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still use T19 2-pieces bonus?

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currently on ilvl 918 as Marksman I have 4 T20 pieces but still use 2 T19 pieces (890 pants and 900 shoulders) to get the 2-pieces T19 bonus as well. I could replace them already with 915+ items but I am not sure if its worth it. My class hall dummy tests couldn't prove it either. What would you say?

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Using the gear compare function put in the items you'd be swapping out and there's your answer. If it's above 10k I'd say swap.

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I have a 915 H/M shoulders and 920 H/M legs, and raid bots still likes my 895/socketed T19 shoulders and 885/socketed T19 pants.  I also have 910 T20 pants, but versa on those makes it comparably useless. 

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The Tier 19 2-piece for Marksman got nerfed and it's not desirable, especially if wearing the legendary gloves, although boots + ring seems to work great as well, which allows for tier 19.

As far as I can tell, most of the top MM hunters are not wearing tier 19. You probably need mythic titanforged tier 19 for it to be worth it.

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A lot of top parses still show T19 2-piece combo's atm. Though you cannot see at what ilvl.

When I sim myself with top T20+ gear (around 930) versus combined T204p+T192p the T19 still seems to add approximatly 10k on the sims. Eventhough the T19 is around 905/910 in ilvl.

Same as for the arcano crystal, using low ilvl gear over the new gear is apparantly the way to go this expansion.

PS. Especially on MT target fight, check:

On ST fights they seem to be dissappearing quite rapidly, especially now the fight lengths are getting shorter.

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Ah, I see what's going on now. I didn't look thoroughly at all the fights.


Fights with significant cleave like Harjatan, Host and Mistress are run with legendary boots + legendary belt and use tier 19 2-piece to maximize the amount of Trueshot uptime, because Trueshot is particularly strong for cleave. Trueshot will allow you to spam Multishot + Marked Shot since it skips the Marking Targets proc.


On single target fights Tier 19 is less impactful, although it's still perfectly viable when using the legendary ring + legendary boots, which is definitely still used quite a lot. It's mostly on Maiden where the legendary gloves seem to work better (probably to cast Aimed Shot wile running in phase 2?).


I had the impression that tier 19 wasn't very useful because it sucked on my own sims, but I don't have the boots, so my sims are just bad.

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