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Echoes of Alterac Event (June 12 - July 9)

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Echoes of Alterac is a new faction-themed event that is going live during the week of June 12, 2018 with the release of Yrel. Alterac Pass is coming a week later, along with new Horde and Alliance skins.

Special Event (+50% Bonus XP) (Available Week of June 12 to July 9)

Play with friends during Echoes of Alterac to earn a 50% XP boost.

New Alliance & Horde Skins (Available Week of June 19)

Demonstrate your allegiance with new Warcraft-themed Skins. Will you side with the fearsome Horde, or support the noble Alliance? Either way, your Heroes will need the raiments to match.

Alliance Skins

  • Spirit Healer Auriel
  • Vanndar Muradin
  • Grand Marshal Varian
  • Nightslayer Valeera

Horde Skins

  • Sapper Junkrat
  • Drek'thar Rehgar
  • High Warlord Garrosh
  • Warsong Johanna

Alliance Skins.JPGHorde Skins.JPG

New Items (Available Week of June 12)

New awesome Carbot portaits will be added to the game in Echoes of Alterac. You can find some of them below.





Mounts (Available Week of June 19)

Faction-themed mounts can be earned from the new quest that becomes available during the week of June 12 and the quest can be completed until July 9.

Swift Stormpike Ram


Raging War Wolf


New Quest (Available Week of June 12 to July 9)

Step 1

  • Play 4 games as a Warcraft Hero
  • Reward: 1x Warcraft Reinforcement Chest
  • This chest has a chance to drop one Warcraft Hero except Yrel.

Step 2

  • Achieve 50 Takedowns in winning games.
  • Reward: Portrait
step2 reward1step2 reward2

Step 3

  • Play 6 games with friends
  • Reward: Banner
step3 reward1step3 reward2

Step 4

  • Win 8 games as a Warcraft Hero
  • Reward: Mount
step4 reward1step4 reward2


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I love those Carbot portraits :D Also, will both the epic wolf and ram be available from the quests or is it just one of the two?

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16 minutes ago, Dejo93 said:

I love those Carbot portraits 😄 Also, will both the epic wolf and ram be available from the quests or is it just one of the two?

Actually unarmored ones are from these quests. Armored ones come in different tints (there is Dark Iron ram for example) and will be available to everyone in loot chests and for crafting with shards.

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That Muradin skin...  Wow.  Both mounts also look amazing.  Yrel looks amazing.  The Battleground looks amazing...  Too many uses of the word Amazing.  Blizzard is on their game with this patch.  Very well done.

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All the skins are great, but I'm a bit disappointed with their hero choices. I mean, you get an Alliance skin for Muradin and Varian? Aren't they already Alliancy enough? Same with Rehgar and Garrosh (maybe all he wanted was to be green). Not to mention Spirit Healers are not Alliance. It would have been cooler if we got more crossovers. What about a Vanndar Leoric, since the general carries a war hammer? High Warlord or Drek'thar Varian? Drek'thar Illidan? Vanndar Uther? Drek'thar Sonya? Vanndar Tyrael?

Anyways, Sapper Junkrat and Warsong Johanna look awesome and are going to my collection right away. And High Warlord Garrosh looks straight out of a Warhammer game.

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