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[Hyjal][H] <SK> (8/9 H) Pug Tavern

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<Pug Tavern> is a Semi-Hardcore Horde raiding team on the Hyjal. The raid team was formed after 5 weeks after TOS was released in Legion. Our experience is Mythic: 7/7 EN, 2/3 TOV, 9/10 NH, and 1/10 TOS. The goal for our raid team is to have some fun raiding and get cutting edge. Our leadership has a strong history of mythic raiding and pushing content. We know what it takes to make a raid team successful, and we plan on doing just that. We recruit like-minded individuals in order to uphold our philosophy and make the raiding environment competitive and enjoyable for all.


We're interested in players who share the same philosophy as we do.

Our philosophy is to enable our raiders to have a good time, to progress through bosses, facilitate a community, overcome challenges, and strive to obtain cutting edge. We value efficiency, a get-things-done attitude when raiding, the ability to adapt and improve in regards to criticism. Personal drama is not welcome.

You must be able to have respect for others, respect for authority is earned, respect as a person is a given. We want to enable our players to excel and that means we recruit those who want to push their ability to do mechanics and perform well in their role; we want to help you do well so don’t be afraid to ask questions.


We seek to train, not carry.


What Does "Semi-Hardcore" Mean To Us?

Being a Semi-Hardcore player does not just mean spending a large amount of time in a raid. A Semi-Hardcore player is someone who has the desire to not waste other people's time while also striving to be the best player they can possibly be.


Expectations (For us and you)

* A competitive environment, where performance is valued.

* Consistent recruitment to improve the roster.

* A loot council system where officers decide where the piece should go based on performance, attendance, attitude, and activity outside of raid hours.

* During farm, raiders are rotated in and out based on loot needs.

* High speed kill rankings during farm.

* Guild activity outside of raid hours, such as running mythic+ dungeons.


Raid Days and Times

Tuesday: 7:15pm - 10:45pm PST (10:15pm - 1:45am EST)

Wednesday: 7:15pm - 10:45pm PST (10:15pm - 1:45am EST)


Priority Recruitment:


A Godly Blood DK tank,

Frost/Arcane Mage


We will consider any and all roles. All spots are competitive.



Btag: FalconOVII#1496

Discord: FalconOVII#2023

E-mail wowpugtavern@gmail.com

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