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This thread is for comments about our Witch Doctor Jade Set Dungeon guide.

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    • By Starym
      It seems Season of Grandeur has been very popular and Blizzard is extending it to May 12th! This shouldn't come as a surprise as this season has been the most game changing one so far, with the biggest impact on gameplay through greater build diversity. The other reason Season 17 has been postponed is because Blizzard have "plans" for it and it'll take a while longer to test, both internally and on the PTR later on:
      This will make Season 16 the 4th longest Diablo 3 season ever with its 114 days, only trailing behind Season 1 (obviously), clocking in at 159 days and the strangely long Seasons 3 and 4, which lasted 136 and 125 days, respectively. Let's take a look at all the seasons and how long each lasted, courtesy of D3resource:
      (Days) Start Date
        End Date
        Season 1 159 29.08.2014 03.02.2015 2.1.0
      2.1.2 Season 2 52 13.02.2015 05.04.2015 2.1.2 Season 3 136 10.04.2015 23.08.2015 2.2.0 Season 4 125 28.08.2015 30.12.2015 2.3.0 Season 5 92 15.01.2016 15.04.2016 2.4.0 Season 6 85 29.04.2016 22.07.2016 2.4.1 Season 7 70 05.08.2016 13.10.2016 2.4.2 Season 8 71 21.10.2016 30.12.2016 2.4.2 Season 9 71 06.01.2017 17.03.2017 2.4.3 Season 10 85 31.03.2017 23.06.2017 2.5.0 Season 11 92 20.07.2017 20.10.2017 2.6.0 Season 12 94 09.11.2017 11.02.2018 2.6.1 Season 13 100 23.02.2018 03.06.2018 2.6.1 Season 14 93 15.06.2018 16.11.2018 2.6.1 Season 15 107 21.09.2018 06.01.2019 2.6.1 Season 16 114 19.01.2019 12.05.2019* 2.6.4 Season 17 ? 19.05.2019* ? ? So, we had a full 4 seasons on patch 2.6.1 and before that only seasons 7 and 8 shared a patch (as well as the first two, but as Season 1 had 3 patch cycles on its own, we'll just ignore that). In terms of length we have obviously Season 1 in the lead, followed by Season 3, then Season 4 and now we'll have Season 16, closely followed by Season 15.
      Are you enjoying the Season of Grandeur? Would you want it to stick around even more with it's pretty unique modifier or are you looking forward to what comes next in Season 17? In any case, you can check out our Season 16 guides, as it seems we might be needing them for a while longer!
    • By Smegkopf
      The build is a pretty standard zunimassa's, except using willikens and grasp of the dead's unbreakable grasp rune together to make applying the 6 piece bonus of zunimassas incredibly easy and free, as well as opening up a bit of extra bonuses due to the fact that throughout the whole build, there is no resource spending at all. absolute minimum items needed to start getting an effect out of the build are enough of the zunimassas set to get the 6 piece bonus, a willikens, and a belt of transcendence. theres still a slot or two that need items, and im unsure what to put in them for now.
      Items And Cube
      Weapon: Sacred Harvester
      Off hand: You can either have  Homunculus if you want to fully stack into damage and take haunt, or you can take the set fetish and open up an aquila cuirass in your chest.
      Belt: belt of transcendence
      Wrists: Lakumba's ornament
      Head: Mask of Jeram
      Chest: Depends on if you want offense or defense, if offensive take set chest, if defensive take aquilla.
      Neck: Hellfire amulet, you want to aim for having Pierce the veil, Midnight feast, zombie handler, fierce loyalty, or spirit vessel.
      Ring one: tall man's finger
      Hand, Pants, Shoes, Ring two: Zunimassas set, pretty inflexible considering you need the 6 set bonus, you could hypothetically have hands be a tasker and theo and leave chest and off hand as zunimassa, but i prefer to have tasker cubed.
