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Tavern Brawl: The Standard Brawliseum

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The Witchwood has been live for almost a month now. It's time to test the new Standard meta in an Arena-eqsue environment!

Similarly to the Wild Brawliseum, the Standard Brawliseum is an improved version of Heroic Tavern Brawl. You make a Standard deck and, like in Arena, you can achieve up to 12 victories with it, while your run will end when you lose 3 times. The rewards also use the Arena structure. The first run is free for everyone, while the entrance fee for subsequent runs is 150 gold or 1.99 USD/EUR.

You should probably expect to see the decks that dominate ladder in this setup too. Nevertheless, let us know in the comments which decks you found the most effective and which decks can work as counters to popular picks!

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I only have one question:


Why would you name an event "Brawliseum" when the event is actually called a "Tavern Brawl"?


Are you brawling in the tavern or in a colosseum? Tavosseum? Isn't "brawliseum" a tautology? Do we both agree that the sky is blue but that the word blue might be a different color for both of us without us knowing?


Okay those are five questions.


Make it six: Shouldn't it be called "Brawlosseum" instead?


I'm having an existential crisis over here.

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12 hours ago, Yridaa said:

Make it six: Shouldn't it be called "Brawlosseum" instead?

My vote's on "Streamer's Wet Dream", I'm in a good mood today. Went 4-3 with a shitty face hunter deck, which is better than I expected. Not a single Paladin or Warlock in sight before 3-0, it was refreshing.  

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Pretty proud of myself.

I chose my Taunt-Druid (partly to counter cubelocks), got some super challenging games out of it (even one against a weird odd-shaman) and went 11 - 3 at the end.

Not a single loss against Warlocks (wasn't as easy though). But I lost one game against a completely dominating Murloc-Paladin, one against even-Paladin and one of my two matches against Spiteful-Druid (the one I won was super close).

So...I enjoyed this one :D

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