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Crawg Mounts in Battle for Azeroth

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A preview of crawg mounts in Battle for Azeroth.

Zandalar is full of Blood Trolls that worship G'huun as a Loa. The Blood God was accidentally created by the Titans and he will be the final boss in Uldir. Crawgs are Blood Troll beasts. We found four tints of crawg mounts in the game files as of the latest Alpha Build 26131.

PH Crawg MountPH Crawg Mount (Blue)


PH Crawg MountPH Crawg Mount (Dark)


PH Crawg MountPH Crawg Mount (Green)


PH Crawg MountPH Crawg Mount (Pale)


Run Animation

run anim.gif

Other Mount Previews

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seeing this mounts face I cant help but hear in my head Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator saying "You're one ugly mother fu@ker"

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Reminds me of Squigs from Warhammer. I loved those creatures back in the day, when i played a "Squig-herder"-Goblin in Warhammer online. A WoW-Hunter-like class with a squig as a pet. Makes me really want this thing as a mount :))

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