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PAX East 2018 Community Interviews Pt. II

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Multiple World of Warcraft fansites and figures had the chance to sit down with the WoW dev team and we're taking a look at highlights of their interviews.

Welcome to the second part of Battle for Azeroth community interviews. If you missed the first part, you can read it here.

Slootbag interviewed Lead Encounter Designer Morgan Day:

  • Some Azerite traits will be shared between multiple specializations.
  • Azerite armor pieces will interact with each other. The first piece of Azerite armor that we saw on Alpha is meant for leveling, we're going to see more exciting traits on Azerite armor from dungeons, raids.
  • Players will be able to respec traits on Azerite armor.
  • The big Legion Legendary system is gone in Battle for Azeroth, but they'll probably add at least one (think Aman'Thul's VisionAman'Thul's Vision).
  • Island Expeditions will be updated to remain relevant throughout Battle for Azeroth (similar to Mythic+ as end-game content).
  • 10 new dungeons will be hard to learn even with existing affixes and there's an ongoing discussion about new ones.
  • Fortified and Tyrannical affixes have been moved to level 2 affixes in Battle for Azeroth, freeing up space for a level 10 affix.
  • One of the things they liked about Fortified and Tyrannical is how significantly they changed the approach to dungeon runs, but level 10 was a big spike in difficulty.
  • They're experimenting with a "kiss curse" affix, similar to the rage zone in Deadmines. You stand in an area, deal and take more damage at the same time.
  • They want Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge achievements to feel more in line with Mythic+ achievements and they consider adding Seasonal affixes to the game.
  • Blighted is an experimental Seasonal affix that they plan to add to the game, based off of Blood God G'huun (last boss in Uldir).
  • Queen Azshara is the Gul'dan of Battle for Azeroth, coming in a raid after Uldir.
  • Uldir was constructed by the Titans as an Old God observatory, where they could study and learn how to defeat them without killing the host (Azeroth).
  • Set bonuses are gone in Battle for Azeroth and to account for their removal, they are going to add unique pieces of Azerite armor found only in raids. Interesting trinkets will come out of the raids as well.
  • A Kirin Tor-esque faction will be added in BfA with world quest mini-games.

Watch the full video here.

German fansite Vanion talked to Technical Director Patrick Dawson and Game Designer Matt Goss:

  • The lore of Kul Tiran and Zandalari Druids is a lot different from the usual Druid lore that we're used to.
  • It's important for the team to make Druid forms look good, because you can't see the armor while shapeshifted.
  • Heart of AzerothHeart of Azeroth will be of the same item level in all specializations.
  • More secrets are coming in Battle for Azeroth. The team loves when the community comes together to solve them.
  • 77 days in between Legion patches was just a coincidence.

The full article in German can be found here.

Buffed sat down with Lead Environment artist Ely Cannon and Senior Producer Michael Bybee:

  • Warfronts will be available for testing on Alpha soon.
  • Warfronts aren't going to be active at all times.

The full transcript of their interview can be found here.

Spanish fansite WoWChakra also interviewed Matt Goss & Patrick Dawson:

  • Upright Undead posture is a possibility in the future, but they're not ready to announce anything yet.
  • Burning of Teldrassil and the Siege of Lordaeron will have their own cinematic.

You can find more information about Battle for Azeroth by visiting our content hub.

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