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Brrrloc Reveal: Knights of the Frozen Throne

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Brrrloc has been revealed, and yes that really is it's name. It is the sixty-ninth card to be revealed, meaning that we are now over halfway through spoiler season.

The new Shaman Murloc card was revealed by Makgi on YouTube.


(Image: Hearthpwn)

Brrrloc continues the theme of Freeze Shaman that we have seen with Moorabi, Cryostasis, and Voodoo Hexxer. This seems to be the beginning of at least the third new archetype being introduced in Knights of the Frozen Throne, with Divine Shield Paladin and Weapon Rogue being two others.

Even if these new archetypes turn out to not be immediately playable, it seems likely that we will see more of them in the future.

For a full list of previously revealed cards, as well as all of the information about the new expansion, check out our Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion hub.

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As much as I want to hate this card because I know what it will be........ Brrrrrrrrloc. xD My wife and kids like this one too. 

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Doesn't even matter that they are building what will be an unbelievably annoying deck to play against - this is a perfect card.

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