Game Director Ben Brode Returns with Arthas

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Ben Brode is back with an epic rap video where you learn how Arthas became the Lich King!


Kuddos to Hearthpwn for lyrics to Arthas!

Well met! My name is Ben Brode I got a story to tell
Are you ready then come on and listen well

Many years ago there lived a Paladin
He was prince of the Alliance when our story begins
This ain't a happy story it’s a little dark.
This ain’t no summer day this ain’t no walk in the park
You see this prince’s name was Arthas, AKA the Lich King.
This is the story of how he became him.

It all started with a mysterious plague.
Only vague reports were all the Alliance scouts gave.
The King sent Arthas to go check out the rumor.
And he met up with his college buddy Jaina Proudmoore-a.

Arthas and Jaina yo they were on the case
they found some crates filled grain that were poison-laced.
Suspicious - they looked about as something moved in the forest
Shadows emerged and Arthas yelled "They’re coming right for us!”

That's when the scourge attacked.
The defenses just cracked
And Arthas just snapped
He jumped in to act
But quickly got trapped

Ghouls at his front and ghouls at his back
Arthas looked up and through battle saw a Necromancer’s Shadow
It was Kel’Thuzad, Arthas gave him a nod
And then he swept the ghouls away and clawed his way towards KT
and punched that necromancer straight square in the teeth.

KT said, “Seek Mal’ganis where he makes his home
He controls the scourge from the city of Stratholme!
Those were the last words Kel’Thuzad said
Arthas killed that Necromancer with a blow to the head.
Then said, “Jaina, I demand that you call the Silver Hand
and Uther will command them and we will purge the damned then. 
And Jaina said: “Yo Yo Yo ok I’ll go.
I will go find Uther and I’ll tell him what I know. Yo"

And she teleported away
There’s wasn’t much else to say
They had to go stop the plague
Undead were coming this way.


Right then he arrived at Hearthglen
Looked down, saw plagued grain on the ground again.
Arthas took a deep breath then turned around
He was surrounded by the entire town.
“Wait a second,” said Arthas, filling with dread
This plague doesn’t just kill it turns you into UNDEAD.”

The prince’s stomach began to churn.
At that second townsfolk began to turn.
Twelve hours later, Arthas barely alive
His royal bodyguards well, they didn’t survive.
The Undead had him on the ropes all outta hopes
Guess who showed up then? You better check ya notes!

It was UTHER
Arthas’ Tutor
An incredible maneuver
shoulda come sooner
He saved the day.
Poor Arthas would never be the same.

Something clicked in his brain.
And they heard him exclaim
“STRATHOLME, Mal’Ganis is there. He will pay for what he did today, I swear.”
And then he left still covered in ichor
Heading to Stratholme all alone, and here is the kicker:

Empty crates lined the streets
The plague had been released
Pretty soon the city would be an undead army of beasts
Arthas knew he couldn’t let them become scourge
Turned around and shouted
“Listen to my words! There is only one way to emerge as victors!

We surge into the city and PURGE the villagers!”
Uther said: “Are you serious?
Your father would be furious!
You can’t possibly consider this!
There must be some other way!”

Arthas said, “Not today.
There is no other way to save this town.
You betray the crown.”

Uther said: “Fine then, do it alone.
I’m taking my army home.”
Arthas started killing people in the night
They were sleeping? didn’t matter he would kill'em on sight
Better to kill‘em now before they turned to undead
so he burned the town down ’til the skies turned red.
Then he found Mal’Ganis in the wreckage
He was just seconds from wrecking him When he said “wait I have a message”
Do you think you can get the best of me?
Then come to Northrend, Arthas! Fulfill your destiny!”


Yeah, he went up to Northrend he would chase Mal’Ganis
and do anything to avenge the death of his people
including doing things that sound a little evil or at least are a little illegal.
But his campaign in Northrend didn’t go very well
His army kept getting weaker. His soldiers fell.

It was bleak.
They’d only been there for a week
But they were close to defeat.
Arthas was willing to cheat.

There was a rumor of a sword full of ultimate power
But the inscription said that it would devour the soul of any that touched it.
It was called Frostmourne
Arthas tracked it down anyway because he’d sworn to kill Mal’Ganis.
It was worth any risk, including this.

So he lifted his fist and gave the sword a twist
It came out of the altar Arthas did not falter
He ran back to his army where the undead all were.
Arthas tore through the undead forces straight to Mal’Ganis of course

The dreadlord laughed “you think you’re winning?
When you picked up that sword you became a pawn of Lich King.”
And Arthas knew it was true. He was doomed, through and through.
I've damned everyone and everything I've ever loved and I still feel no remorse.

A lot happened after that. He killed his father.
But I’m just not gonna bother to rap the rest.
I guess I oughtta tell you one last thing.
He found the crown of the Lich King
he put it on his head and now it’s time to sing…


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Well, this spoiler season has included more rap videos than any other in Hearthstone history, as far as I'm aware. 

No idea what that says about the xpac, but it's certainly a thing. 

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I do wonder if there's anything Ben will say no to - they must just wander into his office and he's already standing on his table, ready to go!

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