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Which Hearthstone cards to disenchant?

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Disenchanting cards is the main way to obtain dust, which is then used to craft the cards you want. However, disenchanting the wrong cards will cause more damage than not disenchanting any cards at all. This is why it is important to think twice before disenchanting a card, especially if you are new to the game and don't have a large collection yet.

Cost to disenchant value ratio

First thing to consider is how to mitigate the possible loss of dust if you disenchant the incorrect cards. Each rarity costs different amount of dust to craft, and yields different amount of dust when disenchanting. Below are the tables with crafting a disenchanting values for each rarity, golden and regular versions.

Rarity (regular) Crafting Disenchanting
Common 40 5
Rare 100 20
Epic 400 100
Legendary 1600 400


Rarity (golden) Crafting Disenchanting
Common 400 50
Rare 800


Epic 1600 400
Legendary 3200 1600

As you can see, disenchanting common cards has the lowest ratio (1/8), which means that disenchanting common cards in bulk gives you the least dust back, so you should be very careful when disenchanting commons.

Standard rotation

Another thing to consider, especially if you are a Standard-only player, is the standard rotation, more specifically when the card being considered for disenchantment is rotating out. This only applies to non-Classic cards still in the standard rotation.

The sooner the card rotates out, the smaller risk. if a bad card rotates in two years, there is a greater chance of it becoming a useful card with upcoming sets and synergies within than that of a card that rotates out next set. 

So, if you are a Standard-only player, disenchanting cards that will rotate out soon is much less of a worry than with cards that were recently released. If you do happen to disenchant a useful card that rotates out soon, the impact will be only short-term.

The actual decision

Now that we have determined ways to reduce the impact of bad decisions when it comes to card disenchantment, we should also make finding the right cards easier.

It is up to each player to decide the strategy, as there are many viable ones, though many being limiting or high risk high reward ones.

Somewhat common one is disenchanting every card from a given class, or from all classes but one. This is a very risky strategy that offers great short-term boost, but at the cost of long-term development capabilities. Due to changes in relative power of classes, when you focus on one class only, you will have a hard time when that class stops being the flavour of the month. 

Another highly common strategy is not disenchanting any non-extra cards. This gives you great stability, as you will never find yourself missing a card you have disenchanted, but it will also take a great amount of time to build a decent collection of cards. This strategy is, however, commonly used by arena perma-runners, as they do not care about their card collection as much as constructed players, if at all, and have a steady income of dust from arena rewards.

The most common strategy is disenchanting all cards that are not in any of currently viable decks. While this strategy is easy to follow and yields good short- and long-term value, it lacks the flexibility, should the meta suddenly change, usually through the Standard rotation, nerfs or new set being released. Still, this strategy takes the best of both strategies outlined above, which makes it a great strategy for newer players before they find out what suits them the best. 

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I don't disenchant anything. 

At the beginning I was the disenchant king, I disenchanted everything I can find so I can make this one deck. Then the deck will go out of style or I will get bored of it, and I would have nothing else.

I've not disenchanted anything in the past 2 years or so (except for nerfs, dupes and some special cases), and it's been amazing. I decided to craft all of the classic collection, which took me more than an year. How many cards I had to craft, that I had disenchanted previously ? A lot. Every time I had to do this, I essentially lost 1200 dust. What a waste of dust the disenchanting has been...


Maybe if you are extremely new, disenchanting makes sense. But if you plan to play for years, it's a waste.

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