      Shoulders: I'll be honest, i have absolutely no clue what to put in shoulders, it would be a perfect spot for a set item if there actually WAS a zunimassas set shoulder, but for now i just have a spaulders of zakara there. Feel free to add suggestions, i really need them!
      Cube weapon: Wilikens
      Cube armor: Tasker and Theo
      Cube Jewelery: RoRG if not seasonal, one of the block X type of damage completely amulets otherwise.
      Skills and Playstyle
      Primary:  Grasp of the undead with unbreakable grasp
      Secondary: Spirit Walk with severance
      1: Either zombie dogs with life link, or haunt with poisoned spirit
      2:Fetish Army with Legion of Daggers
      3: Gargantuan with restless giant or Humongoid
      4: Soul Harvest with Soul to Waste if offensive, Languish if defensive.
      Traits: Including the Hellfire, you should have Pierce the veil, Midnight feast, zombie handler, fierce loyalty, and spirit vessel
      Every fight, is going to be two parts, which i remember as Sowing the Seeds and Harvesting the crops.
      Part one: Sowing the seeds: Every time you see a new group of enemies, Spam Grasp under the entire area so every enemy is effected. this procs the Zunimassas 6 part and belt without actually spending mana. after that is done, throw a few haunts in there if you have it, and move to
      Part two: Harvesting the crops: while there are still enemies alive, run into the middle of them and quickly press harvest before moving back to part one.
      Pretty simple, not too difficult to actually execute. only real worry is dying when you go in to harvest, but most of the time you should be alright.
      Stats, Paragon, and Gems.
      Int is your main focus. I'd focus more on vitality than resistances since you have a lot of % damage reduction already and the health is going to work way way better. For secondary stats, Crit is likely the most important to increase. you cant really get too much benifit from attack speed since i dont think that applies to pets, and all it'l do is let you throw out grasps a bit quicker. cooldown reduction is completely useless, because the only spells you'd use off cooldown already dont have a cooldown.
      Paragon Priority should be :
      Core:Movement speed> Int> Vit> Eating a sandwich> Maximum Mana
      Offensive: Crit Damage> Crit Chance> Attack Speed> Eating a burger> Cooldown Reduction
      Defensive:Life>Armor>Resist All> Regen
      Utility: Area Damage>Life Per hit> Gold Find> Eating a pizza> Resource cost reduction
      Legendary Gems are stricken, Trapped, and enforcer. 
      Id Put an amethyst in the helm, an emerald in the weapon, and topaz everywhere else.
    • By Deadset
      Check out the best builds for each class in our guide compendium for Season 16!
      Season 16 releases today and Deadset has put together another Guide Compendium for the most viable builds for each class!
      Greetings, fellow denizens of Sanctuary! We are at the doorstep of the 16th Diablo season, carrying a mechanics-oriented theme for the first time around: The Season of Grandeur. For the duration of Season 16, all heroes and builds will enjoy the passive effect of the Ring of Royal Grandeur. This seemingly minor change has larger implications, both for builds that traditionally use its power, and ones that don't. In short, you will be able to use one extra item slot in any build - since the required number of set pieces for the completion of set bonuses is lowered by 1.
      What can you expect from Patch 2.6.4?
      Patch 2.6.4 brings a sizable round of buffs across many sets - both popular and forgotten. Similarly to its predecessor, Patch 2.6.1, it is trying to bring playstyles and builds closer together, but whether it truly succeeds - well, we'll discover during Season 16! The patch also brings a slew of quality of life upgrades, including more visually distinct primal drops, more armory tabs, and potions no longer taking up inventory space.
