Theories on The New Hearthstone Expansion

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A Reddit thread has compiled all theories and indications on the upcoming Hearthstone expansion.

Everyone is looking forward to the last Hearthstone expansion for 2017, which will be announced on November 3 at BlizzCon. What do we know so far about it, though? Redditor Hutzlipuz has compiled a list of all of the information we have in our hands. If you don't want to be potentially spoiled, you should stop reading now!

It looks like the new Hearthstone expansion may be described with the following phrases: gold, mining, treasure hunting, caves and mountains. In the teaser image, you can see a sack of gold. If you zoom in, you can make out a pile of gold, while the scroll is ornamented with the same pattern as the Hearthstone box.


The wording on BlizzCon's schedule for their Hearthstone announcement also contains a pun, that further strengthens the whole theory:

Blizzard LogoBlizzard Entertainment

Greetings, travelers! Gather at the inn as the Hearthstone team gives you a look at what they’re serving up next and delve deep into how the Year of the Mammoth will come to a close! (source)

Earlier today, there was a minor card leak from a French voice actor on Twitter. In a video he has since deleted (but has been re-uploaded by u/Allendrae), Pierre-Alain De Garrigues - who is also voicing the French Innkeeper - can be seen working on a Kobold card. Here is the artwork:


The card's name in English should be something like Tunnel Rat. The card is related to bombs, given that the voice actor is making a lot of "bam!" sound.

Kobolds have been an integral part of both World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. In WoW, they usually live in underground places, where they occupy themselves with mining, annoying adventurers and loving their candles. They can be found in numerous areas in WoW that feature mountains or caves, or both: Highmountain, Loch Modan, Elwynn Forest, Westfall, Stonetalon Mountains, Thousand Needles, Arathi Highlands and the battleground Alterac Valley. Kobolds also have a bitter rivalry with Gnolls.

Of course, the gold and treasure finding themes could be linked with other elements, apart from Kobolds and mines. Booty Bay, Pirates, the Defias Brotherhood and Dwarves are also possible contenders.

Hopefully, more clues will be unearthed (pun intended) before the actual announcement in a month from now!

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Sounds like we will get something like a neutral Quest, "Pay to Win Chest" play a card to add a coin to your chest, reach 20 coins to pay someone else to win the game for you. :D

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Maybe Blizzard is finally meme-ing themselves about the absurd amount of gold required for this to stay "free to win". Sure it's still free to play, but the Lich King decks take a lot to truly compete.

Serious guess, it's dwarf/trogg/kobold heavy.

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Would be nice to get some neutral themed expansion. I can also see option for some new card mechanic there with underground environment.

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