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Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes: Jul 10

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The latest Heroes of the Storm content patch with Azmodan & Raynor gameplay updates, Ranked Season 3, Warchrome Skins and the highly-anticipated third ban has arrived. Check out the full patch notes!

What's New?

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Our latest Heroes of the Storm patch includes improvements for ranked play, major Hero updates for Raynor and Azmodan, new skins, and more!

NOTE: Orange text indicates a difference between the PTR and Live patch notes.

Ranked Play

2018 Ranked Season 3 Has Begun!

  • Ranked rewards have been granted to players based on their performance during 2018 Ranked Season 2.
  • Learn more about the rewards that are up for grabs during the new season by checking out our 2018 Ranked Season 3 Dates and Rewards blog.
  • A number of ranked play improvements have also been made with the start of 2018 Ranked Season 3, including the addition of a third ban, rank decay, seeding changes, and Hero League matchmaking adjustments. Read on for details.

Third Ban

  • A third Hero ban has been added to draft modes as part of the initial ban phase.
    • During the initial ban phase, teams will alternate until each has banned two Heroes.
    • Ban and pick times have been adjusted in order to offset the addition of the new ban.
  • The number of level 5+ Heroes required to participate in Hero League has been increased from 14 to 16 to ensure players will always have a Hero available if they pick last.

Rank Decay

  • Diamond, Master, and Grand Master Hero League players who have placed in the current season but haven’t completed any games in a while will be considered “inactive”.
  • Once a player becomes inactive, they will receive a small amount of rank and MMR decay each day until they complete one Hero League match.
    • Diamond, Master, and Grand Master each have their own threshold for inactivity.
    • Players can earn additional “grace period” days by regularly playing Hero League matches during the current season.
  • Inactive players can avoid decay and regain active status by playing a single Hero League match to completion.
League Inactive Days Before Decay Extra "Grace Period" Days
Diamond 20 10
Master 15 10
Grand Master 10 10

Seeding Changes

  • Players who enter ranked play for the first time can no longer be seeded into placement matches higher than Gold 5.
  • Players who return to Hero League after an extended break will no longer be re-seeded into placement matches based on their performance in other modes.

Hero League Matchmaking Changes

  • Ratings Rather Than Points
    • For Master and Grand Master players, the Master-level players they are matched with and against are now determined by skill rating, and rank points no longer play a role.
      • This should provide better experiences for players of very high skill levels who start playing later in a season.
      • These players’ games should have allies and opponents of more consistent skill levels, which also match their own.
  • Match Quality Restrictions and Notifications
    • Players below Master who have waited fewer than three minutes in queue will not be placed into any matches that are outside of the game quality restrictions that would have been used if the match had been formed around that player.
    • Players will now receive a notification in the UI when these quality restrictions are expanded in order to help them find a match more quickly.
  • Stricter Rank Difference Requirements
    • Master and Grand Master players will now only be matched with allies and opponents who are within 1 division of their own ranks. This means:
      • Master players can be matched with players who are either ranked Diamond 1 or Grand Master, but never both.
      • Grand Master players will not be matched with players below Masters.
    • This restriction will not loosen for players in Europe and North America. However, it can loosen for players in other regions after they have waited in queue for 1 hour.
  • Stricter Rating Differences
    • Master and Grand Master players now have narrower ranges of acceptable skill ratings for the players they are matched with. For example:
      • It is extremely unlikely that a top Grand Master player will be matched with a Master who is on the cusp of demotion to Diamond.
      • If a Master player is placed into a Grand Master game, it is because that player’s skill rating is very similar to that of the Grand Master players.
        • In this situation, the Master player’s ranked points have not yet caught up to their rating.


Non-Ranked Battleground Pool

  • All Battlegrounds that were temporarily removed during the Echoes of Alterac event have returned to Versus A.I., Quick Match, and Unranked matchmaking queues.


  • Heroes can no longer Heal, Shield, or target allied Mercenaries with Abilities unless an Ability specifically states that Mercenaries are valid targets.

Alterac Pass

  • Ice Giants
    • Attack speed reduced by approximately 30%.
    • Neutral Ice Giant Attack damage increased from 240 to 312.
    • Captured Ice Giant Attack damage increased from 400 to 520.
  • Cavalry
    • The damage bonus provided by Cavalry units is now a flat 10%, and no longer scales with each completed event.

Battlefield of Eternity

  • Minimap
    • The Minimap icons that represent Immortals during an event have received updates.
      • The opposing Immortal now uses an icon depicting crossed axes, while the allied Immortal displays a shield icon.
      • This should help players more quickly identify which Immortal to attack and which to defend.

Braxis Holdout

  • Beacons
    • Now become contested immediately when Heroes from both teams are on the point.
  • Zerg Waves
    • The baseline zerg wave has been strengthened significantly.
      • This should encourage teams to split up in order to defend against an incoming zerg wave, rather than send all five players to attack with an allied wave.
  • Beacon Progress Bars
    • The progress bars in the lower-right corner of the screen have received visual updates to coincide with the above changes.






  • Blinding LightBlinding Light (W)
    • Now also deals 50 damage (+4% per level) to enemies in the target area.




  • Time TrapTime Trap (E)
    • Melee Heroes who can see a Time Trap can now use melee attacks to destroy it without triggering its effects.




  • Health increased from 1,302 to 1,450.
  • Health Regeneration increased from 2.71 to 3.02.
  • Basic Attack damage reduced from 122 to 92.
  • Basic Attack range is now set to 6.5 and is no longer based on Raynor’s Trait.
  • Scaling increased from 4% to 5% per level.


  • New Trait: Give ‘Em Some Pepper
    • Every 4th Basic Attack splashes in a small area and deals 125% more damage to the primary target.
  • Penetrating Round (Q)
    • Damage reduced from 240 to 220.
    • Mana cost reduced from 60 to 50.
    • Additional functionality:
      • Slows enemy Movement Speed by 20% for 2 seconds.
      • Knockback distance is based on the target’s proximity to Raynor.
  • Inspire (W)
    • Cooldown increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
    • New functionality:
      • Raynor and all nearby allied Minions and Mercenaries gain 30% Attack Speed and 10% Movement Speed for 4 seconds.
      • Casting Inspire resets Raynor’s Basic Attack cooldown.
  • Adrenaline Rush (E)
    • Cooldown increased from 30 to 45 seconds.
    • Mana cost increased from 0 to 75.
    • New functionality:
      • Heal Raynor for 25% of his maximum Health over 1 second. Raynor’s Basic Attacks reduce Adrenaline Rush’s cooldown by 0.5 seconds, doubled against Heroes.
  • Raynor’s Raider (R)
    • Health increased from 766 to 1,000.
    • Damage per missile reduced from 31 to 24.
    • Attacks per second increased from 0.8 to 2.
    • New functionality:
      • Summon a Banshee that assists Raynor. The Banshee deals 96 damage per second and regenerates 75 Health per second if it hasn’t taken damage in the last 4 seconds. Can reactivate to retarget or move the Banshee.
      • The Banshee respawns automatically after 45 seconds.


