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Okay so I just started my first WoW player since 2009, and I completed all first mandatory missions and some misions to allow me do certain things like missions to show me how to pet a monster. Then, I skipped everything, me being level 2 undead and went to lvl 13 area (as I usually do in all MMOs) and farmed a bit until lvl 4 then I got bored and accidentally used a zepelin that flew me to Orgrimmar so I took advantage and went to lvl 17 area me being lvl 4 until reach lvl 6 and went to an area with lvl from 17 to IDK lvl and killed one lvl 17 deer then I went to some kind of troll or whatever that was lvlv 20, me being lvl 6 and killed it, I again got bored instantly and went farther through that rollercoaster until I reach the end and monsters there instead of a level have a skull which I assume means their lvl is 15 or 20 lvls more then mine, killed some with ease but I realised I only got 96 EP per kill, which is so little for me being lvl 7 or 6 and needing 5000 EP to levelup

Do those skull level monsters give only a bit of experience, or all monsters I kill give EP depending on my own level, not on their own? Or is just that WoW works like this and if I kill a lvl 12 monster (twice my lvl, 6 lvls of difference) they would give me like 23 EP? 

Is it always this hard to level up in WoW?

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Hi Demrottens

Unfortunately, i can't give you answer with my knowledge about the XP-reward of mobs and how it is calculated. Well, i havn't ever questioned that. So i just googled it, and found this page:

If you are really interested how it works, i recommend to read these informations because (as far as i understand) there is no simple answer :-).

Now let give me answer to your second question if it is always this hard to level up: No, it isnt hard at all. Just do quests, they give a ton of XP. After a certain level you can also use the dungeon finder to farm the dungeons, this also works fine. If you have some gold, you can buy heirlooms-items, they boost your gained XP.

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14 hours ago, Demrottens said:

Is it always this hard to level up in WoW?

Grinding mobs is an incredibly slow way to level in the current format of WoW. It used to be a solid way to level in older expansions when quests were spread out and took huge amounts of time to finish.

Right now, you're just going to need to do the quests in the starting zone and move on from there. The quests are all linked in WoW now, with you being sent to the next area of questing when you complete your current one. You can use your Hearthstone to return to the leveling zone for your race. 

As for killing higher level mobs, the XP-per-time-spent just isn't worth it. The XP is drastically reduced to stop people from just boosting friends by killing much higher level mobs.

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      3.    Massacres grant a bonus experience based on how many enemy you kill AFTER you reach 15 killed. The more you kill, the higher the bonus. At 15 killed it’s 1x or 100% bonus. At 140 it's up to about 4x or 400% (please, don't hold me to this. I've done it a couple of times and it's based on failing memory). Along with this, try to have at least one ranged weapon you can shoot from a distance. It can keep your total running.
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      On any basic run you should be able to find 3 or 4 of these without much difficulty. With a little personal experience you’ll begin to recognize quickly when the setting is right. So a single bounty run can easily net you an extra 200,000 which isn’t bad at lower levels. But, wait, there’s more! These are percentage increases so they increase with your level increases.

      Grinding out these runs can actually be more fun! Try it.
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