Hearthstone Tavern Talk: Class Rewards, New Player Experience, Card Reprints

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A new series of posts in the official forums will shed some light into the inner workings of the Hearthstone team. Welcome to Tavern Talk!

In this first installment, three questions are answered. The first has to do with additional rewards for players who have earned a Golden Hero with every class. Unfortunately, no extra rewards are planned since the team wants new features or rewards to be obtainable by 10% or more of the playerbase.

Then, we have an update on the new player experience. Team 5 wants to add additional ranks above rank 25 for new players, so they can mostly face each other in their first steps in the ranked ladder. You will be able to only progress forward in these ranks, similarly to what already happens from rank 25 to 20.

Lastly, we have a double question about using alternate card art and reprinting cards. The team doesn't like the idea of alternate card art, since it makes sense that players associate and remember a specific card from its art. Reprinting cards is something that has been discussed already and it's something they might do in the not-so-near future after careful consideration.

Blizzard LogoJesse Hill

Ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of the tavern? Ava and the crew’s antics aside, the Hearthstone development team works hard on a myriad of tasks to bring you the game you know and love so well. More than that, we also make the time to read about the different issues and questions the community brings to light each day.

Welcome to Hearthstone Tavern Talk, where we’ll share with you answers to some of the questions we see in our community!

Are there any additional rewards for players who have achieved a Golden Hero in every class?

Usually when we add new features or rewards we like to make something that can be obtained by 10% or more of our players. Only very few of our players have the 9 Golden Heroes, and we feel that’s already pretty awesome by itself.

Do you have any changes planned for the new player experience?

We have some small ladder changes that we would like to do at some point, specifically targeted at new players when they first enter the game. The change will add some additional ranks above rank 25 that new players can play through before having to play more invested players. There will only be forward advancement through those ranks, so even if they lose, no one will be able to drop back down.

What are your thoughts on alternate card art or reprints of cards from earlier sets?

Alternate card art is something we have avoided because players almost always use art to recognize a card and instantly know what it does. Good gameplay is very important to us so we have avoided adding multiple pieces of art for a single card.

Reprints are something that we have discussed in the past, but we would want to do so only after careful consideration. We don’t have any specific plans for this in the near future.

See you at the next edition of Hearthstone Tavern Talk!


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Thank you for this news ^^

I think it's good that they throw out such news even if the information is "no we won't" or "not yet" it's nice to know what they have in mind and what they plan or not.

I'm glad to hear they want to do something about the ranked system but what they mentioned will not help, I guess.

In a stream Aleco said, "playing a tier 1 deck below rank 20 is just rude", even though I agree with him the problem is, players know they will face top deck even on low ranks so why would they not play a top deck themselves? A vicious cycle, no idea how that will change by adding more ranks.

Also they would have to adjust the reward structure too or they leave it as it is and new players or anyone who dropped ranks due to not playing will have to play from rank 30(or whatever it will be) to rank 20 the get first lousy reward and the recent change to drop 4 ranks is already bad for the lower ranks as well as the additional stars for the lower ranks is pointless.

I am not a new player myself but I think, currently every player who is new or simply has limited time and/or resources will have to play for several months before they can consider playing ranked seriously, that's an awful demand and this will not change by simply adding a few ranks

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I think what they meant by adding more ranks is that rank 25 - 30 are ranks for new players only. The idea is, that they only face off against each other so they can play their unoptimized-everything-works-decks.

Just my guess though

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I more or less read the same as Breadd.  I believe the new ranks are like the "sandbox" that hold the absolut first 3 or 5 ranked games. As I remember you where matched with players that just had basic cards just after you finished the toturial quests.

And then you where hit by reality just as Caldyrvan says. Tier 1 and 2 decks on rank 20. (I just did not know them then)

At that time I would not know what to do with a tier 1 deck (both from playing and recieving end).

But to get people to play so much that they get skilled enough to play ranked seriously they have to generally think that HS is fun even with a limitted collection. Maybee the new ranks will help with this.  (My way was through the arena so I learned the cards I did not own) 


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When I started playing, it was nearly the release of Whisper of the Old Gods (2 months earlier, if I remember well). I owned no adventures, no legendaries (my first one was the Boogeymonster from WotOG free packs) and little epics. I started understanding the first concept of Hearthstone, as trading, aggroing, etc, and I made my own deck of basic cards. That deck were shit, of course; the first deck I played was something that remember a zoolock, with a little of murlocs, and something else. Nothing competitive at all. But I wasn't a bad player, as I had a lot of experience with older TCG, so I did my best. I remember one thing over the other: I lost every game where my opponent dropped a legendary.

At the time, I was able to rank only at 20, but I was having fun. At rank 20 I faced almost only budget deck legendary free.

Then standard came, and I bought the 2 adventures sold at the time, and I made my first semi-competitive budget deck: aggro paladin, zoolock (the list a friend of mine used to climb legend), c'thun priest, c'thun renolock, c'thun druid. I dusted adventures legendaries (Rafaam, Executus, Nefarious, ...) for making my first legendaries (Leeroy Jenkins). I was able first to climb at 19, then 15, then 10. This was nearly when I started buying pack, and when I started playing wild with the year of the Mammuth.

Now, I have spent a lot of money on HS and I'm happy this way. But I remember when I started, everything was more salty, I hated facing meta deck, knowing to have no chance to win. Now, I play little standard, so I always drop to the end pool of the ladder. But when I play it, I face meta deck everywhere! If I started play HS nowaday, I would surely quit it before spending a single € on it. So, I think too there is a problem with lower rank...

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13 hours ago, Zadina said:

The change will add some additional ranks above rank 25 that new players can play through before having to play more invested players. There will only be forward advancement through those ranks, so even if they lose, no one will be able to drop back down.

I feel like the wording of "play more invested players" is bad taste for the game with how "Pay to Win" it's felt in the past year.

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"invest" sounds bad indeed, also should it not say "... add some additional ranks below rank 25 ... " `?

With the pay to win, or at least pay to improve, it has a really bad taste but to be reasonable you have to "invest" into everything you do, may it be money, time or patience. Currently HS demands all of that from a new player.

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