  • Level 1
    • Seasoned Marksman (Passive)
      • Removed.
    • Scouting Drone (Active)
      • Removed.
    • New Talent: Veteran Marksman (Trait)
      • Quest: Every time the primary target of Give ‘Em Some Pepper is a Hero, permanently increase its damage bonus by 0.75%.
    • New Talent: Ace in the Hole (Passive)
      • Deal 30% more damage to Stunned or Slowed enemy Heroes.
    • New Talent: Exterminator (Passive)
      • Basic Attacks deal 50% more damage to Minions, Mercenaries, and Monsters. This is increased to 100% while Inspire is active.
  • Level 4
    • Focused Attack (Passive)
      • Removed.
    • Vigorous Assault (Passive)
      • Removed.
    • Confident Aim (Q)
      • Removed.
    • Relentless Leader (Passive)
      • Removed.
    • Fight or Flight (E)
      • Moved from Level 7.
      • New functionality:
        • Reduce Adrenaline Rush’s cooldown by 10 seconds. Casting Adrenaline Rush grants 25 Armor for 4 seconds.
    • New Talent: Sustaining Rounds (Trait)
      • Give ‘Em Some Pepper heals Raynor for 3% of his maximum Health, increased to 6% if the primary target is a Hero.
    • New Talent: Behemoth Armor (Passive)
      • Gain 250 bonus maximum Health.
      • Quest: Every time Give ‘Em Some Pepper’s primary target is a Hero, gain an additional 5 maximum Health.
  • Level 7
    • Hamstring Shot (Q)
      • Removed.
    • Revolution Overdrive (W)
      • Removed.
    • Puttin’ On A Clinic (Passive)
      • Removed.
    • New Talent: Fuel the Rush (Passive)
      • While Inspire is active, increase Adrenaline Rush's cooldown reduction from Basic Attacks by 200%.
    • New Talent: Unstable Compound (Trait)
      • Increase the area of Give ‘Em Some Pepper by 15%, and enemies hit by it are Slowed by 10% for 3 seconds.
    • New Talent: Heavy Slugs (Active)
      • Activate to increase the distance of the next Penetrating Round by 30% and increase its Slow duration to 6 seconds. 30 second cooldown.
  • Level 13
    • Giant Killer (Passive)
      • Removed.
    • Double-Barreled (Q)
      • Removed.
    • Steel Resolve (W)
      • Removed.
    • New Talent: Debilitating Rounds (Passive)
      • Decrease the cooldown of Penetrating Round by 3 seconds. While Inspire is active, Penetrating Round’s Slow is increased by 20%.
    • New Talent: Rallying Cry (W)
      • Increase the duration of Inspire by 1 second. Casting Inspire grants nearby allied Heroes 10% Movement and Attack Speed for its duration.
    • New Talent: Giddy-Up (W)
      • Gain 10% Movement Speed while mounted and unmounted. Inspire grants 10% more Movement Speed.
  • Level 16
    • Executioner (Passive)
      • Removed.
    • Cluster Round (Q)
      • Removed.
    • Bullseye (Q)
      • Removed.
    • Give Me More (E)
      • Moved from Level 1.
      • New functionality:
        • Increase Adrenaline Rush healing by 50%. While Inspire is active, gain 1 Basic Attack range.
    • New Talent: Paint Them Red (Q)
      • Increase the damage of Penetrating Round by 50% and heal for 100% of the damage it deals to Heroes.
    • New Talent: Bounty Hunter (Trait) (D)
      • If Give ‘Em Some Pepper’s target is a Hero, it deals an additional 3% of their maximum Health as damage and grants Raynor 5 Armor for 3 seconds.
      • Activate Give ‘Em Some Pepper to apply it to Raynor’s next Basic Attack. 40 second cooldown.
  • Level 20
    • Scorched Earth (R)
      • Removed.
    • A Card to Play (Passive)
      • Removed.
    • Nexus Frenzy (Passive)
      • Removed.
    • Dusk Wing (R)
      • Increase the damage, Health, and leash range of Raynor’s Raider by 100%. When it dies, both Inspire and Adrenaline Rush are activated for free.
    • New Talent: Indomitable Resolve (R)
      • Give ‘Em Some Pepper lowers the cooldown of Hyperion by 5 seconds if the primary target is a Hero. Inspire grants Raynor Unstoppable for 2 seconds.
    • New Talent: Weak Spot Acquired (Trait)
      • An enemy Hero who is the primary target of Give ‘Em Some Pepper has their Armor reduced by 25 for 2 seconds.
    • New Talent: Execute (Passive)
      • Increase Attack Speed by 20%. Your Basic Attack damage is increased by 25% against targets below 50% Health.
LEVEL (TIER) Raynor Talents
1 (1) (!) Veteran Marksman (Trait) Ace in the Hole (Passive) Exterminator (Passive)
4 (2) Fight or Flight (E) Sustaining Rounds (Trait) (!) Behemoth Armor (Passive)
7 (3) Fuel the Rush (Passive) Unstable Compound (Trait) Heavy Slugs (Active)
10 (4) Hyperion (R) Raynor’s Raider (R)
13 (5) Debilitating Rounds (Passive) Rallying Cry (W) Giddy-Up (W)
16 (6) Paint Them Red (Q) Give Me More! (E) Bounty Hunter (Trait)
20 (7) Indomitable Resolve (R) Dusk Wing (R) Weak Spot Acquired (Trait) Execute (Passive)
  • (!) indicates a Quest Talent.
  • Italic text indicates a NEW Talent.
  • Underlined text indicates a MOVED Talent.
Developer Comment: We're extremely excited to bring Raynor’s long-awaited rework to the Nexus! We've been reading and absorbing all the amazing feedback that you have sent us over the past year and think the new design will do him justice. We've massively increased his wave-clear potential with a new Trait and completely overhauled his Talent tree (one of the oldest in the game). Raynor mains should have a whole new set of tools to play around with while new users should still be able to pick him up and right-click their way to victory. We have been having a ton of fun with the changes and hope you do as well. As always, please send us any feedback you have and get ready to fill your enemies full of daylight!





  • Health reduced from 2,738 to 2,464.
  • Health Regeneration reduced from 5.7031 to 5.1328.


