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With Hearthstone's Closed Beta going strong, and Open Beta on the horizon, we have started our coverage of the game with a series of guides.

We have written an introduction to Hearthstone, which is addressed to those who have not yet tried the game but are curious to know what it is about, and if, perhaps, it might be of interest to them.

Delving deeper, we have written a comprehensive explanation of all the Hearthstone mechanics and interactions, which is to serve as a reference point for many of our future guides.

We have written a Hearthstone beginner guide, the purpose of which is to give new Hearthstone players some guidance in the early stages of building their accounts.

Because the terminology of Hearthstone (and card games in general) can be confusing to the uninitiated, we have put together a glossary of common Hearthstone terms, which we plan on expanding in the future, as the need arises.

We have also written several gameplay guides, mostly aimed at familiarising newer players with certain important concepts of Hearthstone matches: Card advantage, Hunter secrets, Mage secrets, and Paladin secrets.

For players heading into the Arena, we have written an Arena starter guide, which we hope will alleviate many problems new Arena participants generally face.

Finally, we have listed a competitive deck comprised only of Basic cards for each of the 9 classes, which we hope will be especially useful for players who have yet to invest money into Hearthstone, and whose card collections are very poor as a result.

As Hearthstone's Open Beta (and launch) draws nearer, we will be enriching our guide collection. Our hope is to have full coverage of all aspects of the game by the time it is released.

As usual, your feedback and comments on our guides are always welcome!
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ok Damien and Peelyon and Krazyito -


Not to make you folks angry, but please explain why is this "hearthstone" so important? All I see is folks giving money to buy card decks, that they really don't own, that aren't real, and without some type of computer and internet connection one can not play the game against anyone, must pay a monthly charge to blizzard to have the honor of playing and to keep their virtual cards.  Blizzard had has their trade card game that is successful, are real cards, that allows one to play with others in real life - not an online life (and of course Magic the Gathering).  So really, why the importance of this?  I just don't understand.


-wee willy 

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As far as I know WeeWilly the game will be free to play :D


Just like WoW everything is virtual and we don't "own" anything there either :P


For people like me I don't really have anyone to play trading card games anymore and theres just a huge chance my 2 year old will rip them up anyway!


Unlike WoW this will be available on most smartphones and tablets eventually so you can play away from your main computer / laptop etc - which for people like me that are having to keep one eye on the kids etc will be great.


I've had a few of my friends who have never played or owned any cards / trading card games ask me the same question, but even for those that have no experience of card games theyve actually enjoyed it once they have had a try.


For me, it will be a nice past-time that I can dip in and out of a bit more conveniently than WoW whenever and wherever I am.  A little bit like WoW I love the stuff that you can do "outside" of the main game - so in Warcraft its gold making and in Hearthstone its making my own decks etc.


If you haven't had a chance at the Beta WeeWilly try and get a key - or just give it a go when it comes out.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

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First, there is no monthly charge.  Hearthstone is free to play, but you can purchase packs and Arena entrance fees with real money rather than gold (which is earned by playing) if you wish.


Online card games are starting to increase in popularity due to the ease of playing against people.  It's an extremely convenient outlet to get into ranked/competitive play that you normally might not get involved in at your local gaming store.


A perk of having your collection online is that many of your cards can be used in multiple decks.  In your physical collection you would have to manually take out an important card that you'd like to see in another deck each time you want to play it.

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I don't think "Why is Hearthstone important?" is the right question to ask. I don't really even know what that means.


Hearthstone is fun. That's the reason we (and so many others) play it. We aren't doing coverage of it on Icy Veins because it's "important", we're doing it for the same reason we are doing World of Warcraft. It's a complicated game with a large playerbase, and many players could really benefit from guides that explain the game to them. That's why we started doing World of Warcraft coverage in the first place :)


As others have said, the game is totally free to play.

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ok thanks guys.  like I said before, I didn't ask the question to make any one angry, I just don't understand why it seems everyone was going so crazy over it.  But with your answers, I can now understand some of it - not all, but some.  smile.png  thanks for correcting some of my misconceptions about the game. 


And yes, Vlad, "important" is the right question to ask. You are forgetting the speech, thought patterns and language vernacular of the American culture here (moi).  biggrin.png


-wee willy

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I love Magic the Gathering and other card games like it. I've got a suitcase chock full of MtG cards from over the years.


Cards I haven't touched in 5+ years.



  • Because I don't have any real life friends that play.
  • Because there is only 1 comic book shop near me that hosts MtG tourneys/play days
  • Because I have a vagina and am over getting the whispers which are undoubtedly "OMG A GIRL? HERE? IN A COMIC BOOK SHOP?"
  • Because I am sick of being quizzed and tested on all things nerd when the ones in the comic book shop have the balls to talk to me instead of whisper behind me.


So, Hearthstone is important because it lets me play the card games I like with the added bonus of being a part of the Warcraft universe that I love without dealing with those problems.  :)

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  • Because I am sick of being quizzed and tested on all things nerd when the ones in the comic book shop have the balls to talk to me instead of whisper behind me.


Yes, "nerds" are like that in a comic book store.  I'm pretty nerdy myself, but I would never do the Sheldon test to see how nerdy one is and I can't stand Star Trek or Star Wars, so I would fail that test, lol..


Thanks for sharing your viewpoint!  Much appreciated and Happy Holidays to ya.


-wee willy the band-aid king

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