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Blackseed is a very annoying boss that is similar to an Evolve Shaman. His Hero Power costs 0 at Stage 5 and is named "Evolvemancy" and costs 1 at Stages 6 and 7 and has almost the same effect as the DeathKnight Shaman's Hero Power, where he can "Transform a minion into a random one that costs (1) or (3) more." At Stage 5 his health is 40, and at Stages 6 and 7 his health is 60.

To make it clear:

Stage 5 it costs 0 and his hero power evolves a minion into (1) more.

Stages 6 & 7 it costs 1 and his hero power evolves a minion into (3) more.


He plays minions such as DoppelgangsterSaronite Chain Gang, and Living Roots. He also has Ragnaros the Firelord. He will absolutely use his Hero Power ASAP on any of these minions, but sometimes skips using it on a few turns to play all his mana crystals on a minion. You will need some serious board clears as well as a good minion or two to start off firing aggro style, which is hard to mulligan for, I understand that. But this is one of the few unfair bosses in the Dungeon Run that just end players' dreams. Even if you think you have the best deck run ever, second guess it, because this boss will make you mad.

From around the 'Net:

"A run ender."

"Lots of Inspire minions in his deck as well... Have board clears."

"Glyph of Warding helps a lot."


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