bench. If you pass your trial you will immediately be part of the core group and will get invited to every raid. This makes attendance important to progression.    

For more info or to apply contact:  

/w Malkotokote-Twilight'sHammer  

/w Norski-Twilight'sHammer

/w Rainy-Twilight'sHammer

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