Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26175 Highlights

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Highlights of this week's Alpha Build 26175 include Upright Orcs, new items, strings, creature models and Mag'har Orc Shaman totems.

Upright Orcs

Blizzard added a male Upright Orc model to the game. The following video is a courtesy of MMO-Champion.


Broadcast Text

"No. In time, dey will come to us."
"We know they're crooked, but without concrete proof we can't bring them to justice."
"They have steadily amassed power over the years since Daelin's passing. Pretty much everybody works for them in one way or another. Even the gangs."
"Ashvane controls our wealth. The Ashvane Trading Company holds almost all of the official state contracts for trade and manufacturing."
"The Proudmoores run the military. The city guard and marines all answer to Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore. Technically, she rules the entire nation."
"Kul Tiras is made up of several major houses. Here in Boralus, the power is mainly split between Proudmoore and Ashvane."
"Patch, now!"
"Beyond Tiragarde Sound are lands held by the Waycrest and Stormsong families."
"To the west lies Drustvar, a mountainous region providing most of the kingdom's ore and livestock."
"In the north, the fertile lands of the Stormsong family are home to numerous farms and shipyards. All seaworthy Kul Tiran vessels are blessed by their ancient order of Tidesages who commune with the sea to guide our legendary fleet."
"The Waycrest family used to be strong supporters of Proudmoore rule, but lately all we hear from the west are troubling rumors of blighted lands and bloody witch hunts."
"Now unless the Alliance is suffering a crippling cabbage famine, I suspect you're interested in the fleet. Bad news..."
"We have no idea where it is. The Tidesages have withdrawn into their monasteries, but seem unable - or unwilling - to guide the fleet home."
"We won't be much use in a war without their iron."
"Katherine will never agree to join the Alliance as long as she trusts Lady Ashvane. Even if she did, we can hardly help you fight the Horde without iron and ships."

Class Changes

  • A breakdown of the latest talent updates can be found here .

Creature Models

Blizzard added Zandalari cat models in this build, Mag'har Orc totems and a bunch of creature models as shown below.

Mag'har Orc Totems

Mag'har Orcs will have Shamans as a playable class.


NPC Models



Azerite War Machine Alliance Cannon


Azerite War Machine Horde


Azerite War Machine Horde Cannon


Blood Elemental


Gnome Azerite Extractor


Swamp Beast (Drustvar)


Global Strings

"AZERITE_POWER_GAIN_SHORT","%s|n+%s Azerite Power"
"AZERITE_XP_GAIN","%s gains %s Azerite Power."
"COMMUNITIES_GUILD_FINDER_DESCRIPTION","A guild is a tight-knit group of players who want to enjoy the game together. By joining a guild, you'll gain access to many benefits, including a shared guild bank and a guild chat channel.|n|nConsider forming a guild of your own if you have friends who also play World of Warcraft. To create a guild, talk to a Guild Master in a major city."
"SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_365","Missing repair parts."





A full list of items added in Build 26175 can be found here.


"ZandalarAllianceIntroScenerio","Zandalar Alliance Intro Scenerio"
"LordaeronBlight","Lordaeron Blight"
"BlackrockDepthsDarkIron2","Blackrock Depths"
"Islands_8KUL_CaveMicro_freehold01","8.0 Islands - Cave - 8KUL_CaveMicro_freehold01"
"Islands_8KUL_CaveMicro01","8.0 Islands - Cave - 8KUL_CaveMicro01"
"Islands_8KUL_CaveMicro02","8.0 Islands - Cave - 8KUL_CaveMicro02"
"Islands_8KUL_CaveMicro03","8.0 Islands - Cave - 8KUL_CaveMicro03"
"1938","Islands_8RIV_CaveMicro_01","8.0 Islands - Cave - 8RIV_CaveMicro_01"
"Islands_8RIV_CaveMicro_02","8.0 Islands - Cave - 8RIV_CaveMicro_02"
"StormwindEmbassyVoldunStatic","Alliance Battleship -  Wind's Redemption Voldun Static"

World Safe Locs

"Blackrock Depths - Dark Iron"

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I really really hope we get Kul Tiran Humans as Allied Race for the Alliance. Horde keeps getting all the cool stuff.

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HAHA. in that first pic with Nathanos, I thought he had one wicked pompadour by his positioning with that cannon or whatever behind his head.

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2 hours ago, Valhalen said:

I really really hope we get Kul Tiran Humans as Allied Race for the Alliance. Horde keeps getting all the cool stuff.


