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HCT 2017 EU Summer Playoffs: Results

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The Summer Playoffs have been completed, and the top four players to represent Europe at the Summer Championships have been decided.

After 7 rounds of Swiss, the top 8 players were as follows:

1.   Pavel (7-0)

2.   amyks (6-1)

3.   Nicslay (6-1)

4.   DenimBlue7 (6-1)

5.   OldBoy (6-1)

6.   Orange (5-2)

7.   Ronnie (5-2)

8.   Hunterace (5-2)

The Quarter-Final matches are always the important ones in the playoffs, as they decide the qualification for the Summer Championships. In those matches Pavel defeated Hunterace, amyks defeated Ronnie, OldBoy beat Nicslay, and Orange took down a thrilling 3-2 victory over Nicslay. 

Eventually Pavel won the event, beating amyks in the final, and winning his second Championship of the year. 

Every deck from the tournament can be found in our new Hearthstone Esports section here.

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Loving the new Hearthstone Esports section, but is it possible to add a link to where you can find the Vods for the tournament as well?

I often watch tournaments several days/weeks after they took place, and the biggest struggle is always figuring out which twitch account they were streamed on.

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