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On Loot Boxes and Morality

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On 1/12/2018 at 4:58 PM, Achtaeon said:

Then, they got greedy, They took it too far and attached their pay to win lootbox system to one of the most mainstream and recognizable franchises in the history of media. Of course this was going to blow up in their faces, to go from implementing a pay to win model in what one subset of the gaming community has been conditioned to accept (sports) to another subset of the community (FPS) that *they already knew* was pay to win averse. They literally have only themselves to blame for the rise and the fall of the lootbox. It's just amazing to see it all come full circle. 

I mean...



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I think that this type of randomized loot should only be limited to cosmetics. This way, you really don't have to spend real money unless you were REALLY keen on getting everything, and even if you were, then it could cost you a lot more then what you were expecting because of randomness. I do like the idea of shards that you get from duplicates and sometimes as a drop from chests, which allow you to craft what you want, even if it takes a lot of shards

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I have argued this many times and the difference with Hearthstone and magic the gathering is that the cards can be dusted or traded. With mtg what you really get is a pack of tradable cards and with Hearthstone one could argue that you are purchasing dust so that you can buy the card you really want without gambling whatsoever. 


I want a common card worth 40 dust. To get this card I buy a lootbox/pack. What I am really buying is 40 dust at least with the option to have more. If there are no mechanics in place to craft cards/disenchant cards this would be closer to gambling than it is now. 

Is magic the gathering gambling? no. You know what you get - 15 tradable cards. 


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On 30/01/2018 at 11:42 AM, ObsidiaNN said:

I want a common card worth 40 dust. To get this card I buy a lootbox/pack. What I am really buying is 40 dust at least with the option to have more. If there are no mechanics in place to craft cards/disenchant cards this would be closer to gambling than it is now. 

Is magic the gathering gambling? no. You know what you get - 15 tradable cards. 

Is this not also created by the fact that every Hearthstone card has a set worth, in terms of dust? When you unpack a MTG set of cards, each card doesn't have a "set worth". Instead, they basically can be traded for a certain amount of other cards, but the amount you receive is based on the perceived worth of that card to the owner, as opposed to the worth set by the creator.

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      The Storm Brand Elementalist has solid clear speed, strong output on most bosses, has awesome defences, and is quite mobile; however, it must rely on traps for additional single-target damage. The Triple Herald Elementalist has great clear speed, formidable defenses, powerful life leech, is immune to physical reflect, and has good single-target damage output. Unfortunately, some map mods are not efficient, and you’ll have to keep an eye out for mechanics, due to this being a melee build. Occultist
      The Herald of Agony/Rain of Arrows Occultist has absurd defenses, is viable in all Leagues, can do all map mods without any effort, and has a ranged playstyle. Unfortunately, proximity shields are difficult to deal with and can put you in awkward situations. You’ll also be relying on AI for your minion and the playstyle might feel a tad clunky due to this. The Herald of Agony/Ball Lightning specializes heavily in applying strong curses via curse-on-hit setups, has great sustain, and easily obtains a huge energy shield pool. As before, you’ll be relying on AI for your minion, which isn’t always all that smart, and the playstyle might feel a tad clunky. Cold skills got greatly buffed during 3.5, and the Occultist Ascendancy has great synergy with all of them. The Vortex/Cold Snap Occultist is quite versatile, but bear in mind it can be quite pricey, and damage-over-time setups are not for everyone. The Essence Drain & Contagion Occultist build offers great balance between clear speed, single-target damage, and defense, but you’ll have to get used to using two skills instead of one. Necromancer
      The Raise Spectre Necromancer build offers a very easy playstyle, but is not a good idea for SSF and the minion AI can be somewhat silly. Ranger

