Patch 7.3: Argus Gameplay Part 3 (Mac'Aree)

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We're leaving Krokuun and continue our Argus journey on Mac'Aree, where we help Prophet Velen empower the Crown of the Triumvirate.

Spoiler Alert

This article contains spoilers. You can either continue reading or return to the index.

This is the third part of our Argus gameplay, we strongly recommend to check out the first two gameplay videos, before viewing the third.

The first thing that needs to be done to travel to Mac'Aree is to complete an Invasion Point. The quest "Where They Least Expect It" starts at Illidan. The gameplay video has more than 1 hour and you'll see various quests from Velen, Turalyon and Alleria. Velen wants to recover the Crown of the Triumvirate, and you help him get the Sigil of AwakeningSigil of Awakening. You can also unlock a new Vindicaar ability that allows you to enter stealth for 10 seconds (Shroud of Arcane EchoesShroud of Arcane Echoes). Cinematics are missing and they won't be implemented until the Patch goes live.


At the end of the quest line we complete quests with Alleria and encounter the Void. We know that Alleria will embrace the Void at some point, but the last quest was bugged, because the mob evaded at 1HP and that needs to be fixed before we're able to continue. Enjoy the video!

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