  • General of Hell (Trait) (D)
    • Renamed to Demon Lieutenant.
    • New Functionality:
      • Summon a Demon Lieutenant at any allied Mercenary, Minion, or Azmodan Demon. The Lieutenant will cast Demonic Smite every 7 seconds, instantly killing an enemy Minion. Lasts 20 seconds. 60 Second cooldown.
      • Can now be cast on the Minimap.
      • Can be used while channeling All Shall Burn.
  • Globe of Annihilation (Q)
    • New Quest:
      • Hitting a Hero or killing a Minion within 1.5 seconds of being hit by Globe of Annihilation grants 2 Annihilation.
    • Reward:
      • Each stack of Annihilation increases Globe of Annihilation’s damage by 1, up to 400.
    • Greatly reduced the delay before impact warning effects appear.
    • Range reduced from 35 to 30.
    • Casting time reduced from 0.75 to 0.5625 seconds.
    • Globe speed increased from 15 to 18.
  • Demon Warrior (W)
    • Can now be cast while channeling All Shall Burn.
    • No longer has charges.
    • Demon Warriors now deal a small amount of damage to nearby enemies every second.
    • Health increased from 365 to 390.
    • Attack damage reduced from 37 to 28.
    • Attack range reduced from 1.5 to 1.
    • Movement Speed reduced from 4 to 3.6.
  • All Shall Burn (E)
    • New functionality:
      • Channel a beam of death on an enemy, dealing 136 damage per second for 2.5 seconds. If the Channel lasts its full duration, deal an extra 272 damage to the target.
      • Azmodan’s Movement Speed is reduced by 30% while Channeling.
    • Cooldown increased from 6 to 8 seconds.
    • Mana cost changed from 12 per second to a flat 30 Mana.
    • Range reduced from 7 to 6.
  • Demonic Invasion (R)
    • New Functionality:
      • Rain a small army of Demonic Grunts down on enemies, dealing 65 damage per impact. Grunts deal 42 damage, have 750 Health and last up to 8 seconds. When Grunts die they explode, dealing 65 damage to nearby enemies.
    • Grunt Health increased from 365 to 750.
    • Grunt Health now decays over 8 seconds.
    • Grunt attack damage reduced from 51 to 42.
    • Cooldown reduced from 100 to 90 seconds.
    • Mana cost reduced from 100 to 60.
  • New Heroic Ability: Tide of Sin (R)
    • Activate to make the next Globe of Annihilation cost no Mana and deal 50% more damage. 20 second cooldown.


  • Level 1
    • Taste for Blood (Q)
      • Removed.
    • Sieging Wrath (Q)
      • Removed.
    • Gluttony (Q)
      • Moved from Level 4.
      • New functionality:
        • Increase the number of stacks of Annihilation gained by hitting Heroes with Globe of Annihilation from 2 to 3.
        • Quest: After gaining 200 Annihilation, each enemy hit by Globe of Annihilation reduces its cooldown by 0.25 seconds, doubled against Heroes.
    • New Talent: Greed (Q)
      • Increase the timeframe in which Minion kills grant Annihilation from 1.5 to 3 seconds.
      • Quest: After gaining 200 Annihilation, Globe of Annihilation’s range is increased by 33% and the damage it deals against Minions and Mercenaries is increased by 20%.
    • New Talent: Wrath (Q)
      • Basic Attacks against Heroes under 75% Health grant 1 Annihilation.
      • Quest: After gaining 200 Annihilation, hitting a Hero with Globe of Annihilation increases the damage of Azmodan’s next Basic Attack against them within 4 seconds by the amount of Annihilation he has.
  • Level 4
    • Hellish Hirelings (Trait)
      • Removed.
    • Army of Hell (W)
      • New Functionality:
        • Summon Demon Warrior spawns an additional Demon, but its cooldown is increased by 10 seconds.
    • Hellforged Armor (W)
      • Moved from Level 13
      • New Functionality:
        • Demon Warriors and Lieutenants gain 35 armor and last 4 seconds longer.
    • Battleborn (Passive)
      • Moved from Level 16
      • New Functionality:
        • Azmodan’s Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Summon Demon Warrior by 0.5 seconds and Demon Lieutenant by 1 second.
  • Level 7
    • Infernal Globe (Q)
      • Removed.
    • Bound Minion (Trait)
      • Removed.
    • Gluttonous Ward (Active)
      • Removed.
    • Master of Destruction (E)
      • Moved from Level 1.
      • New Functionality:
        • All Shall Burn’s final damage applies to all enemies in an area around the target and grants 2 Annihilation per Hero hit.
    • New Talent: Bombardment (Q)
      • After casting Globe of Annihilation, Azmodan’s Basic Attacks within the next 3 seconds have an additional 2 range and can hit 2 additional targets. Hitting Heroes with Basic Attacks empowered by Bombardment grant 1 Annihilation.
    • New Talent: Art of Chaos (Q)
      • If Globe of Annihilation hits 2 or more Heroes, restore 30 Mana. If it hits 3 or more Heroes, gain an extra 5 Annihilation.
  • Level 13
    • Hedonism (Q)
      • Removed.
    • Infused Power (E)
      • Removed.
    • New Talent: Brutish Vanguard (W)
      • Demon Warriors gain 25% increased Health and Slow nearby enemies by 20%.
    • New Talent: Cydaea’s Kiss (Q)
      • Reduces the Channel time of All Shall Burn by 0.5 seconds. If All Shall Burn’s Channel lasts its full duration against a Hero, Azmodan is healed for 8% of his maximum Health.
    • New Talent: Chain of Command (Trait) (D)
      • Demon Lieutenants also grant 25% increased damage to nearby friendly Minions, Mercenaries, and Azmodan’s summoned Demons.
  • Level 16
    • Demonic Smite (Trait)
      • Removed.
    • Sin for Sin (Active)
      • Removed.
    • Forced Recruiment (D)
      • Removed.
    • Sin’s Grasp (E)
      • Moved from Level 4.
      • New Functionality:
        • Increases the range of All Shall Burn by 20%.
        • If All Shall Burn channels for its full duration on a Hero, its cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds.
    • New Talent: Hell Rift (E)
      • If the channel lasts its full duration, a Demon Warrior is summoned at your target and your Demon Warriors deal 100% increased damage for 4 seconds.
    • New Talent: Total Annihilation (Q)
      • Globe of Annihilation damages Heroes for an additional 5% of their maximum Health.
  • Level 20
    • New Talent: Siegebreaker (R)
      • Azmodan’s Demons deal 50% increased damage to Structures.
    • New Talent: Black Pool (R)
      • Globes of Annihilation empowered by Tide of Sin also leave a Black Pool at their impact location for 5 seconds. Enemies within the pool lose 8 Armor per second, and take 56 damage per second.
    • New Talent: Pride (Q)
      • After gaining 400 Annihilation, Globe of Annihilation’s area is increased by 15% and its damage is increased by 100.
    • New Talent: Trample (Active)
      • Activate to charge a short distance, dealing 240 damage and Slowing enemies caught in the path by 60% for 1 second. 60 second cooldown.
LEVEL (TIER) Azmodan Talents
1 (1) (!) Greed (Q) (!) Gluttony (Q) (!) Wrath (Q)
4 (2) Army of Hell (W) Hellforged Armor (W) Battleborn (Passive)
7 (3) Art of Chaos (Q) Bombardment (Q) Master of Destruction (E)
10 (4) Demonic Invasion (R) Tide of Sin (R)
13 (5) Brutish Vanguard (W) Cydaea’s Kiss (Q) Chain of Command (Trait)
16 (6) Total Annihilation (Q) Hell Rift (E) Sin’s Grasp (E)
20 (7) Siegebreaker (R) Black Pool (R) Pride (Q) Trample (Active)
  • (!) indicates a Quest Talent.
  • Italic text indicates a NEW Talent.
  • Underlined text indicates a MOVED Talent.
Developer Comment: In Azmodan’s update, we’ve embraced and expanded his role as a late-game siege monster. He now has a baseline stacking quest for Globe of Annihilation that’s a hybrid of the old Taste for Blood and Sieging Wrath Talents. Whether you’re focusing on PvE or PvP objectives you should see Globe of Annihilation become more powerful as a game goes on. To compensate for this increase in baseline power, we’ve made Globe’s impact area more quickly visible to enemies, which will give them a chance to dodge their impending doom. We’ve also made major mechanical changes to Black Pool (now called Tide of Sin) and focused it solely on Globe’s damage without the need for targeting or alt-casting. Demon Warriors are now individually stronger and deal constant AoE damage, but are slower and no longer have multiple charges. The new All Shall Burn should be much more consistently useful and certain Talent combinations can be used boost Azmodan’s short to mid-range potential. Demon Lieutenant (formerly General Of Hell) is still a global pushing ability, but is less reliant on needing a large Minion wave to get value. Demonic Invasion’s changes are geared towards expanding its use in PvP scenarios without affecting its old structure-bustin’ potential. Dropping an Invasion on the enemy team will force them to run away or take a large amount of delayed damage.