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      Blizzard's working on a hotfix for Season 6 Elite Ensembles to make them available to players.
      The general policy here is not to add Elite Ensembles to vendors, until the Ensemble isn't the current skin. Season 6 gear shares models with Season 7 gear, so players would need to wait until Battle for Azeroth to get their hands on the appearance, even though they achieved Elite in the past PvP Seasons.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Hey All -

      I am posting this here instead of the arena forums for visibility. PvP gear in legion has been a sore spot for the whole expansion, but season 6 has kind of been the culmination, since it was staggered with a raid release (making pvp gear ilevels dramatically below comparable pve content; ironic since the only thing that matters in a pvp instance is ilevel), and it shares elite set appearance with S7, which will last until BFA pre-patch.  The issue at hand now, at season end, is the elite ensembles. Their stated policy is that they do not release the ensembles to vendors until the ensemble is no longer the current skin. Since S7 ensembles will be the same as S5/6 ensembles, they're not going to be released to the vendors to be buyable by those who achieved s5/6 elite. This is frustrating for a lot of us, because that means we will not have access to our rewards until the expansion is virtually over. It would be less frustrating if the elite sets were less RNG and generally more attainable during a season, but..
      2k is duelist range (top 3% of a bracket that is ~60k players) for at least 12/16 weeks of the season. It doesn't become accessible for rivals (top 10% of the bracket) until the last month or so once the season has gone long enough and rating has inflated to that point. Random drops over 2k are not elite 9 of the possible 17 slot pieces that can drop in your guaranteed elite weekly (once you're over 2k) are not visible set pieces, making it possible to be 2k+ for an entire season and still never complete your set because of unlucky rng. (some of the people on the front page of the pvp leaderboard still don't have the full set) In previous expansions where gear was bought with currency, people could save currency and purchase entire sets when they hit the rating required for that set. IMO, releasing the set at the end of the season to those who hit the cutoff should be the compromise to alleviate that. However, their stated intent is to not release them in this way while they're still current drops so that there is an exclusive reward for people playing in the next season, since they're the same skin. IMO, that is unsatisfactory. Exclusive rewards are great, but if that's going to be the mentality, each season needs to have its own set. At least a recolor. The system was poorly thought out from the get-go, and the players should not be punished for it. 
      Looking into this guys! Thanks for the feedback, however please do not jump into other threads and derail them as that is something that is against the Code of Conduct. We've been seeing this post throughout the morning and have been tracking it. While we don't have an answer to really give you guys at the moment, we are actively speaking with development and will share any information that we get when we can.
      Hey guys! We've spoken to the development team and we're currently planning to release the ensembles sooner rather than later via a hotfix. We don't have an exact timeline just yet of when this will happen, but its something we will hopefully have out sooner than the end of the season.
      Agreed when the timeline is known will please be able to inform us?
      We have a generalized timeline right now internally but its met with the usual caveats of development. The hotfix has to be created, then tested, then pushed to the live servers, and verified that it does work. So Development and QA have to find room to squeeze this in an already full schedule. 

      We don't like giving timelines unless we're 110% sure because literally anything can happen. i.e. hotfix doesn't work, schedules shift around etc. 