      Basics Guides and Conquest Guides
      Before moving on to class impressions and recommendations, I just want to give a quick pointer to the new basics and conquest guides that I compiled recently. If you are new to the game, returning after a long break, or simply have friends that you want to get into Diablo, give those a read:
      Beginner Seasonal Guide - an introduction to Seasons, efficient leveling, crafting and gearing; Bounty Farming Guide - how, when, which bounties to do and the builds to do them with; Regular "Nephalem" Rift Farming Guide - quantity, quality, and methods for Torment rifting; Greater Rift Farming Guide - rewards, competition and strategic considerations for GRs; Conquest Guides for Season 16 - the fast track to the Seasonal Journey completion. As a guide hub, Icy Veins receives a ton of messages on a regular basis for topics like these - I hope they are of use to the community and answer a lot of questions for Seasons to come!
      Beginner's Guide to Barbarians - Levels 1-70 and Guide with the Starting Set, Immortal King - A guide that will take you through the leveling process efficiently and optimize your Season 16 Barbarian with the Haedrig's Gift free set. Immortal King (or Raekor) - Hammer of the Ancients Endgame Build  - A top tier, visceral build that emphasizes melee devastation and pulverizes his enemies to the ground with Hammer of the Ancients. Support Barbarian - Group-oriented build that the entire team depends upon for scouting, long-range monster pulls and protection from harmful crowd control affixes. Raekor - Furious Charge Endgame Build  - A spec that mixes the powers of two sets, combining the all-around utility of IK with the agile Furious Charge devastation of Raekor. Might of the Earth - Earthquake Endgame Build - This spec favors devastating large areas over precise shots, exerts a masterful control over the battlefield and sports a very satisfying rotation. Wrath of the Wastes - Whirlwind Endgame Build  - With a playstyle distilled to its simplest essence, the build opens runs with  Whirlwind and mows enemies down in endless, spinning destruction. Seismic Slam Barbarian - a ruthless visual feast of a build, this cold-focused Barb spec is surprisingly tough and efficient. Frenzy/Thorns Legacy of Nightmares  - More durable than most Barb builds, this spec nails the brutal hand-to-hand melee feel, slicing enemies at incredible speeds. Rend Immortal King  - Nearly forgotten, but certainly not powerless, this exotic build bleeds enemies dry with the DoT powers of Rend. Crusaders
      Beginner's Guide to Crusaders - Levels 1-70 and Guide with the Starting Set, Seeker of the Light  - A guide that will take you through the leveling process efficiently and optimize your Season 16 Crusader with the Haedrig's Gift free set. Akkhan - Condemn Endgame Build - This build is the embodiment of the melee spellcaster fantasy, exerting powerful crowd control over monsters and decimating them in waves of holy destruction. Akkhan - Blessed Shield Endgame Build  -  This build plays on the archetype of using the shield as a weapon, charging it with holy might and reaping an entire field of demons with a single, mighty toss. Akkhan - Holy Shotgun Endgame Build  - The Holy Shotgun Crusader is a tanky, impenetrable bulwark of steel that absorbs blows and retaliates in blasts of pure, radiant vengeance.  Blessed Hammer Seeker of the Light - The reigning champion of many Seasons, the Hammerdin build is still a beast in terms of AoE damage and solo GR pushing potential. Thorns Invoker  - Likely the tankiest build in the game that is able to push into GR110+. Tough, focused and dead simple, this build almost Thorns itself to the absolute endgame. Sweep Attack Rolands  - This Crusader build revels in high-density rifts, shredding demons to pieces with the highest attack speed possible to the class. Bombardment Legacy of Nightmares  - The Bombardment Crusader spec takes assorted legendary items into a highly mobile, auto aiming and visually spectacular Thorns combination. Shield Bash Crusader - your best bet if you want to pound demon heads in Greater Rifts, if a bit on the clunky side. Demon Hunters
