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Just a Thank You!

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Maybe it's not important to many people of this community,but to me it is and i would like to share my thoughts about it.When i started playing HS some months ago i never thought i would be climbing the ladder,hoping to achieve Legend.Now i at last i have found a deck i feel comfy with and start reaping results of dedicated play and continuous learning.Yesterday i achieved for the first time time Rank 15 with extreme ease and i am currently on the move for 10.I want to thank all of you who give to us newer players the opportunity to improve and rise to higher ranks.This is for you people!


P.S. Next post will be on rank Legend,hopefully!

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Congratulations! You will be Rank 10 in no time. From experience, the first 5 ranks, from 20 to 15, take the longest. 15 to 10 and 10 to 5 should be fairly quick, only weeks or maybe a month and a bit apart. Good luck getting to legend eventually!

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I was a bit lazy reading the forum lately so I saw this topic just now. 

Congratulations :) I got a bit tired of ladder games but this motivates me and I want to say the same as Karayan7. I found a lot of good information and inspiration since I entered Icy Veins for the first time, other people as well, I am sure. A Thank You from me, too.

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Just to by funny,climbing the ladder can be a real physical struggle!I mean,apart the result-dependent stress,it's awfully demanding to stay awake after 10 hours of hospital work and trying to beat someone who spent hours or days before the game polishing his deck to perfection!But hey,looking on the upside of playing HS, it can be soothingly satisfying to just play a match,win and go to sleep!

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