Divinity Conquest Guide

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The Divinity (Lionhearted for Hardcore) conquest requires that you complete a Greater Rift 75 Solo. While it resides firmly inside the gameplay loop (you will naturally be striving to complete as high of a GR as you can for gem upgrades and personal leaderboard accomplishments), it is still the highest in-game difficulty required for an achievement. As such, it is rated as high difficulty, relative to other conquests.


Obtaining the Divinity Conquest

Divinity is the most straightforward Conquest to accomplish, even though it might take the longest to achieve. Simply pick any of our builds listed on Icy Veins — the higher rank, the better — and you will already possess a template for completion of this conquest.

Nevertheless, we have concocted a list of guides that, in our opinion, will get you through this conquest with the least amount of effort. The list takes into consideration the time it takes to farm a full build, the necessary mechanical skill to execute it, and its relative power — and offers the best builds balancing those three factors.

You should also take into consideration that (especially after the 2.6.1 set buffs), the completion of Greater Rift level 75 is no longer a daunting task. With the power of all class sets relatively balanced around the GR 120+ solo accomplishment in mind, GR 75 should not take more than a handful of days of concentrated farming. All of our guides have also been written with the highest possible GR tier accomplishment in mind; for a GR 75, you can drop a great deal of damage and make survivability and utility adaptations to guarantee your success. Examples of that would be:

  • Adapting pure offense jewelry into a balanced or completely defensive setup. Say, your chosen build recommends Focus Focus and Restraint Restraint as your rings — you can adjust this to Unity Unity (on yourself and your follower, plus immortality relic for him) and a Convention of Elements Convention of Elements. The latter split will cut damage in half, and still offer more than enough offensive power to get you through a GR 75.
  • Adapting a pure offense passive setup. There are instances where, in order to maximize damage, a build guide recommends an entire roster of damage-oriented passives. You can easily take out one (or more!) off the less impactful selections and re-introduce a cheat death or a toughness passive into the build, without jeopardizing a GR 75 clear.
  • Adapting legendary gems. In most cases, the recommendations for two or even all three jewelry sockets in a guide will list offense legendary gems. You can drop one of those slots for the powerful defense of an Esoteric Alteration Esoteric Alteration, which will cut down the damage of the most violent elite affixes. The GR 75 clear will remain doable despite the loss.

The following builds will get you through the Divinity conquest with the least amount of effort.



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