      TL;DR: Soon™ is a real thing sometimes!
    • By Stan

      Our Battle for Azeroth content hub is filled to brim with useful information to get you started with WoW's latest expansion!
      Your source of the latest Battle for Azeroth news!
      Release Date
      World of Warcraft's latest expansion will be released on or before September 21, 2018.
      Pre-Purchase Battle for Azeroth
      If you pre-purchase the expansion, you'll get a level 110 boost and gain early access to four Allied Races. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with various goodies in all Blizzard games except Diablo.
      Game Version Pricing Buy Link Standard Edition $49.99 // 44.99 EUR EU / US Digital Deluxe Edition $69.99 // 59.99 EUR EU / US Allied Races
      Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, Nightborne and Void Elves are four Allied Races that can be unlocked before Battle for Azeroth goes live. Pre-purchasing the expansion won't unlock them though. They're gated behind Exalted reputation standing with Legion factions and achievements.
      If you boost an Allied Race character to level 110, you won't be able to receive Heritage armor.
      It's very likely that Blizzard removes the gating at some point before Battle for Azeroth launch. It would not make much sense having them gated behind old content.
      Allied Races Unlock Requirements
      Allied Race Requirements Highmountain Tauren Ain't No Mountain High Enough + Exalted with Highmountain Tribe  Lightforged Draenei You Are Now Prepared! + Exalted with Army of the Light Nightborne Insurrection + Exalted with the Nightfallen Void Elf You Are Now Prepared! + Exalted with Argussian Reach Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth
      Four Allied Races have been confirmed so far. The Alliance will be able to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves and Kul Tirans, whereas the Horde can convince Mag'har Orcs and Zandalari Trolls to join the faction. The aforementioned Allied Races will be gated behind Battle for Azeroth content and can't be unlocked before launch. So far, we looked at Dark Iron Dwarves, their totems, customization options of Kul Tiran Humans and Zandalari Troll Druid forms.
      Kul Tiran Customization Options Kul Tiran Druid Bear Forms Dark Iron Dwarves Preview Dark Iron Dwarf Shaman Totems Zandalari Troll Druid Forms Zandalari Troll Druid Forms Animations *NEW* Zandalari Troll Shaman Totems Azerite Armor
      Azerite Traits Overview (Alpha Build 26231) *NEW* Build Highlights
      Battle for Azeroth is currently in Alpha. We have overviews with creature models, items and latest changes:
      Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26231 Highlights Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26175 Highlights Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26131 Highlights Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26032 Creature Models Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26095 Highlights Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 25976 Highlights Class Changes
      In the latest dev watercooler, Blizzard talked about Class design philosophy in Battle for Azeroth. There's a new BfA build every week and we keep track of all talent changes here. A detailed overview for every build can be found below:
      Alpha Build 26231 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26175 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26131 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26095 Talent Changes Alpha Build 26032 Talent Changes Alpha Build 25976 Talent Changes In addition to that, Hunters can no longer change a Pet's specialization in Battle for Azeroth.
      Ten new dungeons will be added to the game in BfA. We looked at Dungeon Journal entries and compared item levels of loot rewards after the squish.
      Heart of Azeroth
      With the removal of Artifact weapons and traits, all players will receive a Legendary neckpiece called Heart of Azeroth. The main goal is to collect Azerite (Artifact power) and empower it in order to unlock Azerite armor traits.
      Heart of Azeroth Explained Legacy Loot Mode
      Personal Loot used in dungeons since Patch 7.3.5 was not well received by transmog collectors. Blizzard is trying to fix it with the introduction of Legacy Loot mode.
      If you're an avid mount collector, Battle for Azeroth will most definitely not disappoint you. Plenty of cool mounts are coming and we covered the following flying/ground mounts so far:
      Basilisk PvP Mounts Bee Mounts Bloodfeaster Mounts Brutosaur Mount Crawg Mounts Frog Mounts Goblin Hovercraft Mounts Hyena Mounts Parrot Mounts Proto-drake Mounts Raptor Mounts Vulture Mounts Mythic Keystone Changes
      No huge changes are planned for the Mythic Keystone system. It has been received well in Legion. We datamined some spells related to Mythic Keystone customization and a new (possibly level 10) affix.  Tyrannical & Fortified affixes will be moved to level 2 Keystones to avoid awkward power spikes.
      Mythic Keystone Customization New Mythic Affixes Profession Changes
      Most First Aid recipes have been moved to Tailoring and achievements are now Feats of Strength, hinting at a possible removal of First Aid. An early look at Profession changes and new recipes can be found here.
      Game Director Ion Hazzikostas is periodically answering your Battle for Azeroth questions. The latest Q/A was conducted last week.
      Battle for Azeroth Live Developer Q/A (March 15) Battle for Azeroth Live Developer Q/A (January 30) Raids
      Uldir will be the first raid of the expansion. We previewed early Dungeon Journal entries and found out that Blood God G'huun is the final boss of the raid. In a future raid (probably a Nighthold equivalent in BfA), we're going to fight Azshara. 
      Uldir Raid Encounters Upright Orcs
      Male Orcs can adjust their posture in Battle for Azeroth. 
      How to Create Upright Orcs Upright Orcs Overview Visuals
      Hunters and Warlocks received new spell animations.
      Hunter Spell Animations Warlock Spell Animations
    • By Stan

      Blizzard teamed up with the talented artist Kim Jung Gi and the result is truly stunning!
      Kim pained the Siege of Lordareon - the event that sets off the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde in Battle for Azeroth. Check out the timelapse of the masterpiece below!
      Kim Jung Gi is an established artist from South Korea whose art work attracted the international attention of millions over the last few years. He has the ability to visualize the drawing before making his marks. You can learn more about the artist on his website.
    • By Stan