      Beginner's Guide to Demon Hunters - Levels 1-70 and Guide with the Starting Set, Natalya's Vengeance  - A guide that will take you through the leveling process efficiently and optimize your Season 16 Demon Hunter with the Haedrig's Gift free set. Natalya/Marauder Sentry Endgame Build - This build focuses solely on the Sentries, providing Demon Hunters with a cold, calculating playstyle cloaked behind a wall of turrets and animal companions. Unhallowed Essence - Multishot Endgame Build  - This build embodies the lone, brooding archer that reaps entire screens worth of demons in massive, fiery bursts of arrows. Marauder - Multishot Endgame Build - the Sentry-based mirror of the multishotting AoE love, this is a timing-intensive, but hugely rewarding build. Marauder - Cluster Arrow Endgame Build  - Requiring a deep understanding of DHs - the need for positioning and strategic companion placement - this build rewards you with great GR potential. Natalya - Rain of Vengeance Endgame Build  - This build transforms the elegance of Strafe into a potent tool that resets the cooldown of Rain of Vengeance, resulting in a potent, bursty playstyle. Shadow - Impale Endgame Build  - The Impale build emphasizes on singling out and bursting down priority targets, resulting in a ninja-like, elite hunting playstyle. Grenades Unhallowed Essence  - A deceptively simple build, whose sustained grenade damage and tanking potential outdoes many of its flashier counterparts. Fan of Knives Legacy of Nightmares  - One of the more exotic specs in the game, the LoN FoK build thrives at low health values and turns them to its own advantage - playing with permanent crits. Chakram Demon Hunter - the ninja star-throwing counterpart to multishotting builds, with comparable AoE and more fun visuals. Monks
      Beginner's Guide to Monks - Levels 1-70 and Guide with the Starting Set, Uliana - A guide that will take you through the leveling process efficiently and optimize your Season 16 Monk with the Haedrig's Gift free set. Sunwuko - Wave of Light Endgame Build  - This unique ranged Monk playstyle blows demons up in screen-wide, incinerating beams of searing light. Support Monk  - Group-oriented build that the entire team depends upon for healing, short-range monster pulls and damage reduction from regular attacks. Uliana - Seven-Sided Strike Endgame Build  - Widely regarded as the most satisfying build of the class, Uliana enriches the Seven-Sided Strike visual with Exploding Palm detonations. Raiment Shenlong - Generator Endgame Build  - The Monk's bread and butter, this build pummels enemies into the ground with the sheer might of the primary fist attacks. Sunwuko - Lashing Tail Kick Endgame Build  - Building on the classic Monk image, this spec jump in, whirlwind kicks the demons' teeth in, and jump to the next pack of monsters. Tempest Rush Monk - a fun and under-appreciated build that balances the fluidity of rushing through enemies with some carefully timed bursts. Exploding Palm/Mystic Allies Inna  - In this Monk take on a summoner build, you rally spiritual fighters at your side that burst entire groups of enemies with Exploding Palms. Necromancers
      Beginner's Guide to Necromancers - Levels 1-70 and Guide with the Starting Set, Trag'Oul - A guide that will take you through the leveling process efficiently and optimize your Season 16 Necromancer with the Haedrig's Gift free set. Pestilence or Trag'Oul - Corpse Lance  - This build alternates long scouting sessions while waiting on cooldowns with the utter devastation once Devour meets Land of the Dead. Rathma - Skeletal Mage - If you like to keep a tight rein on your minions with precise commands, leading the menagerie of undead at your side in a resource-fueled frenzy, this build is the one for you. Command Skeletons Inarius  - Turning the skeleton warriors into a vicious, unrelenting superior to Bane of the Stricken, this build is a Necromancer's one-way ticket to the absolute endgame heights. Generator Necromancer - a unique take on Inarius gameplay, focusing on lightning-fast scythe attacks and intensive resource interplay. Skeletal Mages Trag'Oul  - This is the alternate take on the Mages build, specializing in extreme speed farming, while still offering capable GR pushes. Bone Storm Inarius  - While it took an undeniable nerf, this build is still one of the most relaxing, farming-appropriate melee builds of Necromancers. Corpse Explosion Inarius  - An underappreciated offshoot to the close range Inarius variants, this build is among the most visually appealing and satisfying Necromancer builds out there. Witch Doctors