  • Life-BinderLife-Binder (R)
    • Now also heals Alexstrasza and her target for 300 Health per second during channeling.


New Bundles and Skin Packs

  • The following new bundles will soon become available for a limited time:
    • Heroes of the Dorm 2018 Bundle – Available now until July 23.
    • Raiders of Warchrome Bundle – Available now until August 6.
  • The following new skin packs are available now until August 6:
    • Dominus Vile Azmodan Skin Pack
    • Diesel Speaker Nazeebo Skin Pack
    • Roadraider Raynor Skin Pack

Warchrome Skins

  • Azmodan
    • Dominus Vile Azmodan
    • Hazardus Vile Azmodan
    • Machinus Vile Azmodan
  • Nazeebo
    • Diesel Speaker Nazeebo
    • Hexplug Diesel Speaker Nazeebo
    • Neon Diesel Speaker Nazeebo
  • Raynor
    • Roadraider Raynor
    • Ghostly Roadraider Raynor
    • Nameless Roadraider Raynor

Additional New Skins

  • Arthas
    • Ruby Frostwyrm Arthas
    • Stromgarde Prince Arthas
  • Azmodan
    • Champion Azmodunk
  • E.T.C.
    • Fel E.T.C.
    • New Glam Metal E.T.C.
  • Gul’dan
    • Shadowmoon Gul’dan
  • Kerrigan
    • Champion Cheerleader Kerrigan
  • Li-Ming
    • Champion Striker Li-Ming
  • Samuro
    • Fel Burning Blade Samuro
    • Draenor Burning Blade Samuro

New Mounts

  • Celestial Billie
    • This Mount will be granted to players the first time they purchase gems using real money following the release of this patch.
  • Helldorado
    • Helldorado
    • Ghostly Helldorado
    • Nameless Helldorado
    • 2018 Ranked Season 2 Mount Rewards
      • The following Mounts have been awarded to players based on their performance during 2018 Ranked Season 2:
        • Primal Direhorn
        • Sholazar Direhorn
        • Hellfire Direhorn
        • Epic Primal Direhorn
        • Epic Sholazar Direhorn
        • Epic Hellfire Direhorn

    Bug Fixes


    • Fixed a number of typo and tooltip errors across several aspects of the game.


    • Diablo: Will no longer appear to face the wrong direction while walking after Shadow Charge is interrupted.
    • Malthael: Fear the Reaper’s icon art in the buff bar now correctly matches its icon art in the Talent pane.


    • Haunted Mines: Fixed an issue that could cause the Grave Golem in the Mines to stop issuing Basic Attacks and casting its Root Ability when defending against nearby Heroes.
    • Warhead Junction: Visual effects created by Boss and Podling Abilities are no longer visible through the Fog of War.
    • Try Mode: Changing the Enemy Hero setting to None and then using the Set Level button no longer causes an enemy Hero to spawn.

    Heroes, Abilities, and Talents

    • Abilities: Fixed an issue in which certain Abilities, like Stukov’s Lurking Arm, could be unintentionally canceled immediately after casting.
    • Alarak: Deadly Charge will now always fire in the direction the player clicked, instead of the direction Alarak was facing when the Ability was cast.
    • Alexstrasza: Can no longer use Cleansing Flame to switch between the upper and lower levels of Haunted Mines.
    • Alexstrasza: Fixed an issue that could cause Cleansing Flame to fail if it was cast in the same moment that Dragonqueen was ending.
    • Cassia: Fixed an issue in which the Plate of the Whale Talent required more Basic Attacks to be absorbed per Health Regeneration stack than intended.
    • Deckard: Can now correctly use Healing Potions while affected by Zarya’s Graviton Surge.
    • Deckard: Canceling Stay Awhile and Listen no longer prevents the next source of damage from waking Sleeping enemies.
    • Diablo: No longer becomes unable to use any Abilities if Shadow Charge fails to cast.
    • Diablo: Fixed an issue that could prevent Diablo from using additional Abilities after casting Shadow Charge on an enemy who is using a dash, like Chen’s Flying Kick or Illidan’s Dive.
    • D.Va: Shift-queuing movement commands during Boosters no longer causes D.Va to become stuck indefinitely.
    • Garrosh: Can now correctly cast Into the Fray on Unstoppable allied Heroes.
    • Garrosh: Warlord’s Challenge no longer cancels Abilities that end upon taking damage, like Muradin’s Second Wind or Fenix’s Shield Capacitor.
    • Nova: After learning Anti-Armor Shells, the Target Info Panel now displays the correct amount of Basic Attack damage dealt.
    • Sleep: Damage over time effects that do not initially apply damage, like Gul’dan’s Corruption and Blaze’s Combustion, will now correctly wake Sleeping enemies.
    • Stukov: Healing Pathogen’s timer is no longer visually removed if the target becomes Polymorphed.
    • Takedown Credit: Fixed an issue in which takedown credit could still be granted to a Hero even if they left combat long before the target was killed.
    • The Butcher: Ruthless Onslaught’s visual effects will no longer persist on the target if they interrupt the Ability by entering Stealth.
    • Valeera: Sinister Strike’s targeting indicator now more closely matches the Ability’s area of effect.
    • Varian: Colossus Smash now moves Varian to a valid landing location, rather than placing him within a space that’s already occupied by the target.


    • Sonya: The La Pantera Sonya skin no longer plays sword impact sound effects when attacking Structures.

