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Patch 7.3: Antorus Zone Preview Part 3

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New bosses are available for testing today and we're exploring the depths of the Burning Throne raid in our third zone preview.

If you missed a preview of the Antorus Island or Eonar area, feel free to visit the links below.

Today we're looking at zones, where we'll be fighting Varimathras, The Coven of Shivarra, Aggramar and Kin'garoth.


He got an updated model for the new raid and we know from the Encounter Journal that he has been tortured by the Shivarra. In Antorus, there's a zone called "Chamber of Anguish", where we'll be fighting the dreadlord.


The Coven of Shivarra

This is the area, where we'll be killing the Coven of Shivarra. Notice the trapped titan souls in the room.



It seems there's a world soul (or the essence of Eonar?) in Aggramar's area. The entire zone is the fourth LFR wing. First you'll go down the stairs to the Chamber of Anguish to defeat Varimathras then the Coven of Shivarra will spawn and at the end you gain access to Aggramar.



You can fight Kin'garoth e as soon as you defeat Imonar and the gate behind him opens. Presence of heavy Legion machinery is obvious.


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11 minutes ago, Hypersonic said:

I'm already love with this instance, love it's darker design. 

It's like Ulduar 2.0! More screenshots from testing.


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the variety of styles in the raid is really really nice, and for testing 3 of the bosses, the raid seems fun too. I'm looking forward to it :).

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On 8/11/2017 at 10:00 AM, genbag said:

the variety of styles in the raid is really really nice, and for testing 3 of the bosses, the raid seems fun too. I'm looking forward to it :).

I was so worried everything in 7.3 would just be green. I'm so fed up with green already and they've actually done a pretty good job of avoiding it, it seems.

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