Top Hearthstone Players for October 2017

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The October 2017 lists were a bit late this time, since the Dual Class Arena rankings had to be accounted for.

We'll start with the top 20 in Standard and Wild. You can find the entire leaderboard here for the Americas and over here for Europe.


Americas   Europe  
1. AlwaysLucky 1. Seiko
2. fertygo 2. hunterace
3. hunterace 3. Kyouma
4. DavidSWu 4. Franky3fois
5. naxoloo 5. Meati
6. Satellite 6. Django
7. Monsanto 7. Ogiez
8. ETC 8. Mandalf
9. Cantelope 9. Atouba
10. Chakki 10. Maur1
11. Artefy 11. Zhym
12. PogChampion 12. onepunch
13. pomolive 13. PRTHNCA
14. faNatic 14. Feike
15. zlsjs 15. Saci


Rase 16. Jarla
17. Arawn 17. Florindo
18. KingOfType89 18. Twink
19. rask 19. NickChipper
20. aqua 20. Orange


Americas   Europe  
1. Hazer 1. Xaos
2. awedragon 2. sipiwi94
3. JTZ 3. Jorj
4. Wargizmo 4. Norwis
5. Ben 5. Liooo45
6. Bananaramic 6. FlamingSword
7. AZSwim 7. Бурзум
8. TitanX 8. HammerSmith
9. Ice 9. Kohai
10. Jonahrah 10. Lubyllule
11. Elf 11. Doux
12. Hurryupidiot 12. Thorclack
13. WildWolf 13. nikitos569
14. XCrouton 14. Hijodaikan
15. blueblurr 15. Cyan


drTama 16. Fenomeno
17. sipiwi94 17. myr
18. jin 18. Specialist
19. waxwingslain 19. DonSikaleone
20. Roffle 20. Spingy


During October, the Dual Class Arena event took place, which lasted two weeks. The rankings below represent the top 20 players in the Americas and in Europe during this event, as well as their average number of wins.

Americas     Europe    
1. Zevron 9.20 1. ШтанУдачи 9.67
2. headshot 9.13 2. not2fast 9.60
3. Rakisuta 9.07 3. Conqueror 9.53
4. KellenAbel 9.00 4. Ventox 9.53
5. Hambo 8.93 5. guDDummit 9.47
6. Cheerous 8.87 6. Razu 9.47
7. Middle 8.87 7. Braid 9.20
8. jedddddd 8.73 8. HUMANATEE 9.13
9. Touchit 8.60 9. 那誰 9.07
10. Deception5 8.60 10. oroff 9.07
11. Cicci 8.53 11. Wijkert 9.07
12. Gebuttersnap 8.53 12. Vezhlivij 9.07
13. Turn1Delver 8.47 13. Dchuck 9.07
14. Dentalcannon 8.47 14. JibJab 9.00
15. Moon 8.47 15. Amandriada 8.93
16. Badonkadonk 8.40 16. HugoBOSS 8.87
17. haoqi 8.40 17. Dexter 8.87
18. dk2 8.40 18. ExoticBm 8.80
19. enslen 8.40 19. fosatheone 8.80
20. Crumpled 8.40 20. Duup 8.80

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I really don't want to imagine how much they have to grind playing hours and hours against the same (or mostly) decks and often even same opponents :D

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      (Source: Official Site)
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