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Frost DK - What am I doing wrong

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Hey guys.

So almost every raid, I compare myself to the other DK in group, and cannot figure out why there is always a decent difference in DPS between us.

First...my Logs link:  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/whisperwind/imnotdedyet


I know I am doing decent DPS, but never quite the same as him. We have same talents that matter, legos are comparable I think...I do have the lego helm, just swapped it for the bracers. The only main difference I can find is that he has higher base stats than me. So does the base stats make that big of a difference? Is it merely a RNG hates me issue?


THanks guys!

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to add to my questions, is there an optimal stack number to wait for, on the Pillars of Frost buff? I think I was typically around 13 stacks or something during raid last night.

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Just looked at a couple logs, you are not prioritizing CD's properly.  You are popping Pillar of Frost on CD and only getting about 5s of it affecting your BoS.  This will dramatically scale up your major burst damage.  For your other question though, I am playing around with the idea of holding stacks until breath is up to further increase burst, prioritizing holding if adds are about to spawn also.  On mistress, it looks like you take a bit to start your Breath also (30s into Fight), i generally burn all my runes up on, wait for the next set to come off CD and start up the burst.  For you that would be to combine your Horn and Pillar right after you start breath. 

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5 hours ago, laughingnome said:

All your gear looks good, except for the one piece that may matter most. Your weapon is only 843. You need to fix that.

Not really sure why it said that..but my weapon is actual 927

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I'd change those trinkets to something with +str baseline... I'm 908 to your 919 ilvl and I have 3k more strength.. that is quite a lot.

Next, don't cast Sindragosa's Fury until you have Razorice up to 5 stacks... you have casted on the pull in most of the logs.

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Horn and Engine are not bad if you use them right.  Which by the looks of your desolate host heroic kill you were doing it right.  The biggest thing you can do to min/max your dps is just make sure to get as much damage out of your Breath as possible with having the full duration of CD's during Breath.  For Sindragosa's Fury, you can save it for the 5 stacks of razor ice, but i mostly just hold for when adds are up (trying to sync it with my Pillar of Frost CD also).  If you were going to replace a trinket for any reason, I would try and go back for a heroic CoF.  It still helps to sync up your Breath with HRW.

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I gotta second what @Matster said before me. Frost completely revolves around the proper management of Breath, it should always be your most or second most damaging ability. If you take a look at https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/8mhYQ47AydNk9Fb1#fight=1&type=damage-done Goroth, there is a massive difference between your and the other DK's Breath damage and uptime. Since your gear seems to not be an issue, I would recommend you mainly focus on learning how to keep BoS active effectively, and try to line up your CD's together with breath. There are also several videos on YouTube about maintaining breath, should you need something more visual.

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