      The Tornado Shot Deadeye is one of the best builds when it comes to clear speed, but keep in mind that it is poorly suited for high-tier mapping and boss killing. While typically focused on Magic Find, our build includes options for more general usability as well, as would be the case during the Flashback event. Pathfinder
      The Kinetic Blast/Barrage Pathfinder is also an insanely fast clearer, has extremely strong defenses (95%+ chance to avoid attacks without flasks active), is very nimble on its feet, and most importantly, is very, very, very fun to play. While better than the Tornado Shot Deadeye at single-target and boss fights, the build still struggles without proper gear (such as Queen of the Forest) and links, and can sometimes feel too fast. Raider
      The Spectral Throw Raider is very high-tempo and engaging (which is both a blessing and curse). You also get great mobility, awesome clear speed and the confidence which comes with feeling powerful in virtually any environment. Do note that this is the only build in this list which we do not recommend for Hardcore play. Scion - Ascendant

      The Ancestral Warchief Ascendant has very good single-target potential, it feels, and is, quite safe to play, and you won’t ever have to worry about damage reflect. The clear speed isn’t that great however, and totem builds don’t appeal to everyone. Duelist

      The Cyclone Slayer is a well balanced build, is very fun to play, combining the allure of high single-target with decent clear speed and sustain for a good ol’ beefy melee brute. The downside of this build is that it’s necessary to deal damage in order to survive, due to having practically no health regeneration. The leveling experience is smooth, however, and you’ll have no issue in dealing with most types of content. Gladiator
      The Double Strike Gladiator can definitely be used in hardcore, but keep in mind that your main focus will be on gaining a larger health pool in order to prevent one-shots. Champion
      Champion is the king of Imaples, a very powerful mechanic that allows you to stack tons of extra Physical damage on enemies. The Imaple Cyclone Champion makes a great use of this mechanic at the cost of little to no investment. Marauder

      The Holy Flame Totem Chieftain is perfect for an SSF environment due to its lax equipment requirements. The build feels quite safe to play, has a great life pool and decent life sustain mechanics. The build’s clear speed isn’t all that good, but you’ll find that bosses are no problem at all. Juggernaught
      The Molten Strike Juggernaut can become stunningly powerful if properly equipped. This build can get quite pricey, but with the right luck, you can achieve more than 90% physical and 80% elemental damage mitigation. Specifically created for running Labyrinths fast and efficient without a shred of danger for your life, the Uber Labyrinth Farmer Juggernaut is an extremely tanky build. Albeit not that good at handling late-game content, we do believe it’ll help you rise to the tops of the Flashback Juggernaut ranks. Shadow

      The Arc Mines Saboteur is a jack of all trades. The build has remained a powerhouse despite recent nerfs and is arguably the most dominant of all  Arc variants, and is a great choice for both Standard and SSF leagues. The Arc Mines Saboteur offers a wide variety of modifications, is a very fast clearer and can deal some heavy amounts of damage with very little investment; movement speed is also pretty crazy on this one. Trickster
      The Caustic Arrow Trickster does not require a specific set of uniques and a simple Silverbough will do you well until you manage to get your hands on some more currency.  Kaom's Heart and Devoto's Devotion will give you a very nice boost in survivability and clear speed. Damage-over-time builds are an acquired taste though, so choose wisely. The Divine Ire Trickster makes good use of the brand new Divine Ire gem. Overall, this is a well balanced build which is great at killing monsters off-screen. You will have to stay still in order to channel your skill and deal damage, however, which can put you in some tight situations. The Kitava’s Thirst Flame Surge Trickster is very high-tempo and does a great job at making your enemies explode into hundreds of pretty lights. The  Flame Surge skill is carefully woven around  Kitava's Thirst in order to create very strong single-target damage with potent energy shield restoration mechanics. The randomness of effects might affect your gameplay a tad though, and all the lights could be off-putting to some. The Soulrend Trickster is a good Chaos-based option for pretty much any league (SSF, Hardcore and Softcore). What’s essential about this build is that it is created with survival and comfort in mind, all while maintaining a very high rate of experience per hour. You can reach Level 100 safely and on a very tight budget, which is perfect for the Flashback event. Storm Burst is another great channeling skill which earned more love during 3.6. The Storm Burst Trickster offers nice single-target damage and great range, but doesn’t do that well in elemental reflect areas and the best equipment can become quite pricey. Another build that is expected to be extremely powerful is Furty’s ED/Contagion Trickster, which allowed him to be the 5th player hitting level 100 in a SSFSC environment. The build is very versatile, easy to gear and strikes a great balance between offense and defense. Templar

