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Location: Alliance, Oceanic Realms: Frostmourne

Raiding Times: Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 8:00 PM  - 11:30 PM 


About us:

We are Newly formed guild 11/11H now enjoy spending time online together. Our total play time has increased we still strive to meaningfully progress our characters through end game raiding. Currently we are recruiting new members to help us progress in the upcoming expansion. Join us and lets slay Dragons together!

Apply if you are:

  • interested in end game content; M+ Dungeons and Heroic/Mythic Raiding
  • capable of critical thought and willing to contribute when discussing strategy
  • a self-starter who plays to improve and keep up to date with latest theorycraft
  • always on time and reliable


Recruitment Status: currently recruiting all players


Contacts/Battle Tags:

war88#1113 (Guild Master)


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    • By Subs01
      <Wakening> is a newly formed guild on Sylvanas alliance side, we are looking to fill up the ranks to get a full team ready for mythic. 

      We are a semi-hardcore guild, we expect you to be performing your best and constantly looking to improve.

      Our raid times are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday 21:00 - 00:00 server time.

      Currently we are looking for players of all classes but specifically ranged DPS and Tanks. 

      Please contact Subs#2165 on battle tag or reply to this thread if you think you're up to it!
    • By Allanon
      delete pls recruitment closed!
    • By Gyrodizzle
      Whiplash are a small but dedicated guild who are looking to bolster their ranks. Our focus lies in Heroic raiding with the potential to move onto Mythic.


      We are currently accepting all applications as we look to expand our roster. Our raids take place on Wed, Thur and Sun between 8.00pm and 11.00pm Server time.


      Our Expectations :

      -Raiders are expected to maintain a high attendance record. We understand that real life gets in the way sometimes

      -Raiders are expected to know their class

      -Raiders are expected to come to raids fully equipped. This means full enchants and gems, boss knowledge and patience.


      What we offer :

      -A friendly raiding environment

      -Raid progression

      -An overall friendly atmosphere


      Please note that due to our progression being Heroic BRF based, we will primarily look at applicants with an ilvl of 670 or above.


      To Apply Comment on this post with your RealID or add gyro#2823

    • By Benediction
      Eclipsed has no desire to be world first or server first, second or third... That stuff doesn't matter as long as we get it done. We want a solid, stable and reliable team that makes the most of it's time.
      Eclipsed has an A - Team B - Team raid structure.The Mythic roster runs Tues/Wed/Sun 7-10 PM PST, reserves roster runs Heroics with the Mythic roster on Wed 7-10 PM PST, with a Mon 7-10 PM PST fresh Mythic Pug group if there is interest. There is intent to keep recruiting until Mondays can be filled with a guild only Mythic group. (Guild merger also possible for this group).
      Those who wish to be more casual/less progression based raiding can remain on the Reserves Team if they wish. 
      Mythic Team Recruitment wants:
      DK: Frost or Unholy
      Druid: Feral or Resto
      Rogue: Any Spec
      Mage: Any Spec
      Monk: WW
      Priest: Shadow or Disc (would prefer someone who can play both but not required)
      Paladin: Holy 
      Reserve Recruitment:
      Pretty much anything
      Raid Days:
      Tuesday: 7:00-10:00 PM PST - Mythic: Mythic group...
      Wednesday: 7:00-10:00 PM PST - Heroics: Reserves & Mythic Groups
      Sunday: 6:00-9:00 PM PST - Mythic: Mythic Group...
      Monday: 7:00-10:00 PM PST - Mythic: Reserves Group & Pugs
      Can view our logs @: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/5103/
      or our streams @: eclipsedguild.net (bottom of the page)
      More detailed information can be found on our website, http://eclipsedguild.net/
      or message Bene#1343 in game
    • By Nesos
      Oasis Guild of EU-Turalyon, is looking for interesting fun-loving and mature people to join us into the lore of World of Warcraft.
      As a guild, we are trying to be a haven for people who are sick of the rat race and dramas of other guilds. We want to have people who prefer to play WoW for enjoyment but at the same time are serious enough to raid, without all the stress a barging raid leader can produce. At the same time we look for people who socialize and expect to be greeted when they log in the game. Bottom line is that we want to have fun with our friends and enjoy the game. We are all about the PEOPLE, and not just the character or the role.
      Currently we set our focus on building a social raiding team, serious enough to progress, silly enough to have a dance contest mid raid. We are not looking for epic hungry ilvl minded people, bragging they are the best and know it all. We clearly realize the need for gear if we are to progress, but it's the person behind the gear that matters the most in the long term.
      We will not say that we offer you our level 25 status. We will not tell you that we are an old standing guild with origins from the very start of WOW. We will not speak about our past days achievements as a guild.
      We will tell you only this: We are a guild of friends that we like to play and have fun with our friends as WoW intended to be played. And we are very good at it.
      If you like to learn more about us, seek our site http://www.guildoasis.eu and if you like what you see, apply and join us….
      With respect to a fellow future member, thank you for spending your time reading the above.
      Officers of Oasis
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