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Boss Mode Conquest

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Guest Chimo - Guest

I'm only commenting here because I cannot comment in the "Divinity Conquest" sections of Conquests.


Anyway, I've completed GR-75 Solo, but it apparently means nothing in Season 15, in fact, I did not receive my 3rd Conquest for it.

There is no "Divinity" -Conquest mentioned in Season 15 - Guardian?

...hence why I'm looking at the "Boss" Conquest instead now.

The final "Guardian"-Season (15) Journey conquests makes no mention of the "Dinity-GR75-Solo" quest ?

I greatly appreciate all the work that the folks here at Icy-Veins do, but maybe you guys should update these "Conquest's" -relative to the Season's.

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there are a selection of 9 different conquests (and their matching HC versions), of which 5 are chosen to be "active" for each season.


this season's conqests are 
Avarice - pick up a gold streak of 50 million.
Boss Mode - kill all the game bosses (except Vidian) within 20 minutes
The Thrill - complete GR45 solo, without wearing any set pieces.
Masters of the Universe - master 8 set dungeons, and..
Sprinter - complete the entire campaign (aka, story mode) within 1 hour.
(and, again, the matching HC versions; Avaritia, Worlds Apart, Superhuman, etc)


completing any of the other conquests this season will provide no benefit.

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Guest Kanhef

The hint about finding Ghom is not always correct. On my last run, the path with the Guard of the Keep led to a dead end.

Urzael's transition can be sped up slightly by using the 'close all windows' key to dismiss his dialogue.

My preference is to end with either Diablo or Malthael, since they both have lengthy, unskippable death sequences; you get the achievement as soon as the sequence begins.

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