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Allied Races Heritage Armor in Battle for Azeroth

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A first look at the Heritage armor of Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth.

Heritage Armor

Leveling an Allied Races to level 110 rewards a special type of armor that's not restricted by type. All your characters of the same Allied Race will be able to equip it regardless of their class and the unlock is account-wide. Heritage Armor for Black Iron Dwarves and Zandalari Trolls is unavailable at this time.

Highmountain Tauren


Lightforged Draenei




Void Elf


Patch 7.3.5 Coverage

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Hey Stan, where do you find those items and character models?

I allways keep an eye on the ptr to see if it got any changes because im hoping to see the zandalari troll models and straight standing orcs but i cant creat voidelves or anything else yet :(

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@Tarvesh   ummm... I've never seen or heard anyone asking for other racial armor. Maybe cause we kinda have them already tho. Humans wear, what, Stormwind armor? Check. Orc Horde armor, undead and Blood elf got their starting gear and red robes for Blood Elf. there's not really any kind of iconic Night elf set or gnome set really either.

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    • By Stan
      Wrathion received a new model in Patch 8.2.5 and while we don't encounter him physically, he's part of the latest story which involves Spiritwalker Ebonhorn. The article contains spoilers.
      In Patch 8.2, we helped Spiritwalker Ebonhorn retrieve the first Essence as part of the intro questline. We learned that he is Ebyssian, an uncorrupted member of the Black Dragonflight. Multiple Agents of the Black Prince are scattered across the new zones since Rise of Azshara and we know Wrathion is watching cautiously watching our every move.
      In Azshara's Eternal Palace, we learned that we collected Azerite for the Heart of Azeroth to shatter the prison of an Old God as opposed to healing Azeroth.
      Wrathion in Patch 8.2.5
      In Patch 8.2.5, N'Zoth's whispers are driving Ebyssian crazy and we help him with Wrathion's assistance. The Black Prince received an updated model in Patch 8.2.5 and communicates with us through torn journal pages. For some reason, he does not want to be seen by anyone, and later on, we find out that N'Zoth and his minions are searching for him too. From the journal entries, we learn that Wrathion has been seeking out ways to defeat the Old Gods and wants to help us get rid of N'Zoth once and for all, meaning that we will definitely hear from him in Patch 8.3 and beyond.

