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Where to get cards in Hearthstone?

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Card collection is required for most of activities within Hearthstone. The most notable exceptions are Arena, some missions in Solo play, such as Class Challenges, and occasional pre-built Tavern Brawls. However, the most used game mode in the game requires you to have cards, and if you intend to be successful, you need to have the right cards. Obtaining them may not be easy, especially for cards of higher rarities and in order to do so, you will need to expend greater effort. 


Most cards in standard rotation can be obtained from packs. To find out which set the card belongs to, open your Card Collection, look up and select the card you want to get. The name of the set can be found on the right, as shown in the image.


In store, you should be able to find packs of that set. If that is not so, you are most likely looking at a wild card, which can be obtained only by crafting.


You can also receive cards as a reward from arena. These can range from a normal common to a golden legendary! However, arena is inconsistent in this area, and getting epics or legendaries, let alone golden, is not too common either, which further reduces the usability of arena as a tool of obtaining specific cards. With that said, arena consistently provides you with packs of the latest expansion, and should your win-rate be high enough, it is the best option of getting cards, though usually in the form of infinite runs and dust hoarding.

Ranked Chest

At the end of each month, if you reached rank 20 or better, you will receive a Ranked Chest. It contains 1 to 4 golden cards of all rarities aside from legendary. This is not a consistent way of receiving cards and usually works as a source of dust, especially if you get low-quality cards, but is definitely good enough to be mentioned. You can read more about Ranked Chests here.


Crafting is the main source of key cards. You will need Arcane Dust to craft cards. It can be received as a reward from Arena, Ranked chests or from disenchanting cards. Different rarities also have different crafting costs. They are as follows:

Rarity Non-golden copy Golden copy
Common 40 400
Rare 100 800
Epic 400 1600
Legendary 1600 3200

As you can see, you can craft 4 epics for the same amount of dust as one Legendary card. Quite often, crafting a combination of epics and rares provides higher value than crafting a single legendary card.

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