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    Sucks that EU still gets patch day later. Are Alterac mounts gone for good, since they removed those bundles? Expected they were going to enter normal loot pool, yet can't find them anywhere.

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    Azmodan is dangerous. As long as you can land the globes of course. The beam is now more of a thing to use when backing away. The buffed demon talents makes a good scout. All and all a good rework. Raynor, seems to die alot trying to get those stacks of his. The armour buff at level 4 when healing is nice though, as is the speed boost to get away from Tyreal's explosion. With Abathur hatting ya, he's way more fun to play. :p

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    Is it me or did Lifebinder just get a 900 heal boost?

    Who even needs Ancestral Healing? 900 seems a bit much.

    Edited by Warper

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    35 minutes ago, Warper said:

    Is it me or did Lifebinder just get a 900 heal boost?

    Who even needs Ancestral Healing? 900 seems a bit much.

    600 to both players, so 1200 over all, just over Rehgar's... lol. Lifebinder is on a 60 sec cd compared to his 100 seconds O_o 

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    21 minutes ago, Plergoth said:

    600 to both players, so 1200 over all, just over Rehgar's... lol. Lifebinder is on a 60 sec cd compared to his 100 seconds O_o 

    Ah, right. Thought it was 3 seconds of delay. But yea, seems reeeally good.

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    Well, it was fun having Raynor baseline +35% damage against anything that moves. Still a good build, tho.

    And some nice tuning on Azmo there. He seems more capable then the PTR version.

    @Edit: And with new rework we have new bugs! If your Banshee spawn underground in Haunted Mines, it won't follow you to the surface and will get lost in the limbo (seriously, on the minimap it moves to the empty space between surface and underground maps).

    Edited by lChronosl

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    Is it just me or is landing Globes way way easier on humans than AI?

    Edit: Not just me. Super easy character vs human players.

    Edited by Morcalivan

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    5 hours ago, Notoriousthf said:

    The raynor trait is designed for waveclear, yet 90% of his talents require targetting heroes with the trait.

    Not just that. It also works well if enemies are grouped up as well as single target, especially with Bounty Hunter talent he is able to shred heroes with huge amounts of hp.

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    • Similar Content

      • By Stan
        Here is the official preview of Nexomania II. The event has gone live with the latest patch and will run until September 7.  
        The event revolves around three new Hero skins: Mal'gaucho Mal'Ganis, Gata de Batalla Li Li, and El Bandido Imperius. A new MC Tombstone Announcer has also been added together with a duck mount on steroids, and a rat mount.
        All chests obtained during Nexomania II have a high chance to contain event-themed loot (expect for Hero-specific chests).
        El Jefe Garrosh, El Chamuco Diablo, La Parca Lunara, and La Pantera Sonya (skins from last year's event) received new tints.
        When a swaggering wrestler in a tight pink singlet grabs a hot dog out of your hand en route to deliver a folding chair to the face of an unsuspecting sucker down in the ring—That’s Nexxxx-oooo-mania!
        For our latest wrestling-themed event, we’re taking Heroes of the Storm to the Intermultiversal Nexoweight Championship, where there are no rules and no mercy, just nonstop bicep-busting carnage. Gird your girdles for new Skins, Mounts, the bellowing Announcer MC Tombstone, special Quests, and more. All Loot Chests you obtain during Nexomania II have a higher chance to contain event-themed loot (except for Hero-specific chests). The action starts this week and won’t let up until our next major update!
        We have three new contenders entering the Intermultiversal Nexoweight Championship! These masters of mayhem have trained for years and their skills in the ring are only matched by the style they bring.

        Mal’gaucho Mal’ganis
        Mal’gaucho Mal’ganis is the favorite to win this competition. The Swingin’ Scourge of Stratholme tore a bloody path through his side of the bracket, burying opponents beneath a deluge of demonic blows.

        Gata de Batalla Li Li
        On the other side of the bracket, a mysterious upstart known only as La Gata de Batalla has emerged as a worthy challenger, defeating foes many times her size en route to the championship match.

        El Bandido Imperius
        And then there’s El Bandido Imperius, an outlaw who refuses to play by the rules. He might just make an unscheduled appearance in that final bout. . . .

        The arena is packed, and the Singularity-infused bellows of MC Tombstone himself reverberate through the loudspeaker. The final battle is about to begin. Whose side are you on? NEW: A CHAMPION’S QUEST
        The next time you launch Heroes of the Storm, you’ll be invited to choose a contender in the Intermultiversal Nexoweight Championship. Complete the corresponding Questline to unlock a barrage of themed rewards, but remember—you can only choose sides once!

        Ratón de Batalla
        La Gata de Batalla rides into the fray astride a massive, fearsome rodent with just the cutest widdle whiskers.

        Pumped Up Pato
        What do you say when an inflatable training dummy comes to life and threatens to knock out your friend? "Duck!"
        Bold New Tints
        Check out new Tints for Skins from the first Nexomania, including fresh looks for El Jefe Garrosh, El Chamuco Diablo, La Parca Lunara, and La Pantera Sonya!
        Bundles Galore
        While the fists, knees, and elbows are flying, we’re adding Nexomania II Bundles so you can pick up everything you want at a discounted price, alongside new Sprays, Emojis, and Portraits!
        The action starts this week and will continue in pulse-pounding fashion until our next major update. Get in there and fling some swings!
      • By Stan
        Game Designer David Warner breaks down what went into bringing Mei into the Nexus.
        The devs knew that a direct translation of Mei's kit from Overwatch would not work for Heroes of the Storm, because being able to attack while moving is a big advantage. Pair that with CC effects and you would have the most frustrating Hero of all time. As a result, they decided to port her over as a Tank/Bruiser despite her damage-oriented role in Overwatch. They had to carry over Blizzard (W) to Heroes, because the ability was so iconic in Overwatch. Mei went live earlier today. Check out the official patch notes for more details.  
        “Our world is worth fighting for.” – Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou 

