Returning Player looking for clan for speedfarming and high GRs

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Hey everyone,

My name is Jayne and I'm returning to D3 after a very long break from the game and I'm looking for a clan that actively runs group GRs and speedfarms to push for ranking. Currently I'm mid 500s paragon in S11 Softcore, and my current characters are as follows:

Tayai - Barbarian, zBarb and Whirlwind Wastes/Leapquake for Bounties and solo play

Tayness - Wizard, newest character, looking to get geared for Lightning Wiz

Alviona - Necro, Rathmas + Jesseth's/Inarius/zNecro

I pride myself on being flexible for all groups, and am more than willing to switch to any character that is needed for the group (Don't have a monk yet but I could easily level and gear one if needed as well.)

I'm coming back to D3 after a stint in WoW with mythic raiding experience and a couple rank 1 logs for both Warrior and Rsham, so I'm experienced in high PVE gameplay and group play. I don't stand for toxicity in any group whatsoever. If your clan is recruiting at all and you think I might be a fit, please hit me up on Battle.net, my btag is JayneReveck#1990.

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Hey Jaynie,
You're like a lot of us who took a long break and came back into D3 recently. I ended coming back 2 seasons ago. Fever Clan is active in D3, and have a number of players that like to push GRs. You can check out our recruiting post here: 
We have one game night going on, and will have another set up very soon. We also have an active member base who play consistently. We'd love to have you if you're interested. Feel free to hang out in our Discord channels to get to know us better:

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