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I dont know why my dps is so low thought someone on here could help me image.thumb.png.f4d51c9bb878007e38513151d80230c4.png

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I've moved this over to the Priest forum rather than general discussion. You need to post a log for me to look at otherwise I can't help you. There's nothing here that tells me anything about what you to in order to do the DPS that you do.

Please read through this to see how to log:

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Hallo Deadman, I'm Dabria and main priest. 

AS Blainie said it hard to see from that screenshot whats wrong and what we can help you, so your DPS can improve. 
Some logs would be amazing to further investigate your DPS problems, tell us a little bit about your artifact weapon to, because the traits are important. About the talents, there is a lot of different combinations for different bosses and mythic+s, or whatever you are doing, etc. brawlers :)  

But to give you any advise, It would be following:

1. Go look up and read the guide here on Icy-veins or any youtube guide. 

2. Practice, there is nothing better to finding your own play style,

3. I can give you a bit of advice on your gear from what I can see. First, 2nd and 4th set bonus is a huge DPS improvement, so I would suggest getting that as fast as possible. Then your legendaries, your 'Sephuz's secret' is strong, but have to be triggered. So getting your shoulder replaced by a better legendary would be amazing and a big upgrade. Then your trinkets, I can't really see what your first trinket it. But your second trinket is 'Rising Tides' from Harjatan, which I cannot recommend using. It's really bad and especially if you are on a boss that has a lot of movement.

So overall, get some legendaries that are trustworthy and learn to control them. Change your trinkets and get 2nd (which it looks like you have) and 4th set bonus as fast as possible. 

Remember Practice is important :) I hope this helps a little, else I would love to help you both here and through PM or in-game :) Good Luck :)


"Dabria, signing off peace" *Levitates out over the edge and disappears* 

I apologize for any misspelling or confusion in my writing, do ask if there's a question. 


Edited by Dabria

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      Now the next question is if we're using AS or SL and what stats to prioritize with them? Some of the top dps SP are using weird setups and confuse me. They all favor haste of course but some play with a crit heavy build and SL and some are playing with a mastery heavy build and AS. I don't get that tbh.
      At least that's what their logs and their armory are saying.
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      Greetings. I'm Mel, My main is holy - but I'm trying to build a good Shadow Priest. Last night we attempted Elisande on heroic for the first time just to get a feel for it. We are not there yet as a guild, but I'm here to try and get some advice on spriest. Our main dps is Goma - he is shadow. He is pretty good, I've only just started playing shadow.
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      I know there is a specific rotation, and I try to stick to it -- what the WA script below tells me to roll with seems right on. 
      I did learn today that I need to be popping Mind Bomb, Infusion, potion, and Shadowfiend AFTER being in Voidform long enough to stack haste to get added benefits. I was popping those on pull, and not paying attention to stacking them in Voidform. 
      I was (I thought) staying in Voidform as much as I could - but the data doesn't reflect that. 
       STAT            Goma         Mel
      iLVL              903              898
      weapon       918              919     (he does have better relics and trinks)
      Int                44,978        43,706 (I used a flask, etc and he didnt)
      Crit              19.8%          23.11%
      Haste           32.86%      35.2%
      Mast            64.79%       48.67%
      Talents        San'layn    Aus Spirits  (otherwise the same)
      My toon 
      His toon 
      Not a whole lot different, I do have sephuz' secret. 
      Mel's data from WOL 
      Goma's data from WOL
      As far as rotation, I base mine off of Icy Vein's docs. I do use Weak Aura's, and imported this script:
      From this youtube video
      - which also refs Icy Veins.
      You all see anything obvious and huge I am doing or am not doing?