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Demon Hunter Unhallowed Essence Set Dungeon

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Guest Ravakahr

Summarise for easy one shot.

- In-Geom/ Envious Blade

- Illusionary boots > Pride's Fall

- Elusive Ring > Convention of elements (do you need damage? Go CoE)


Illusionary Boots is better x100%. Rest doesn't overly matter. If your struggling for damage try convention of elements over elusive ring. Lastly if your really struggling for damage and just doing a fast clear on an alt - try Envious Blade (increases crit to 100% on enemies at full health) - you'll one shot everything even with bad gear.


Tips - early on for new players 

Just roll on in no rush I finished this first try with 2 minutes to spare (I felt like I was behind to - but wasn't). Didnt need to use smoke screen at all (using it reduces your damage (see discipline 6 set bonus). Using illusionary boots, Just walk past enemies can you get 20? no? = kill group of 16. Continue. There is intentionally several groups of 16 so don't worry just the way it is. Kill lone stragglers so you don't have to back-track ever. You should only rotate through the place once and dont miss any sneaky, sneakies hiding in the shadows.

Look at a map if you can. Once you do it once you should understand the following of what I am saying:

- Optional First hallway get 1x20

- First main room get 2x20 kills or reset. (at this point minimum 2 should be achieved)

- Second main room get 1x20 (possible to get 2x20 but not worth it honestly)

- Go up ramp, after second in hallway - get 1x20

- Top right main room get 1x20 (on my run I didn't get it there was 1x16 before it and 1x16 in the main room - should have taken my time)

- As you slowly curve back around you should RNG at least one more 1x20. 


Thats a total of 7-8 chances. So take your time. Once you have 6 power through fast. And because you didnt miss anything in the shadows hint, hint you'll be done in 3 minutes. 

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Thanks for the feedback, and well done on your clear! The UE set dungeon is a bit deceptive, the tiny mob packs always seem larger than they are. As you put it, taking your time with the AoE is key for the "20 mob shot" objective.

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