      Beginner's Guide to Witch Doctors - Levels 1-70 and Guide with the Starting Set, Arachyr  - A guide that will take you through the leveling process efficiently and optimize your Season 16 Witch Doctor with the Haedrig's Gift free set. Arachyr - Firebats Endgame Build  - Requiring minimal upkeep, this build spins a circular, no-aiming-required wave of Firebats obliteration around you. Simple, neat, and utterly effective. Helltooth - Gargantuan Endgame Build  - This staple summoner build offers laid-back playstyle with automated minions, excellent sustain and protective options, and even some space for crowd control. Jade Harvester Endgame Build  - One of the oldest examples of interesting set execution, this melee spellcaster trades the safety of range and hexes for aggressive dives and DoT consumption. Zunimassa Gargantuan Endgame Build - This build thrives behind a thick wall of Fetish summons and is accompanied by lumbering, destructive Gargantuan brutes in a pure minion playstyle. Legacy of Nightmares Spirit Barrage Endgame Build  - Emerging from a convergence of obscure mechanics, this build offers a unique, spell-heavy, bursty playstyle that produces some of the most spectacular visuals of the class. Grasp of the Dead Witch Doctor - a no-cooldown, no-resource take on making corpses rain from the sky; Wizards
      Beginner's Guide to Wizards - Levels 1-70 and Guide with the Starting Set, Vyr  - A guide that will take you through the leveling process efficiently and optimize your Season 16 Wizard with the Haedrig's Gift free set. Firebird (or Tal Rasha) - Meteor - Reaching for the heartstrings of Meteor lovers, this build channels torrents of arcane energy to conjure destructive, burning meteorites into a pure visual feast. DMO - Frozen Orb - Combining the Frozen Orb nostalgia of sorceresses past with the forgotten power of Slow Time wizardry, this build leaves enemies helpless, watching their frozen death creep ever closer. Energy Twister Wizard - a surprisingly undervalued, but horrifyingly potent on the time-bending, whirlwinding destruction from seasons of yore. Vyr Archon - The oldest devotees to the Archon playstyle: Vyr and its complementary Chantodo sets got an awesome boost of power in Patch 2.6.1. Tal Rasha - Explosive Blast - Aside from its distinct cannonade of arcane blasts, this build is very attractive to Wizards due to its ability to include Sage's set for materials farming. Arcane Torrent Tal Rasha - Spawning off the addition of Manald Heal this guide offers not one, but three very fun, tanky, non-Archon lightning variants to build around. Conclusion
      Patch 2.6.4 brings a solid buff across the board for many of the lacking sets. Personally, I'm mostly interested in the buffs to the Legacy of Nightmares ring set, and what new and surprising builds are going to spawn off that. I'm off to trying it out myself, but as always - have fun, and good luck in Season 16!
    • By Starym
      We've already seen the preview for the patch and patch notes, as well as the new Season of Grandeur coming in two days, but the patch itself has now gone live! Check out the patch notes, featuring a lot of set changes, a brand new UI feature highlighting when Primal Legendaries drop, giving them a red beam and a huge and unique map icon, potions removed from the inventory, 5 new armory tabs and GR Keystones stored in the materials tab, a change to paragon point spending and more!
      2.6.4 (source)
      An update to Diablo III patch 2.6.4 is now live in the Americas for PC / Mac! Check out the full patch notes below to learn about all the latest changes. Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download the patch until it is live in your home region. If you are logging in from a European or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is in the Americas, you will be unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after the update is live until those regions have also patched.
      PATCH 2.6.4 - v2.6.4.54724
      Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues. If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to Blizzard Services after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newly-patched game, please visit our support site or post in the Technical Support forum for assistance.
