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Ion Hazzikostas Gamescom Interview with Blizzplanet

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Blizzplanet got a chance to interview Game Director Ion Hazzikostas about Patch 7.3. We learned some interesting facts about character customization, Invasion Points, scaling in old world zones and more.

You can read the full interview here.

  • Blizzplanet asked a question about Lightforged Draenei having a unique appearance. Blizzard designed entirely new Draenei appearances for Argussian NPCs and according to the interview, they want to revisit it in the future to give players more character customization wherever possible. (skin tones?).
  • A fresh level 110 will have a tought time on Argus, but Argus is very similar to Tanaan Jungle in terms of gearing. The Relinquished items vendor moved to Argus and now offers ilvl 910 gear for a new currency. Mobs / various activities on Argus will yield Unsullied BoA gear (ilvl 880). Argus world quest have a higher floor (895) than quests on the Broken Isles. All players start at Artifact Knowledge Level 41.
  • Talking about scaled leveling in the old world to keep it relevant, Ion thinks they could apply some of the Legion technology for old zones, but at the same time, he doesn't feel it would be right for a "Champion of the Alliance & Horde" to be scaled down to lower levels when visiting those zones at maximum level having a tough time fighting boars.
  • The team's happy with storytelling in Legion through larger and smaller patches. While 7.3 is the last raid patch of the expansion, there's more Legion story to tell after Antorus.
  • There will be a weekly quest to complete 5 Invasion Points. Currently the game has 6, with several variations.
  • Imagine Invasion Points as multi-player scenarios with 3 stages. Each Invasion Point can have randomized variations of mobs you'll be facing and environmental hazards. You can find out more information about Invasion Point: Blood here as an example, explaining different "environmental hazards" as Ion calles it.
  • Baseline level of items from all dungeon types will be increased in 7.3, Legendary item level will be 1,000 and Titanforged items will cap at 985.
  • The team's aware of numbers being high and a squish is coming in the future.
  • They want new content to feel rewarding. For example, a Heroic Tomb raider jumps into Normal Antorus and it wouldn't be productive for progression experience if the gear that dropped was a downgrade and this leads to item level gaps between tiers.
  • Ion doesn't want to spoil information about Argus the Unmaker. He's a huge part of the Legion story and for now, the Dungeon Journal remains blank.
  • Titans are effectively dead, but pieces of their souls were a great source of power and something to corrupt for Sargeras. In Antorus, we'll recover some pieces and they will aid us in the final battle against Argus's world soul.
  • Ion's talking about at least one new secret in Patch 7.3 and he's probably referring to Lucid NightmareLucid Nightmare.

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