      Another decent totem build would be the Frostbolt/Glacial Cascade Totems Hierophant.  Being totem-based, this build feels nice and safe to play, and you’ll have quite a bit of mobility. Depending on the type of content, though, you might need to swap gems here and there. Inquisitor
      The Purifying Flame Inquisitor has lots of life regeneration, decent defences, very high damage at a low cost, and is incredibly easy to play, albeit a little slow at clearing. Guardian
      Herald of Purity & Dominating Blow Guardian is able to achieve a great amount of endgame damage potential while you are mainly focusing on survivability while gearing up. If you've never played Path of Exile before, this might be the perfect time for you to jump in and give it a go! If you're more of a Diablo fan, you can check out our full set of updated guides for Season 20.
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      We are recruiting for a number of new positions on the site!
      Icy Veins is looking to expand its current team with the introduction of writers for new sections, for games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Teamfight Tactics, as well as a freelance Graphic Designer.
      As some of you may have already noticed, we have updated our Jobs page with new positions, with multiple openings for new guide writers to help us in expand into new ventures. The requirements and responsibilities of all of these positions are listed there, as well as notes on the general application process for Icy Veins.
      Graphic Designer Position
      While these positions follow a very similar structure to those of our past posts, this is one of the first times we have reached out to our community in the hopes of finding a freelancer that can help develop the visual standard of the site.
      Rather than simply looking elsewhere, we felt it was best to look within our own community first, to hopefully find someone who not only understands the aesthetic and visuals of the games we cover, but also the look and feel of the Icy Veins site.
      You can find the requirements for the position below and, if you are interested or feel that you have the necessary experience, you can send us an application at jobs@icy-veins.com.
      Given that we are appealing specifically to freelancers, the position will be paid as a traditional freelance contract, rather than our normal, revenue-sharing agreements for guide writers.
      You should have experience in both UI and UX design, with a portfolio demonstrating your abilities and previous projects. You should be a fan of Blizzard games, as well as the site, and have a strong understanding of the visual direction of both. We expect you to bring your own suggestions in terms of how to improve the visual aspect of the site, rather than simply awaiting direction. We hope to hear from some of you in the future and wish any and all potential applicants the best of luck!
    • By Blainie
      As many of you already know, Icy Veins has a sister site for Path of Exile, PoE Vault. The new league starts today and we thought it was a great opportunity to highlight some of the content our hardworking writers have put together for your enjoyment. If you haven't tried Path of Exile before, this might be the perfect chance for you to do so!
      The new Path of Exile League brings with it an enhanced focus on endgame bosses. You can expect tanky and dangerous single targets from both the Metamorph league and the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion, so a good all-around build is important to have, if you want to get off to a good start. We have tons of great guides, including a selection here specifically designed as great league starters, with a few for each class.
      For those just getting started in Path of Exile, take a look at our general Beginner's Guide, while anybody can benefit from the new Metamorph league guide, which will be kept updated as we continue the league. And as always, as the new best builds of the league become apparent, we will be keeping our guides up to date, so be sure to follow PoE Vault on social media to keep up with our latest content, as well as all the Path of Exile news as it comes.
      The "Ultimate Cyclone Slayer" is a great all-rounder, and with the bow meta likely upon us, much of its best gear will be at its cheapest. The 3.8 nerfs were vastly overstated, and this build has remained an absolute powerhouse, both in terms of speed and raw damage output. If you are looking to relive the glory days of your D2 Whirlwind Barbarian, this is the best way in the game to do it!
      If you are looking to ride the bow hype-train this league, the "Tornado Shot Champion" is a great way to do it, with no sacrifices made for survivability. It boasts huge damage, great clearspeed, and plenty of durability for the expected brutal boss fights in the Metamorph League. Its versatile gearing makes it highly customizable, able to suit every playstyle, from Labyrinth farmer to speed mapper, and anything in between.
