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"What's the Move?" Series Moving To New, Text-Based Format

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My "What's the Move?" series will be moving to a text-based format to better engage with the community.


What's Up With "What's The Move?"


For the past 6 months, What's the Move? has been my primary outlet for contributing content to Icy Veins. These videos have been a blast to create, and they have enabled me to connect with the amazing Hearthstone community while exploring the game's many nuances.


I interviewed RayC for episode 7 of WTM, where he discussed an incredible comeback he made at a Dreamhack tournament against DrJ.


Starting with this week's episode of WTM, I'll be moving away from the videos and taking this series towards the format I describe below. Though I may still come back to videos in the future, I'll be making this change to the series for a variety of reasons:

The first and biggest reason for the change is time. Simply put, long-format videos take me vastly more time to create than written content. Moving towards a text-based format for WTM will allow me to create much more Hearthstone content on a week to week basis than I ever could previously. Whereas one WTM video per week was about as much as I could fit into my schedule, this new format could enable me to create multiple episodes per week.

Another benefit to a text-based format for WTM is that it should allow the series to be much more community oriented. Not only will it be much easier for me to showcase community opinions and engage with my audience , but this format should make it much easier for fans of the series to submit their own Hearthstone situations (which I will detail below).


The New Format


In all of my WTM videos, I throw the rope up on the screen to give my viewers some time to figure out what they would do if faced with the same situation on the ladder. Going forward, WTM will try out a multi-episode format where I introduce the situation in one episode and provide my "answer" to the situation in the next one. This should give the community plenty of time to discuss all the pluses and minuses of the options available in each situation, promoting more discussion and community-driven analysis than was ever possible with the old format.

Submissions for WTM will now be easier than ever. All that's needed for a WTM episode is a link to the decklist you are playing, a screencap off the current board (or multiple screencaps, if necessary) and a link to the game's replay via your deck tracker. This means that it is no longer necessary to record video of your gameplay to be able to submit situations to WTM, all you need is a well-placed screen cap and deck tracker running in the background! Here's what an example submission to the new WTM might look like:


Pretty easy, yeah? It necessitates that you run a deck tracker, but I'd hope that all of my readers are doing that already!

As always, you can submit to WTM by contacting me here on Icy Veins (including responding in this thread) or via Twitter. I look forward to seeing your viewer submissions soon, and to seeing how this new look to WTM will help players improve at the game we love!



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Important information that we know: 

He has an archmage in his hand.  (We know this with a reasonable degree of certainty because he didn't simulacrum an apprentice and it is the only other card in the match that makes sense to copy)

He has an archenologist and doomsayer in his hand or deck

We are in the winning position.  We have more threats, and frostlich jaina.


Therefore, our goals should revolve around minimizing our chance of losing.   No need to try something risky to end the match faster, assuming we can stabalize.


So how do we lose?  Random burn, or he sticks Tony on the field and we have no answer.


Our goals: 

Efficiently pop block

Maintain pressure to force him to have answers, give him little room to play the archmage


Fish for an answer for antonidas with tome.

Set up to kill him asap without taking unnecessary risks.


Frost bolt + water ele + 2 pings kills him.  There is no need to commit the frost bolt this turn, it plays around exactly counterspell which seems highly unlikely.  The only other viable ping target would be the 1 health giant, but he will need either an artificer + freeze next turn or a third ice block to live if you leave him at 4, if you leave him at 5, he only needs a freeze or an ice block.  Latter is more likely, plus the extra elemental only helps vs exactly ice block, so ping to the face is correct.


Playing Zola on Alex seems good.  Helps us maintain pressure and stabalize.  Means unless he kills us this turn, only way he wins, assuming he answers our board, is Tony, so that seems to be the best target for Zola.  Could save it for the artificer, but again we want to take as few risks as possible, and giving the enemy more turns to find burn before we stabalize is bad, so copying alex is the correct play.  That way if we live through next turn and cannot kill him we 100% stabalize.


Gives us 5 floating mana, no reason to commit more of our minions to the board or aoe so we can tome.  Which we should do first.  As a note we get blasting rune, frozen clone and volcanic potion from tome.  No reason to potion or clone, blasting rune however has a very high likelihood of simply killing him next turn.  He can play around it and not lose his artificer, however, since we know he has an arcanologist and doomsayer, so I don't think we should be in any hury to play it.  Also serves as a great answer to tony.


Therefore my play would be, tome > water ele attack > ping > breaking block with giant > Zola on Alex.


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6 hours ago, Aleco said:

It necessitates that you run a deck tracker, but I'd hope that all of my readers are doing that already!

If there was a deck tracker for tablet... I would. Do have one on PC but I very rarely play on PC.

Tbh, particularly on ladder where you’re generally very familiar with both your deck and the decks you’re facing, I find you can manage without just fine. Well, imagine the odd mistake crops up when you’ve played a lot of games but it’s rare I’m conscious of a situation where it’d have been a factor. The exception being DMH warrior which was very hard work without.

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Even though I understand your reasons I'm not sure this will be a good change.

There already a lot of written guides out there and I'm tired of reading too much.

Your videos offered education in an enjoyable entertaining way. Interesting for they eyes and ears and the brain.

 I will miss "WTM?" :)

Edited by Caldyrvan

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I find the new format fine. Using hsreplay is a good idea. I like it is possible to se the full game

Text alone would be a lot harder. And as Caldyrvan say there is a lot of written guides out there

Alecos voiceover in the videos provided a very easy way for us to have the problems presented (and they where good), but I rather have more MTM post with detailed text backed up by a replay. (Sorry Caldyrvan).


I believe it would be nice to know the turn number of the screen shot. So I remember to press pause in the replay 

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No need to be sorry, different preferences/opinions are allowed, right? :)

And I didn't want to say this change will be bad just less interesting for me.

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