        Despite her sunny demeanor, Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou has always had a knack for manipulating the colder elements to aid in her fight against the enemies of Overwatch. Now, utilizing the latest in temperature-dropping technologies, Mei has stepped out of the lab and into the Nexus to give her opponents a thorough thermal thrashing. 
        Ability Breakdown: 
        Thanks to the disruptive, protective, and surprisingly restorative properties of Mei’s icy engineering, this bone-chilling bruiser can get in the opponent’s face with her Endothermic Blaster, disrupt and devastate teamfights, then slide out of the skirmish unscathed. 
        Basic Abilities
        (D) - CRYO-FREEZE
        Encase yourself in ice for 3 seconds, gaining a rapidly decaying Shield that absorbs damage. While active, this Shield grants Unstoppable and restores up to 35% maximum Health.
        (Q) - SNOW BLIND
        Throw a snowball that hits all enemies in an area. Enemies hit take damage, are Slowed by 35%, and are Blinded for 1.5 seconds.
        (W) - BLIZZARD
        Command Snowball to create a blizzard at the target location for 2 seconds. Enemies within the blizzard take damage every 0.25 seconds and are Slowed by 7%, stacking up to 35%. When the blizzard ends, enemies within its area take additional damage and are stunned for 1.25 seconds.
        (E) - ICING
        Slide quickly in the targeted direction. When this effect ends, enemies near Mei are knocked back, take damage, and are Slowed by 80%, rapidly decaying over 1.5 seconds.
        Heroic Abilities
        (R) - AVALANCHE After 0.5 seconds, roll a massive snowball that consumes enemy Heroes in its path. At the end of its path, the snowball crumbles, releasing the consumed Heroes, dealing damage and stunning them for 0.5 seconds per Hero consumed.
        (R) - ICE WALL After a 0.75 second delay, create an impassable wall that traps enemy Heroes hit for 2.5 seconds. When the wall expires, trapped Heroes are slowed by 75%, decaying over 3 seconds.
        Making Mei: 
        Join Game Designer David Warner as he briefly breaks down what went into bringing one of Overwatch’s most polarizing agents into the Nexus: 
        Defining Mei’s playstyle: 
        Translating Mei from Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm: 
        Friends and Foes: 
        Works Well With:
        Burst Mages
        Mei’s ability to slow and disable enemies from long range makes it easier for fragile high-damage mages, such as Tassadar and Kael’thas, to land their big abilities. Additionally, Mei’s disruption effects can keep her fragile backline safe from would-be divers. Disabling Heroes
        Anyone with area crowd control effects, such as Malfurion, Imperius, or Junkrat, can easily combo their disables with Mei’s Blizzard and Icing, potentially shutting down whole teams for long periods of time. Jimmy
        Our favorite Renegade Commander, Jimmy Raynor, loves having Mei around for near constant uptime on his Ace in the Hole talent. Struggles Against: 
        Disabling Effects
        Outside of Cryo-Freeze, Mei lacks any way to avoid disabling effects, so she is susceptible to being locked down and interrupted by other tank and bruiser Heroes like Muradin or Diablo. Solo Engagements
        Because of her low damage output, Heroes with smaller health pools don’t have to avoid confronting Mei as they might for some other tanks. Mei is highly dependent on her allies for dishing out damage and serving up killing blows. Sustained Damage
        Mei lacks sustained healing and damage reduction, so damage dealers can soften her up between teamfights with consistent poke damage. Mei is taking the Nexus by storm (blizzard, of course) with today’s patch. We can’t wait to see what you do with this crystalizing climatologist! 

