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Where to spend gold in Hearthstone?

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There are many options for spending gold, and knowing which one to choose can be hard, especially for newer players. The main options are packs and arena.

Arena bear a higher risk, but also provide better rewards, should your run end at a high win count. Players should buy one or two arenas each month to see how they are doing against other players and to see whether they should be buying packs or arena entries.

In general, if you can consistently score 5+ wins, arena should be your go-to. If your average run is below 5 wins, stick to packs and try again next month to see if you have sufficiently improved at the game.

If you are buying packs, you need to decide which type of packs is the best for you. There are many strategies for choosing a set to buy packs from, but the most commons are rotating between packs each time you open a legendary, and finding a "dream deck" and buying packs that are most likely to fill out the missing spots for that deck. However, for optimal strategy, you should try to combine these two and not rely on just one of them.

As an example for the former strategy, you will keep buying Un'Goro packs until you open a legendary, then you will do the same with Knights of the Frozen Throne, then Kobolds and Catacombs and then Un'goro packs again. This takes advantage of pity timer.

As an example for the latter strategy, if you want to build a miracle priest and are missing 3 Knights of the Frozen Throne commons, 3 Un'Goro rares, 2 Kobolds and Catacombs epics and one Un'Goro legendary card, you should be buying Knights of the Frozen Throne packs until you get at least one common for you deck, then switch to Un'Goro packs and so on.

You can also read about spending and obtaining gold in our Beginner Guide and Gold Guide by Aleco.

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