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Deck Crafting Strategy

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It's better to do your math and to know if you have enough dust for everything :)

If you don't have enough dust for everything, start from the card more flexible, the ones you'll use in other decks sooner or later. And you should consider to craft only epic or above, because if you play enough daily quest, you'll open enough pack to get all the common/rare you'll ever need.

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Currently I would be careful with crafting cards, we are very close to the next rotation where "Old Gods, Mean Streets and Karazhan will leave and we get a new expansion. This might change a lot strong decks might get weaker, and weaker ones might get better.

Additionally I mostly agree with Synesthesy but maybe you have a nearly complete deck (e.g. Burn Mage) and the cards packs you open refuse to give you a 2nd Mana Wyrm it might be ok to craft this. Even though it's just a common, it is a very strong one usable in many mage decks and making your deck more consistent.

Experience will tell you such things and if you are not sure come here and ask :)

Oh and even though a mighty legend in a certain deck looks nice and tempting it may be the case that is fits well in the deck but is less vital for the deck to be good than some lower rarity cards. And it really depends on whether you play casual or ranked and on higher or lower ranks. 

A good example is (in my opinion) Aggro Secret Mage. The list here on Icy Veins includes Aluneth and even though it's a huge impact card you will have many games where you don't draw it or too late and the deck is doing very well without it while nearly all the common and rare cards in that deck list are vital.

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