      • By Stan
        Mei has joined the Nexus! Check out our build guide to get started!  The latest patch for the game comes with a new Nexus Anomaly, Nexomania II, Mal'Ganis rework, and more.
        Patch Highlights
        Mei has entered the Nexus. Mal'Ganis has been reworked. Blizzard has done some last-minute changes to the new Anomaly which revolves around weather disturbances that grant your Hero various effects. You can find more information in the patch notes linked below. Starting with 2020 Season 3, Blizzard is replacing Gold rewards with Loot Chests from Storm League/Seasonal Questlines. Mount rewards are returning, and you will receive the Regal Tiger Mount for winning 50 games in Ranked Play in 2020 Season 3. Nexomania II is the summer event for Heroes of the Storm running from the week of June 23 to the week of September 7. (Source)
        Our next Heroes of the Storm patch is live and brings a new Hero - Mei, the Nexomania II event, a new Nexus Anomaly - Climate Phenomena, along with a Mal'Ganis rework and more! Read on for more information.
        NOTE: Orange text indicates a change between PTR and Live notes.
        Quick Navigation:
        New Hero: Mei Nexus Anomaly General Event Collection Storm League Heroes Rework: Mal'Ganis Heroes Bug Fixes New Hero: Mei, A Climatologist
        A brilliant mind with a sunny disposition, Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou joined Overwatch to help solve the world's growing climate problems. Armed with a host of weather-altering technologies, Mei now fights to protect her friends and secure a future for a troubled world.
        Trait [D]
        Cryo-Freeze Mei encases herself in ice, gaining a rapidly decaying Shield that absorbs up to 1104 damage. While active, this Shield grants Unstoppable and restores up to 35% maximum Health. Cooldown: 40 seconds. Basic Abilities
        Snow Blind [Q] Throw a snowball that hits all enemies in an area. Enemies hit take 70 damage, are Slowed by 35%, and are Blinded for 1.5 seconds. Cost: 35 Mana. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Blizzard [W] Command Snowball to create a blizzard at the target location for 2 seconds. Enemies within the blizzard take 13 damage every .25 seconds and are Slowed by 7%, stacking up to 35%. When the blizzard ends, enemies within its area take an additional 75 damage and are stunned for 1.25 seconds. Cost: 70 Mana. Cooldown: 14 seconds. Icing [E] Slide quickly in the targeted direction. When this effect ends, enemies near Mei are knocked back, take 52 damage, and are Slowed by 80%, rapidly decaying over 1.5 seconds. Cost: 70 Mana. Cooldown: 14 seconds. Heroic Abilities
        Avalanche [R1] After .5 seconds, roll a massive snowball that consumes enemy Heroes in its path. At the end of its path, the snowball crumbles, releasing the consumed Heroes, dealing 220 damage and stunning them for .5 per Hero consumed. Cost: 70 Mana. Cooldown: 65 seconds. Ice Wall [R2] After a .75 second delay, create an impassible wall that traps enemy Heroes hit for 2.5 seconds. When the wall expires, trapped Heroes are slowed by 75% decaying over 3 seconds. Cost: 60 Mana. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Talent
        Level 1 Heavy Pack [Q] Increases the duration of Snow Blind’s Slow by 100%. Each time Blizzard damages an enemy Hero, reduce the cooldown of Snow Blind by .125 seconds. Ice Storm [W] Every 3rd hit of Blizzard against enemy Heroes deals an additional 45 damage. Blizzard’s final stun damage is increased by 125% against all enemies. Heat Transfer [Passive] Basic Attacks against Rooted, Stunned, or Slowed Heroes deal 33% more damage. Each time Mei Stuns or Slows an enemy Hero she heals for 18 Health. Level 4 Slushball [Q] Snow Blind deals 50% increased damage and Structures hit are disabled for 3 seconds. Cold Front [E] If Mei enters her own Blizzard while Icing is active, the cooldown of Icing is reduced by 7 seconds and she gains 50 Mana. Crystallize [Trait] Reduce the cooldown of Cryo-Freeze by 15 seconds. Mei gains 50 Spell Armor while Cryo-Freeze is active and for 2 seconds after. Level 7 Induce Hibernation [W] Enemy Heroes inside of Blizzard’s area have their damage dealt reduced by 40%. When Blizzard ends, enemy Heroes within its area gain this effect for an additional 4 seconds. Skating Away [E] When Icing ends, grant Mei and nearby allies 20% Movement Speed and 50 Physical Armor for 3 seconds. Backup Battery [Active] Activate to remove all Roots and Slows and regenerate 20% of maximum Health over 2 seconds. The cooldown of this ability is reduced by 10 seconds each time Mei picks up a Regeneration Globe. Level 13 Flurry [W] While in her own Blizzard, Mei gains 50% increased attack speed and Blizzard’s cooldown refreshes 75% faster. If Mei is in her own Blizzard when it ends, gain these bonuses for 3 additional seconds. Cooling Servos [Trait] Basic Attacks Slow their target by 20% for 1.5 seconds. While Cryo-Freeze is active, Mei’s Basic Ability cooldowns recover 200% faster. Polar Vortex [Passive] Using an ability causes Mei to deal 24 damage a second to nearby enemies for 4 seconds. Enemy Heroes damaged by this effect also have their movement and attack speed Slowed by 20%. Level 16 Fresh Powder [Q] Snow Blind gains an additional charge and its range is increased by 33%. Black Ice [E] Icing’s Slow effect no longer decays over its duration. Icing deals 300% more damage to enemies very close to Mei. Acclimation [Passive] Each time Mei Slows or Stuns an enemy Hero, the damage she deals and healing she receives is increased by 1%, stacking up to 20 times. While at maximum stacks, Mei also gains 10 armor. Lasts 8 seconds. Level 20 Cascade [R1] Reduce the cooldown of Avalanche by 25 seconds. While traveling, Avalanche constantly launches a volley of untalented Snow Blind snowballs ahead of itself. Shatter [R2] When Ice Wall expires, trapped enemy Heroes hit take 210 damage and have their Armor reduced by 25 for 5 seconds. The Big One [Q] Every 15 seconds, your next Snow Blind has 66% increased area and 200% increased damage. Flash Freeze [Trait] Upon taking fatal damage, Mei instantly gains Cryo-Freeze. This effect has a 180 second cooldown. Return to Top
        Nexus Anomaly
        A Call For Help New Nexus Anomaly - Climate Phenomena Strange weather disturbances have been spotted across the Nexus, with realms experiencing rain storms, snow flurries, and foggy mists! Mei's arrival is just in time to help analyze and study these strange weather conditions that have begun occurring. Climate Phenomena is our newest Nexus Anomaly, bringing a variety of fun weather effects to the game. Each battleground has a specific type of weather event that will occur every 4 minutes, with the first event starting at the beginning of the match. Each weather event lasts for 2 minutes before clearing up. This cycle will repeat periodically until the game ends. While these weather events are active, Heroes can gain a unique buff based on the type of active weather. These buffs are:
        Rain Storms Periodically Strike all heroes with lightning every 25-40 seconds, increasing Movement Speed and granting a Lightning Shield that damages nearby enemies. Movement Speed increased by 15%. Damage nearby enemies for 46 damage per second. Buff lasts 8 seconds. Snow Flurries Heroes accumulate a small shield over time while out of combat. Heroes gain 28 Shields every 0.5 seconds, stacking up to 224 (8 stacks total). Shield lasts until destroyed or until the Snow stops falling. Foggy Mists Allows Heroes to gain Stealth after standing in shrubs for a few seconds. After standing in a shrub for 1.5 seconds, Heroes gain Stealth. Stealth lasts 40 seconds or until attacking, taking damage, using an ability, or until the Foggy weather dissipates. Weather events will be active on these Battlegrounds:
        Rain Storms Garden of Terror Sky Temple Warhead Junction Braxis Holdout Dragon Shire Blackheart's Bay Snow Flurries Cursed Hollow Infernal Shrines Volskaya Foundry Alterac Pass Foggy Mists Tomb of the Spider Queen Battlefield of Eternity Hanamura Temple Towers of Doom All other Battlegrounds will use a random weather, including Brawls mode. Return to Top
        A.I. The maximum follow distance for A.I. agents has been increased from 5 to 7. This will allow melee Heroes who are following ranged Heroes to attack targets at maximum range. Favorite Talents New hotkey named "Quick Talent Selection Favorite (Ctrl + `)" has been added under the Hero Management section in Advanced Hotkey settings. You can press this hotkey to select the favorite talent you prepicked when the quick talent selection panel is open. If the prepicked talent is disabled or a future tier is selected, pressing this hotkey will have no effect. Return to Top
        Nexomania II Event Quests Nexomania II is the summer event for Heroes of the Storm running from the week of June 23 to week of September 7, PDT. One of the most prestigious stops on the Nexomania circuit is the Intermultiversal Nexoweight Championship: No rules, no mercy, just nonstop, bicep-busting carnage. This time, many fans expected Mal’gaucho Mal'Ganis to win it all. The Swingin’ Scourge of Stratholme tore a bloody path through his side of the bracket, burying opponents beneath a deluge of demonic blows. But on the other side of the bracket, a mysterious upstart known only as La Gata de Batalla has proven herself a worthy challenger, defeating foes many times her size en route to the championship match. The arena is packed, with Nexomania legend MC Tombstone roaring away on the mic, and the final battle is about to begin. Whose side are you on? Loot Chests During the Nexomania II event, all Loot Chests you earn through progression, Heroes Brawl, or by spending gold will be Nexomania II Loot Chests. (Except Hero-specific Chests, which will remain unchanged.) Most limited-time items shown above have a chance to drop from Nexomania II Loot Chests only. You can also score Items from previous years’ summer events limited-time loot chests! Note: Loot Chests earned prior to the start of this event will not become Nexomania II Loot Chests. Return to Top
        Many seasonal items will be returning to the collection, and will be available for crafting and in Loot Chests for a limited time!
        New Bundles (Limited Time Only!) Pajama Party Mei Heroic Bundle Nexoweight Championship Bundle Mal'gaucho Mal'Ganis Skin Pack El Bandido Imperius Skin Pack Gata de Batalla Li Li Skin Pack Nexomania Best Bros Bundle Nexomania Bitter Rivals Bundle Pumped up Pato Bundle New Skins Renowned Mei Vanguard Mei Pajama Party Mei Panda Pajama Party Mei Gnoll Pajama Party Mei Mal'gaucho Mal'Ganis Nemesis Mal'gaucho Mal'Ganis Underworld Mal'gaucho Mal'Ganis El Bandido Imperius El Fuego Imperius Sinister El Bandido Imperius Vigilante El Bandido Imperius Gata de Batalla Li Li Comeback Gata de Batalla Li Li Underworld Gata de Batalla Li Li Hulking El Chamuco Diablo Pink Singlet El Chamuco Diablo El Festejo Garrosh El Jefe Amarillo Garrosh La Medianoche Lunara La Rosa Lunara La Campeona Sonya Pink Pantera Sonya Championship El Mariachi E.T.C. El Cielo E.T.C. New Mounts Ratón de Batalla Comeback Ratón de Batalla Underworld Ratón de Batalla Pumped Up Pato Pumped Up Swan Underworld Pumped Up Pato Championship Luchihuahua Festive Luchihuahua Wild Pigñata Festive Pigñata Thraller Bill New Announcer Mei Announcer New Content Several new Portraits, Sprays and other items have been added to the Collection! Return to Top
        Storm League
        With the upcoming third Season of 2020, we wanted to make some changes to the reward structure of Storm League.
        Replacing Gold Rewards Starting with Season 3 of 2020, we are removing all Gold rewards from Storm League, End of Season prizes and Seasonal Questlines. This will also affect Season 2 rewards. The new Seasonal Questline reward structure is as follows: a Nexomania II Chest after 5 wins, a Rare Nexomania II Chest after 15 wins, and an Epic Nexomania II Chest after 30 wins. Storm League Reward Mounts Since the inception of Storm League, we have received a lot of feedback about the retirement of Ranked Play reward Mounts. We have heard you and are extremely happy to announce the return of exclusive Storm League Mounts starting next season. The ultimate and final reward of the 2020 Season 3 Questline will be the Regal Tiger Mount, which will be awarded after winning 50 games in Ranked Play. As of Season 3, you won't have to wait for the end of the Season to claim your well-earned Regal Tiger. It will become available as soon as you complete the four-step Storm League Quest Line. The mount only requires you to win 50 games and will be granted to players in all Leagues and Divisions. As usual, we're happy to listen to your feedback. Please share your thoughts with us, so we can continue to adjust and evolve the Storm League rewards further. Return to Top
        Heroes Rework: Mal'Ganis
        Vitals Health reduced from 2500 to 2450. Health Regeneration reduced from 5.21 to 5.11. Basic Attack Basic Attack damage reduced from 100 to 92. Fel Claws [Q] Damage reduced from 69 to 63. Talents
        Level 1 Vampiric Aura [Trait] Additional functionality: Mal'Ganis heals for 30% of Physical Damage dealt. Time to Feed [Passive] Healing reduced from 52 to 44. Additional functionality: If Mal'Ganis damages a nearby enemy Hero with Fel Claws, double this healing. Level 4 Fueled by Torment [W] Bonus Healing against enemy Heroes increased from 15% to 20%. Might of Sargeras [W] No longer reduces the duration of Necrotic Embrace. Echo of Doom [W] Explosion damage increased from 50 to 54. No longer increases the duration of Necrotic Embrace when its explosion damage hits enemy Heroes. Additional functionality: Gain 5 Mana and reduce the cooldown of Necrotic Embrace by .75 seconds for each enemy Hero hit by its explosion damage. Level 7 Nightmare Fuel [E] Removed. Black Claws [Q] Additional functionality: Basic Attacks after hitting enemy Heroes with Fel Claws also reduces their Armor by 15 for 2 seconds. Will of Tichondrius [Q] New functionality: Each enemy Hero hit by the first 2 slashes of Fel Claws causes the final slash to steal 1% maximum Health, up to 4%. If Mal'Ganis hits at least 4 enemy Heroes with the first 2 slashes of Fel Claws, then the final slash Stuns enemies for an additional .25 seconds. Spreading Plague [E] Adjusted functionality: Spreading Plague’s effect now starts when Mal'Ganis begins using Night Rush instead of when Night Rush expires. Level 13 The Night Beckons [E] Additional functionality: Basic Attacks deal 200% more damage to Sleeping targets. Level 16 Frenzied Assault [Passive] New functionality: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes with a higher Health percentage heal for an additional 50% of damage dealt. Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes with a lower Health percentage grant 35% Attack Speed for 2 seconds. Blind as a Bat [Active] Additional functionality: Enemy Heroes hit by the final slash of Fel Claws reduces the cooldown of this Ability by 5 seconds. Level 20 Vanquish the Weak [Q] Slow amount increased from 15% to 25%. Alone in the Dark [E] Additional functionality: Reduce the cooldown of Night Rush by 4 seconds. Return to Top
        Spawn Egg [Trait] Health increased from 324 to 420. Health Scaling changed from 30 to 4% per level. Return to Top
        Bug Fixes
        Fixed an issue where Toys 1 Event reward Portraits could not be equipped for those who had earned them in Toys 1 Event in 2018. Heroes
        Anduin Anduin's Light of Stormwind now correctly removes damage over time effects. Murky Murky's Egg Health now properly scales at 4% per level. Stitches Fixed an issue where Slam would go on cooldown when Stitches was interrupted during its initial cast. Tassadar The Ranged Assassin tooltip at the bottom is now properly displaying for Tassadar. Return to Top
        A new Hero, Nexus Anomaly, and Nexomania II await in the Nexus!
      • By Oxygen
        Our thirtieth Heroes of the Storm Meta Tier list for June 2020 is here!
        The latest meta tier list for June 2020 is here!
        Welcome to another Icy Veins's Meta Tier List for the June 3 patch. The goal of this list is to try and detail game's current metagame state. The prime goal of such lists is to inform players regarding popular and trending team composition drafting strategies (i.e. the drafting metagame).
        A new format, soon™
        First off: sorry for taking so long to update the list. We're in the final stage of a complete (and overdue) redesign of our tier lists. While I can't say for sure when we'll be showcasing it, it'll make both the updating process and your browsing experience that much better. In the meantime, I've restricted the class system to the system used in-game so as to reduce confusion. Stay tuned!
        Current ranked mode map rotation
        Current anomaly
        A Call For Help!. For more information about this Anomaly, simply refer to our Anomaly guide.