      Table of Contents:
      General Greater Rifts Seasons Class Set Changes All Classes Barbarian Crusader Demon Hunter Monk Necromancer Witch Doctor Wizard General Quality of Life Philosophy For this patch, we wanted to include a few frequently requested Quality of Life changes and focused on better celebrating and indicating Primal Legendary drops. Five (5) additional Armory tabs have been added for all characters, bringing the total to 10 Legendary Potions are no longer stored in player inventory and can be accessed or changed by right-clicking on the potion icon in the action bar Greater Rift Keystones are now stored in the Materials tab Any existing Greater Rift Keystones in both inventory and stash have been automatically moved Primal Legendaries are now marked by a red beam when they drop Primal Legendaries on the ground are now indicated by a red pentagram icon on the mini-map Primal Legendaries now have a red border and updated background on their icons Return to top Greater Rifts Philosophy The gameplay of micro-managing Paragon points during the course of a Greater Rift doesn't feel like especially engaging gameplay, nor was it consistent with the other existing rules of entering a Greater Rift. In addition, the below change to matchmaking is to make it much easier for all players to find groups for Greater Rifts, as the previous window (only between Greater Rifts) is typically very small. Paragon points can no longer be swapped while a Greater Rift is open Players can now be matched into public games where a Greater Rift is open Players who join in this manner will not be able to enter the active Rift, and players inside the Rift will be able to continue with no additional difficulty scaling until the run has been completed Return to top Seasons Season 16: Season of Grandeur The buff for Season of Grandeur has been implemented This buff gives all Seasonal players the legendary power from Ring of Royal Grandeur This buff does not stack with additional Ring of Royal Grandeur (either equipped or in Kanai's Cube) Unlike previous Seasonal buffs, this buff will not apply to Non-Seasonal players When completing a Greater Rift level 70 solo for the first time in a Season, a Primal Legendary is guaranteed to drop from the Rift Guardian Return to top Class Set Changes Philosophy We are taking another tuning pass across all class sets to improve class and set diversity at higher level Greater Rifts. Some of these values have been adjusted per our observations as well as player feedback during the 2.6.4 PTR. Thanks for testing! All Classes Legacy of Nightmares The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 100% to 750% Return to top Barbarian The Legacy of Raekor The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 2800% to 5500% Immortal King's Call The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 1500% to 4000% Might of the Earth The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 5600% to 20000% Wrath of the Wastes The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3000% to 10000% Return to top Crusader Thorns of the Invoker The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 140% to 350% The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 5400% to 15000% Roland's Legacy The (4) Set bonus has been increased from 3300% to 13000% The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 50% increased Attack Speed to 75% Seeker of the Light The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 2000% Blessed Hammer damage to 12000% Return to top Demon Hunter Embodiment of the Maruader The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3000% to 12000% Unhallowed Essence The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 100% to 350% Natalya's Vengeance The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3500% to 14000% The Shadow's Mantle The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 1200% to 6000% The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 50000% to 75000% Return to top Monk Uliana's Strategem The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 2100% to 9000% Inna's Mantra The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 150% to 750% Monkey King's Garb The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 1000% to 1500% Raiment of a Thousand Storms The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 100% to 400% The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 13000% Dashing Strike damage to 60000% The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 1300% Spirit Generator damage to 6000% Return to top Necromancer Trag'Oul's Avatar The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3300% to 3800% Return to top Witch Doctor Spirit of Arachyr The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 4500% to 9000% Helltooth Harness The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 1500% to 3000% The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 4400% to 9000% Raiment of the Jade Harvester The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 560 seconds to 3500 seconds The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 1650 seconds to 10000 seconds Zunimassa's Haunt The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 5500% to 15000% Return to top Wizard Tal Rasha's Elements The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 750% to 2000% Delsere's Magnum Opus The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3800% to 8500% Vyr's Amazing Arcana The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 50% bonus damage to 100% Return to top
    • By positiv2
      This thread is for comments about our Imperius guide.