      Wrathion's New Model in Patch 8.2.5
      Whispers of N'Zoth
      We've got an emergency, champion! We need ye in the Chamber o' Heart once more. Somethin' nasty is gettin' into Ebonhorn's head. He can't shake it loose. Maybe ya can help him out!
      Go to the Chamber of Heart and speak to Kalecgos.
      Spies to the Left and Right
      Ebonhorn cannot resist the whispers for long. The dark forces that once corrupted the black dragonflight seek to overwhelm the world once again. We need a way to fight back. While I a loathe to mention him, I do know of someone who has been studying Old Gods in order to better combat their insidious power: Wrathion. The Black Prince will be difficult to find. He has associates in Pandaria, in the Tavern of the Mists at the Veiled Stair. I suggest you begin your search there.
      Kalecgos wants you to seek out Wrathion at the Tavern in the Mists, because he's Ebonhorn's only hope. There, you will find two Blacktalon Bodyguards and Wrathion is nowhere to be found.
      You must slay 6 Lurking Observers to receive Torn Journal Page #7.
      Torn Journal Page #7 reads as follows:
      Wrathion is notoriously secretive about his plans and you will receive 750 Artifact Power for handing in the quest.
      Black Winged Shadow
      Obviously, the Black Prince isn't here. Trust me when I say he's not an easy one to find. If I were you, I'd make my way to Blackrock Mountain. There's a terrace carved into its slopes, where Nefarian once made his lair. Wrathion has been monitoring that place for a long time. Even if he's not there himself, you might find someone who knows where to look. It's clear you're not the only one searching for him. Watch your back.
      Now, you must seek out Wrathion outside the entrance to Blackwing Descent. There, you will find a Blacktalon Watcher, who's being drained of all knownedge by N'Zoth's minions. (Extracting). You must kill the two Sleepless Operatives and the Sleepless Interrogator to proceed.
      After defeating all enemies, you can talk to the Blacktalon Watcher, who tells you to seek out Wrathion in Karazhan and gives you Torn Journal Page #16: 
      To the Catacombs!
      I held out as long as I could, but... the whispers were too strong. You must hurry to Karazhan. The Black Prince said he intended to study the artifacts stored within its catacombs. Please, do not allow my failure to bring about his doom!
      Your next stop is Karazhan and at the Catacombs, you'll find a Slain Blacktalon Lookout, whose body is still warm to the touch, meaning he's not been dead for long. After searching the body for more journal pages, you'll receive Torn Journal Page #25:
      Completing the quest rewards 1,000 Artifact Power.
      On the Trail of the Black Prince
      <It looks like a fight took place here. N'Zoth's agents must have already entered the catacombs beneath Karazhan. The dead lookout still has a set of keys on him. Perhaps they will unlock the door. With any luck, you can find Wrathion before N'Zoth's agents and gain something that can help Ebonhorn.>
      The final portion of the questline takes place within the Catacombs, and you must investigate The Ways of the Old Gods, Wrathion's Journal Page, and slay X'korr the Compelling.
      You will receive the final Torn Journal Page #58: 
      Save Ebonhorn
      You'll find Potion of Mental Clarity near a note and must head back to the Chamber of Heart to administer it to Ebonhorn.
      Wrathion's Journal
      Finally, you'll hand MOTHER Wrathion's Journal instead of burning it. I don't know if this is the wisest thing to do, but MOTHER commits information from the journal to memory in order to formulate fortification schematics for Chamber of Heart and destroys the incomplete journal in the process. Finally, you earn 1,000 Artifact Power.
      Wrathion plays a pivotal role in saving his brother in Patch 8.2.5.
    • By Starym
      Today's 8.2 and Classic hotfixes bring a whole lot of Brewfest fixes, some Queen Azshara and Death Knight bugs resolved, as well as a fishing fix in Classic.
      Septemeber 20 (source)
      “Direbrew's Dire Brew ” and “Brewfest! ” can again be turned in for rewards. Horde players can again bark for breweries in Orgrimmar. Brewfest Chowdown no longer ends prematurely if replayed quickly. The charges for each Brewfest Chowdown contestants Refreshing Brew will be reset to 3 when the next contest begins. The Brewfest Chowdown Trophy will no longer spam players’ chat logs with garbled messages. Classes
      Death Knight Unholy Resolved an issue that could cause the Risen Skulker summoned by All Will Serve (Talent) to not attack enemy players in Arenas and Battlegrounds. Dungeons and Raids
      Azshara’s Eternal Palace Queen Azshara Successfully defeating Queen Azshara should no longer kill players under the effects of Essence of Azeroth. WoW Classic
      Players can again receive loot when fishing in ocean waters.
    • By Starym
      Patch 8.2.5 now has an official release date! We only have to wait 4/5 more days until the Bee mount, new Worgen and Goblin models and so much more! You can check out all the content that's coming in the official content notes or go more in-depth in our own patch 8.2.5 coverage hub!
      8.2.5 Release Date (source)
      The Next Battle for Azeroth Content Update Goes Live September 25!
      The next World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth content update provides new character models for the worgen and goblins, the introduction of Party Sync, the epic conclusion to the War Campaign, and more.
      New Worgen and Goblin Character Models
      First introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, worgen and goblins are getting some long-anticipated improvements to their character models. These updates touch on every aspect of how the worgen and goblins look—from their faces to their animations. [Learn More]
      New Mount: Honeyback Harvester
      Stormsong’s Beekeepers have discovered a new hive in town. Alliance players can work with Barry to locate the hive and court the favor of the Hivemother in order to earn the Honeyback Harvester mount—and both factions can earn several other bee-themed toys and items. [Learn More]
      The War Campaign Concludes