      Game Director Ion Hazzikostas answered your Battle for Azeroth questions today! Here's a quick summary to guide you through it!
      Dark Iron Dwarves, Kul Tiran Humans, Mag'har Orcs and Zandalari Trolls are confirmed Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth. It seems Blizzard plans to abandon the Master Loot system altogether in favor of Personal Loot in the upcoming expansion. Allied Races
      Zandalari Paladins are a possibility in the future. Zandalari have been made 10-15% larger in Alpha recently. Allied Races will always come in pairs, it comes down to faction balance, but if it makes sense to introduce an Allied Race to a single faction, they may add one regardless of the other. Kul Tirans will be an Allied Race in Battle for Azeroth. Mag'har means "uncorrupted" in Orcish. The team wants to hear about Allied Races lacking customization options. Artifacts
      Once the pre-expansion patch is live, the Artifact will still be available, but the traits will be burned out. Battle for Azeroth will be just as friendly an expansion as Legion. The catch-up system for Azerite will work similar to Artifact Knowledge. Character Slots
      Blizzard will increase the number of character slots with new Allied Races. Class Balance
      If there's a class that doesn't bring much, it's a problem that they would like to solve. Blizzard stopped adding new abilities to classes beyond MoP. If an ability is supposed to fill in a certain gap, they will add it, but having too many baseline abilities is confusing. Azerite Armor modifiers will work the same way as active abilities / Legendary items in Legion. It feels bad having Artifact traits baked into talents. It's a short term sacrifice they're making for the sake of balance. Two years from now, nobody will remember that an ability was provided by an Artifact weapon in Legion. Customization Options
      Non-Allied Races customization options are in the works, but no immediate time frame on that. The team's currently working on animations for the new Allied Races. No immediate plan right now to add Heritage Armor to non-Allied Races, but it's a great idea. The team would need to figure out how to obtain those, because most players have non-Allied Races at max level. The identity of expression should be available for every race though. Guilds
      Guilds automatically inherit all Community features. Communities are "lighter" versions of guilds and they aren't meant to overshadow them. Itemization
      Item level will enable clear-cut decisions on upgrades in Battle for Azeroth. The team doesn't want to go back to Legion, where secondary stats were prioritized over item level. Legendary Items
      Legendary effects that are available to classes as abilities / talents / passives in Battle for Azeroth will stack with Legion Legendary items equipped on your character, providing double the bonus during leveling. Max Level Experience
      When you hit max level in Legion, there's Suramar. In Battle for Azeroth, you can explore a whole continent of the opposing faction. Mission Table
      Mission tables are returning in Battle for Azeroth. It's an outlet for War Resources. No gigantic changes are planned there. No more 12 hour missions to unlock content though. Mythic Dungeons
      The system has worked out well in Legion, no major changes are planned in Battle for Azeroth. Tyrannical & Fortified affixes will be moved to level 2 Keystones to avoid awkward power spikes. New level 10 affixes will be added soon. The team's experimenting with stuff like Blighted. The team wants to improve the in-game Mythic+ UI. Professions
      Changes to crafting Professions are coming in Battle for Azeroth. The increasing cap of skill points throughout expansions felt awkward and ultimately lead to the removal of skill point requirements. Profession items tied to a certain expansions are now separate buckets: e.g. Outland Blacksmithing. No skill point are required to start Professions in Battle for Azeroth. PvP
      Any plans to adjust CC in PvP besides their duration? If CC is too limited, the game turns into DPS races in PvP. Obviously long CC chains are frustrating, but it's a result of being stun locked by multiple players without your team disrupting them. A lot of CC instant casts are involved in this, because there's little to no counter play and the team would like to solve this. Specific feedback is appreciated. Prestige rewards in Battle for Azeroth include titles and cosmetic items. World defense will return back to RP-PVP realms in the future with the new War System. Raids
      The use of Master Loot system is limited to organized guilds. Split runs are a very specific niche issue and it seems they would like to get rid of Master Loot entirely. Submitting Feedback
      Conflicting feedback is seen oftentimes as opposed to constructive; telling Blizzard that something is broken and needs fixing is all but constructive. Feedback should get more personal. VOD
    • By Stan

      Last week's Alpha Build 26231 added animations for Zandalari Druid forms. Here's a little sneak peak at some of them!
      For more information about Battle for Azeroth check out our BfA Content Hub!
      Zandalari Druid Bear Form (Stand / Attack / Run)

      Zandalari Druid Cat Form (Stand / Attack / Run)

      Zandalari Druid Moonkin (Stand / Spell Cast / Run)