      The "Bleed Earthquake Gladiator" lets you smash your enemies into bloody chunks, with great speed and high damage. Vaal Earthquake allows you to blitz through maps, while the Gladiator's bleed explosions clear up any stragglers that manage to survive your initial attacks. Gladiators have always made great league starters, and this league is no exception.
      The "Arc Trap Saboteur" just got a hefty buff, with a boost to its targeting range, bringing this build back into the meta. The last time it was around, it absolutely dominated all content, and it has not lost a bit of damage, so it will make an excellent choice in the coming league. The build made its name taking down hard bosses on a shoestring budget, so if you are looking to experience all the league has to offer, this is among the best builds to do it with.
      When it comes to league starters, few are better than the "Essence Drain + Contagion Trickster". It is one of the fastest clearing casters in the game, has great survivability, and offers a perfect blend of reliability and inexpensiveness. It has carried many players to high finishes in a variety of Solo-self-found races, but can still be taken advantage of with the higher powered gear offered by trade leagues.
      Taking advantage of one of the biggest buffs this league, the "Burning Arrow Chieftain" delivers fiery death from afar, making it a great choice for the bow lovers out there. Many reworked or long forgotten mechanics have come together to make this both a great league starter, and an amazing end-game scaling build in the new expansion. 
      The "Molten Strike Juggernaut" has long been a fan favorite, and with an extra projectile added this league, it looks to be a great option for anyone looking to maximize their sheer tankiness. It is a great build to take on just about all content in the game, whether it is deep delving, endgame bossing, or tanking slams from just about anything you want. 
      While many minion builds took a hit this league, the "Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer" remains a powerful all-round build, equally at home taking down Uber Elder and speed farming maps. Gear will be much cheaper than in previous leagues, as people migrate to bows and other new builds, but this build is still a perfect starter for anybody looking to play a summoner.
      The "Cold Damage Over Time Occultist" is a powerhouse that excels at chilling and destroying enemies in all content of the game. It also offers an interesting playstyle, with its main damage coming from an instant-cast nova, draining the life from your foes as you run past them, as well as Vaal Cold Snap's ability to kill on the run.
      The "Crit Elemental Hit Deadeye" takes advantage of the Deadeye's power in terms of clearspeed, and Elemental Hit's raw damage to crush any content the game has to offer. Since the rework of Elemental Hit, it has retained top tier status, a chaining, zooming, flaming murder machine.
      With the buff to Ballistas this league, the "Siege Ballista Raider" is a great choice. This build offers raw damage, spread across tons of totems, and you play as a powerful commander of an army of siege weaponry. It also boasts high single-target damage, keeping up with the boss-killing meta we can expect to see this league.
      The "Toxic Rain Pathfinder" has a lot going for it, especially as a starter with the new buffs to Quill Rain. It is a great option to take on the whole game, with extremely high damage, an excellent levelling experience, and a highly enjoyable endgame playstyle. If you are looking for a less traditional bow build, this one is a great option.
      The "Spark Inquisitor" is a great option to try out the new ailment changes that have arrived with 3.9, with the build being exceptionally strong in the late-game (while still being a great league starter). It can capably deal with both single-target and clear damage requirements, while still being fairly simple to play. The long distance and CC-capabilities ensure a smooth and safe playstyle that can even comfortably fit into Hardcore leagues.
      The "Elemental Hit Ascendant" is an excellent boss damage dealer, something that looks to be a great boon in the new league, as well as having strong survivability and excellent clear speeds. This combination of damage and toughness is a great choice for anyone hoping to head into a Hardcore league.
      The "Scourge Arrow Ascendant" may have received a nerf, but it is still a powerful build, and has come to be one of the best known and most played bow builds. If you are looking to balance drawbacks with immense power, and shred your enemies to bits, this build is a unique and fun option, with lots of versatility. 
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