      Tensions continue to rise between Saurfang, Anduin, and the Banshee Queen Sylvanas. Discover what awaits the Horde and Alliance in the final chapter of the War Campaign.
      Join Your Friends in Their Adventures with Party Sync
      Party Sync is a new feature that makes it easier than ever for friends to party up and quest together. When players activate Party Sync, everyone in the party becomes aligned to the same quest state and phase. [Learn More]
      Content Update Notes
      Learn more in our content update notes.
    • By Stan
      Brewfest has arrived and there are quite a few updates this year.
      Brewfest 2019 Updates
      Coren Direbrew's loot is up to item level 395. A new activity called Brewfest Chowdown has been added, allowing you to complete with three other players in front of a panel of spectators and the first to finish ten plates of sausages gets a prize (1 Chowdown Champion Token). New invasions happen every half hour and the Brewfest grounds will be attacked by alementals, hozen, or Dark Iron Dwarves. You can help stop them to receive a reward once per day. Battle-Hardened Heirloom Armor Casing can be purchased for 500 Brewfest Prize Tokens. The following new items have been added: Garland of Grain costs 150 Brewfest Prize Token Tabard of Brew costs 200 Brewfest Prize Token Brewfest Chowdown Trophy costs 5 Chowdown Champion Token Bottomless Brewfest Stein costs 10 Brewfest Prize Token Brewfest Reveler's Hearthstone costs 200 Brewfest Prize Token Check out our Brewfest guide for more details!
      Blizzard (Source)
      “First celebrated by the dwarves, Brewfest now holds appeal among all the races of Azeroth!”
      Get ready to crack open a cold one with friends new and old during our revamped Brewfest! Sample brews from Azeroth and beyond with representatives from many prominent playable races during the booziest time of year.
      September 20–October 6
      Ironforge Entrance (Alliance), Orgrimmar Entrance (Horde)
      Completing quests and activities on the Brewfest grounds will generally reward you with Brewfest Prize Tokens. These are used to purchase most of the items you will find on sale at Brewfest.
      NEW! Brewfest Chowdown
      Slurp and burp your way through this eating contest to be crowned the Chowdown Champion. Compete with three other players in front of a panel of spectators to prove your prowess but try not to choke (literally)! The first to finish 10 plates of sausages takes home the prize. Manners optional. Speak with Etga (Horde) or Britta Steinhart (Alliance) to participate. Prize: 1 Chowdown Champion Token.
      NEW! Timed Events
      Every half hour a group of alementals, hozen, or Dark Iron dwarves will show up to destroy the Brewfest grounds. Put a stop to their shenanigans for a reward once a day.
      Chug ‘n Chuck Alementals
      Throw nearby taster mugs at these destructive alementals to put a cork in their plans.
      Shoo Pesky Hozen
      Unruly hozen want to monkey around—restore order by driving away these pests.
      Tip: Some of these buggers are winged, so saddle up on a flying mount to reach them!
      Brawl with Dark Iron Dwarves!
      Get your fists swingin’ when the Dark Iron dwarves invade the Brewfest grounds!
      Ceremonial Keg Tapping
      Join the Draenor-famous Frostwolf brewery Warband Ales for a special toast during Brewfest at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. server time. Alliance players can do the same with the Thunderbrew and Barleybrew breweries.
      Daily Quests
      Complete special daily quests to obtain experience, gold, and Brewfest Prize Tokens to purchase holiday items.
      Sample Fine Food and Brew
      Stumble your way through the grounds while trying specialty food and brew from all over Azeroth and Draenor.
      NEW! Garland of Grain: A festive crown adorned with a golden pretzel that you can wear during Brewfest. NEW! Tabard of Brew: Show off your love for Brewfest year-round with this tabard! NEW! Brewfest Chowdown Trophy: Proudly display your Brewfest Chowdown Trophy! NEW! Bottomless Brewfest Stein: Fill your Brewfest Stein at a Brewfest Festive Keg. NEW! Brewfest Reveler's Hearthstone: Return home in the most jubilant way possible! ACHIEVEMENTS
      BREWMASTER: Completing the achievements The Brewfest Diet, Brew of the Month, Direbrewfest, Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?, and Have Keg, Will Travel will reward the meta-achievement Brewmaster. Awards the title Brewmaster.
      THE BREWFEST DIET: Eat 8 of the following Brewfest foods—Dried Sausage, Pickled Sausage, Savory Sausage, Spiced Onion Cheese, Spicy Smoked Sausage, Succulent Sausage, The Essential Brewfest Pretzel, and The Golden Link.
      BREW OF THE MONTH: Join the Brew of the Month club.
      DIREBREWFEST: Kill Coren Direbrew.
      DOES YOUR WOLPERTINGER LINGER?: Obtain a Wolpertinger pet from the Brewfest quest line.
      HAVE KEG, WILL TRAVEL: Obtain a Brewfest mount, or transform yours into one using Brewfest Hops.
      DOWN WITH THE DARK IRON: Defend the Brewfest camp from the Dark Iron attack and complete the quest. “This One Time, When I Was Drunk…”
      BREW OF THE YEAR: Sample 12 beers featured in the Brew of the Month club. Requires a “Brew of the Month” Club Membership Form.
      ALMOST BLIND LUCK: Fall 65 yards without dying while wearing Synthebrew Goggles during the Brewfest Holiday.
      STRANGE BREW: Acquire the Brewfest beers listed below. Don’t drink them all at once!
      DISTURBING THE PEACE: While wearing 3 pieces of Brewfest clothing, get completely smashed and dance in Dalaran.
      A BREW-FAST MOUNT: Obtain an epic Brewfest mount.
      Be sure to hop on over to the Brewfest staging areas at the gates of Orgrimmar and Ironforge September 20–October 6 to join the festivities.
    • By Stan
      It seems that Patch 8.2.5 will arrive next week to live servers, as Blizzard made the patch available for download from within the Battle.net app.
      Starting today, Patch 8.2.5 is available in the Background Downloader. We should see the patch go live next week or the week after that. In the meantime, check out the official patch notes and our hub for more details about what to expect in the latest content update.

      Image courtesy of MMO-Champion
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