        S-tier Tank Bruiser Ranged Assassin Melee Assassin Healer Support E.T.C.   Cassia       Johanna   Mephisto        

        High-tier Tank Bruiser Ranged Assassin Melee Assassin Healer Support Blaze Sonya Falstad Ragnaros Deckard Abathur Garrosh Xul Fenix Samuro Lùcio   Mal'Ganis Yrel Greymane Thrall Rehgar       Jaina   Stukov       Kael'thas   Whitemane       Raynor           Sylvanas           Tassadar           Tracer        

        Mid-tier Tank Bruiser Ranged Assassin Melee Assassin Healer Support Arthas Artanis Azmodan Alarak Alexstrasza Zarya Anub'arak Chen Chromie Gazlowe Ana   Diablo Deathwing Hanzo Kerrigan Anduin   Muradin Dehaka Kel'Thuzad Maiev Auriel   Varian (Taunt) Leoric Li-Ming Qhira Brightwing     Malthael Lunara Zeratul Lt. Morales     Varian (Blades) Nazeebo   Malfurion     Varian (Smash) Orphea   Tyrande       Sgt. Hammer           Tychus           Valla           Zagara           Zul'jin        

        Low-tier Tank Bruiser Ranged Assassin Melee Assassin Healer Support Cho D.Va Gall The Butcher Kharazim Medivh Stitches Rexxar Genji Valeera   TLV Tyrael   Nova           Probius      
      • By Stan
        With Mei available for testing until Monday, we've updated our Heroes section and added her to the talent calculator.
        Mei is now available in the talent calculator on our site. You can access it by clicking on the image below.

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